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Sexual selection News

Are females more attracted to artistic men?

A recent study by an Italian postgraduate student claims that art and creativity is a masculine representation of one's genes in the context of selective mating in humans, and therefore makes males more attractive.

Size Does Matter in Sexual Selection

It is an age old debate: does size matter in sexual selection? There is no new light shed in relation to the human male. However, there has been some interesting new research been published about beetles.

Playful people more sexually attractive

Human beings are unusual in the animal kingdom in continuing to play as adults. In other species playfulness generally disappears after the juvenile stage. Researchers have attempted to test the hypothesis that human playfulness is sexually selected.

Finches choose the sex of their offspring

Researchers have demonstrated that colourful Gouldian finches choose to have more male offspring when they mate with a less compatible male. A magnificent example of sexual selection.

Sexual selection in action, revealed thanks to yeast

Why have peacocks such elaborate tails, why have birds of paradise often such crippling plumage? Sexual selection is the answer, but how does sexual selection actually work? Thanks to the humble yeast, we may now be able to find the answer.

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