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Shoplifting News

Man facing 20 years for candy theft rejects offer to serve four

New Orleans - A repeat offender in New Orleans facing a minimum of 20 years in prison for allegedly stealing candy has turned down an offer from prosecutors that would have allowed him to serve just four years behind bars.

Police: Shoplifter bit off part of Walmart employee's finger

Myrtle Beach - A 23-year-old South Carolina woman was arrested after it is alleged she assaulted two Walmart loss prevention officers and a customer while she was leaving the store after stealing several items.

Kentucky police officer buys shoplifting single dad baby formula

London - A police officer responding to a shoplifting complaint at a London, Kentucky supermarket ended up purchasing baby formula for a single dad who has fallen on hard times.

Sydney police crackdown on shoplifting in lead-up to Christmas Special

Sydney - Sydney police have charged 98 people during the five-day ‘Operation Lightfingers’ Sydney shoplifting blitz at major retail centres.

Video: Davenport cop brutally beats female shoplifter

Davenport - A Quad Cities police officer remains on the job and free from criminal charges despite the emergence of a video showing him brutally beating a female shoplifter who was not resisting him.

Defending drug-traffickers, money-launderers and shoplifters

Santiago - Criminal lawyer Helhue Sukni enjoys an excellent reputation among her clients who recommend her without hesitation. Among her usual clientele are some of Chile’s most infamous drug traffickers and serious offenders. Now she’s delving in show business.

Actor Forest Whitaker frisked for alleged shoplifting at deli

New York - A New York deli worker accused the Oscar-winning actor of stealing something from his store Saturday morning, and subjected Whitaker to an in-store pat down.

Video: CVS manager allegedly strangles toothpaste shoplifter

Surveillance footage has surfaced, showing an incident in which the manager of a CVS store in Chicago Pedro Villanova, chases a homeless shoplifter Anthony Kyser, 35, who stole a tube of toothpaste, to an alley and appears to throttle him to death.

Florida teen jailed for stealing pastry worth $1.29

Palm Bay - The 18-year-old spent several days in jail after it was alleged he stole a Honey Bun from a Palm Bay, Florida convenience store.

Watch David Golson 7-11 shoplift suspect stripped over Snickers

An employee at a 7-Eleven near Barclays Center in Brooklyn was fired and two others required to take a training course after they detained and stripped David Golson, 29, whom they suspected of stealing a Snickers bar.

Mom, aunt, flee Walmart after theft attempt, leave baby behind

Ocala - The two sisters who had been concealing items at an Ocala, Florida Walmart, ran off when confronted by a loss prevention officer. They left behind a one-year-old child and later seemed unconcerned about abandoning the boy.

Wells Fargo fires woman for 1972 shoplifting convictions

Milwaukee - The Milwaukee woman lost her job after Wells Fargo did a security check and found two shoplifting convictions from 40 years ago when she was 18-years-old and had just left high school. Wells Fargo stands behind her termination.

'Tis the season to steal Christmas presents

Although break-ins and thefts occur all year round, these activities become particularly heinous when they involve the theft of Christmas presents, many destined for children.

Shoplifter tries to steal items fit for a candlelight dinner

Naples - A Florida man has been arrested after trying to steal four steaks and two candles from a grocery store. He tried to conceal his loot by stuffing the items down his pants.

Season's five-finger discount deals: The most shoplifted items

According to Ad Week, shoplifting has gone up six percent in the U.S. this year and retailers may have lost up to $119 billion to shoplifters in 2011. Estimates are that one in 11 people walk out of a shop with at least one item they did not pay for.

Shoplifting couple flee Walmart, forget kids in the getaway

Louisville - Police have arrested a couple in connection with a shoplift occurrence at a Walmart store in Louisville, Ky. on Oct. 12. The suspects allegedly stole merchandise and fled the store.

Thieves use Facebook, Twitter to co-ordinate 'flashrob' thefts

Washington - Police say petty criminals in cities across the U.S. are using Facebook and Twitter to plan robberies on local stores that occur in mob-like fashion, with a few dozen individuals entering a store at the same time in order to steal all they can carry.

Privacy concerns raised over shoplifting website

Internet Eyes, a UK website that pays viewers to report shoplifters has raised concerns about privacy among some people.

Olympic Diver Blake Aldridge Arrested on suspicion of shoplifting

Olympic diver Blake Aldridge, who partnered with current world champion Tom Daley in the 2008 Beijing Games, has been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting and attacking a security guard.

The French pétanque player who became a repeat offender

Dax - A pétanque player in France takes his passion for the sport too far and is caught in the act shoplifting a couple of balls.

Toronto man wanted in assault of 79-year-old lady

Toronto - A woman, 79, was assaulted on Monday as she was entering a grocery store in the Morningside Avenue and Milner Avenue area.

U.K. Police Urged to Act after Dramatic Increase in Shoplifting

Retailers in the U.K., suffering from a dramatic increase in shoplifting, are urging police to take more action to tackle a problem which cost businesses in the country £1.1 billion ($1.75 billion) during the course of 2009.

UK Priest Advises Poor People to Shoplift

A parish priest in Northern England has been criticized for telling his congregation that it's acceptable for vulnerable people to shoplift.

23 Million Shoplifters in the United States steal $13 billion Every Year

Shoplifters' steal from nearly every type of store there is, from thrift shops to supermarkets to department stores. Every shop is vulnerable to a shoplifters' sticky fingers!

Shoplifters grab $12,000 of "Victoria's Secret"

Three shoplifters made off with nearly $12,000 (6,100 pounds) in women's underwear and lingerie in a New Jersey Victoria's Secret.

Attorney Fights Three Years To Clear $3.76 Shoplifting Conviction

A New Jersey man fought through two years, three courts and five judges to get his $3.76 shoplifting conviction overturned.

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