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Sex offender News

California sex offender sought new victims in Cambodia

San Francisco - Being a registered sex offender didn't stop a San Francisco-area man from flying to Cambodia to have sex with girls as young as eight and preferably weighing less than 70 pounds, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

'Honey Boo Boo' canceled because Mama June is dating sex offender

The TLC network decided to cancel its show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' because the co-star "Mama June" Shannon allegedly started to date a registered sex offender.

Pedophile sting finds dwarf in van, urine

Longwood - Christopher Lanning embarked on an 18-hour cross-country journey to Florida with the intent of sleeping with an underage girl.

NY County outsources sex offender monitoring to advocacy group

As the world struggles to deal with sex offenders re-entering communities, NY County is taking a new approach that is receiving mixed responses.

8-year-old girl allegedly killed by sex offender in Florida

An 8-year-old girl was abducted by a sex offender while shopping with her mother on Friday night. The man, Donald James Smith, was arrested and charged with murdering her.

Sex offender banned from one-night stands

A judge in England has decreed that a sex offender with a history of violence to women and cruelty to children is banned from having any one-night stands.

Sex offender arrested after boy, 10, stabbed in Wendy's washroom

Portland - It is alleged after the boy refused the sex offender's advances in a locked washroom at a Portland, Oregon restaurant, he was stabbed numerous times. The man now under arrest has a long record for crimes against children.

Boston TSA screener charged with distributing child porn

Boston - TSA agent Joe Saldano was among 55 men taken into custody in a crackdown on child pornography this week, adding another name to the long list of accused sex offenders who have performed security duties at America's airports.

Heroic dog saves girl from sex offender attack

When a 17-year-old girl decided to take a Florida shelter dog for a walk, she had no idea that the dog would protect her from a sexual predator.

Man who tainted water with semen must pay $27,000 to co-worker

A Fullerton, CA man, who was convicted of putting his semen into the water bottle of a female co-worker, was ordered to pay over $27,000 in restitution on Monday.

Paedophile deported from the UK to Pakistan

A 50-year-old convicted sex offender has been deported to Pakistan, after originally winning the right to stay in the UK on his release from prison.

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter convicted in sex case

A former UN weapons inspector who was charged for sexual contact with a minor was found guilty by the jury Thursday after attending trial on the case with his family last Tuesday in Pennsylvania

High risk sex offender released to Toronto

Toronto - On Thursday Ronald Peter Tibando finished serving a 20-year sentence for sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, forcible confinement and assault causing bodily harm. He has been released in Toronto.

Woman drags naked man by his beard

Kansas City - An elderly woman dragged her neighbor by his beard to her front door after she awoke in the middle of the night and found him standing over her naked.

Girls, 8 and 10, must spend weekends with sex offender father

It has emerged that a Family Court in Australia ruled in January that two girls, aged eight and 10, must spend every other weekend with their father, at present on the Sexual Offenders Register because of a child pornography conviction.

Has the Florida law gone too far with the Sex Offender program?

Two teens make love. The girl is under the age of consent. The boy, 18, gets arrested. For the rest of his life the boy is labeled a sex offender just like a rapist is. That is the way the law works in Florida.

Oregon sex offender suspect standoff ends in suicide

Sandy - A man accused of sex charges held police at bay in Sandy, Oregon this morning. After police used tear gas to subdue the suspect they entered a residence to find him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

100-year-old sex offender to be freed from halfway house

Having completed his sentence for committing crimes against small girls, a centenarian is scheduled to be released from a halfway house in western New York.

Violent sex offender wanted Canada-wide captured in B.C. Special

A Salvation Army employee is being praised for helping capture a violent sex offender on the run from Calgary Police since Oct. 13. Dean Zimmerman's record includes attacking a woman sexually with a toilet plunger. He was caught in Abbotsford.

YouTube star discovered to be sex offender

Edward Muscare is a sex offender who has been very popular on YouTube recently. He has his own set of fans who are very protective of him.

Convicted child molester killed in his home

Dennis Raymond McCarthy was on probation after being released from jail last week. He had served 10 months in the Oakland County Jail for molesting his then 4-year-old grandson.

Church Off Limits for North Carolina Sex Offenders

A sex offender was shocked after being arrested for attending church. According to North Carolina law, a sex offender could be forced to serve 12 more years in prison for worship.

Domestic Abuse Now a Felony in U.S.

Repeat domestic abuse will now be a felony and will no longer be a misdemeanor. Also, sex offenders are no longer allowed to be employed as ice-cream delivery drivers.

Convicted UK pedophile demands cash for McCann questions

Pedophile Raymond Hewlett has issued demands for a slice of the Madeleine Fund in return for his answers to questions to help uncover crucial evidence in the McCanns' international appeal to seek answers in the abduction of their daughter.

Child Molester Appears To Have Bitten Off Own Penis

A convicted child molester was found in New York a victim of sexual self-mutilation. It appears that the man had bitten off the tip of his own penis.

Teenager Listed as Sex Offender for E-mailing Nude Photos

Kids just might want to have fun, but if that fun turns out to get you listed as a sex offender perhaps you might want to stop the practice. One young man is now named as a sex offender, a label that creates serious problems for folks.

Mother Gets 3 Months for Hitting Sex Offender with Baseball Bat

When is it ever a good time to hit another person with a baseball bat? A Tacoma, Washington mother learned that you can't even do that to someone you know is a sex offender, without spending time behind bars.

Thousands of sex offenders purged from Facebook

On Thursday, Connecticut's attorney general reportedly announced that Facebook has removed 5,585 convicted sex offenders since May of last year.

Castrated Sex Offender Behind Bars For Alleged Possession Of Pornography

A convicted child molester in Texas who admitted to molesting some two-hundred children is back in jail on charges for possession of porn. Larry Don McQuay helped Texas lawmakers spearhead a law allowing voluntary surgical castration for sex offenders.

Sex Offender Dies During Struggle With Intended Victim's Father

Registered sex offender has dinner with family on Saturday night and then breaks into their home hours later wearing nothing but latex gloves and a mask. He had a rope, knife and condoms on his person. He died during a struggle with the victim's father.
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