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Review: ‘London Road’ is paved with innovation and a few potholes Special

‘London Road’ is the inventive and lyrical telling of a true story that shook a rural community when they discovered a serial killer lived amongst them.

Woman uses gun on attacker, unknowingly killing serial killer

Charleston - An unidentified woman in Charleston, West Virginia, killed an attacker with his own gun. It turns out that the man was a serial killer.

Review: ‘London Road’, making its Toronto debut, is a bona fide original Special

Toronto - In all the years I've been writing sporadic theatre reviews — from student papers through local weeklies to “Digital Journal” — this is the first time I’ve ever had to write these words: I’ve honestly never seen anything like this play.

The day they fried Ted Bundy

Starke - Twenty-five years ago today, Ted Bundy finally went to the electric chair in Raiford Prison, Florida. That is an anniversary to celebrate.

A few of those who won't be missed in 2014

A lot of well-known people died this year, and they will be sorely missed. There were though a few to whom we said goodbye willingly.

Charles Manson rumored to be getting married in prison

After more than 40 years in prison, convicted serial killer Charles Manson is rumored to be getting married to a 25-year-old who has been visiting him regularly in prison for the past six years.

Op-Ed: ACLU cries for Alfredo Prieto

Fairfax - The ACLU is weeping buckets for a convicted murderer on death row. Here is what these champions of liberty didn't tell you about Alfredo Prieto.

Jury in California recommends death for serial killer, 79

San Rafael - The jury recommended Joseph Naso, known as the "Alphabet Killer" because the four women he was convicted of murdering had identical first and last initials, be put to death for his crimes.

Newest alleged serial killer faces court in Cleveland

Cleveland - Cleveland is rapidly becoming famous for all the wrong reasons. The home of serial killer Anthony Sowell, of Ariel Castro, and now of another serial killer.

The first US ‘DNA’ murder conviction twenty-five years on

Twenty-five years ago today, serial killer Timothy Wilson Spencer became the first man in America to be convicted of murder on DNA evidence.

Op-Ed: Evans & Christie — Sixty years on

London - Sixty years ago today, serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie was executed. He holds a special place in the halls of infamy for two very different reasons.

Night stalker killer Richard Ramirez dead at 53

Greenbrae - Serial killer and devoted satanist Richard Ramirez has died, he was convicted 24 years ago of over a dozen homicides and suspected of many more.

Judge weeps at sentencing of 'Dating Game' killer Rodney Alcala

Rodney Alcala, a one-time contestant on the popular show "The Dating Game" has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for murdering two 23-year-old women in New York in the 1970s. The judge cried as she handed down the sentence.

Op-Ed: Florida executes serial killer

Police officers the world over are able to do things the rest of us can't, even the super-rich. Often they are above the law, often, but not always.

'Speed Freak Killer' Wes Shermantine locates more victims

Sacramento - Wes Shermantine was half of the "Speed Freak Killer" duo, he was released from death row, briefly, last week to assist in locating more of the victims. Claims of many more victims still unresolved.

Serial killer executed in Florida

Starke - After spending 28 years on death row, serial killer and rapist David Alan Gore was executed by lethal injection at the Florida State prison for the 1983 murder of 17-year-old Lynn Elliott.

Map leads police to hundreds of human remains at California ranch

Linden - Searching with the help of a map provided by a death row inmate Wesley Shermantine, authorities in California have found skull fragments and other human remains, including clothes, purse and jewellery in a well on an abandoned cattle ranch near Linden.

Serial killer targeting homeless in California: police

Anaheim - Police in Orange County, California, fear a serial killer is on the loose after three homeless men were stabbed to death in late December.

Op-Ed: Do you know Albert Fish the real Hannibal Lector

We have all watched the movie Silence of the Lambs. "Hello Clarise," played by Anthony Hopkins. Did you ever wonder where that particular storyline got its roots?

Op-Ed: Dexter Season 6 Preview - Finding religion and serial killers Special

The upcoming sixth season of the Showtime hit Dexter prepares us for Dexter Morgan's new outlook on religion, while his sister Deb faces a workplace crisis, Digital Journal has learned after reviewing the first three episodes.

Op-Ed: Doc on serial killer a fair portrait of evil

Gloucester - ITV has just screened a two part docudrama on serial killer Fred West; low key without the usual blood and guts, it is a fair portrayal of the banality of evil.

Serial killer Anthony Sowell sentenced to death

American serial killer Anthony Sowell who murdered eleven women has been sentenced to death. On August 12, Judge Ambrose ruled he should be executed by lethal injection on October 29, 2012.

Op-Ed: The ghost of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was convicted of three murders in two trials, and executed in 1989, but a cold case review may link him to many more.

Op-Ed: The Psychology of Spree Shooters

When the spree shooter seeks to explain to himself why he is so angry constantly, he blames it upon his ultimate victims and their behavior or idiosyncrasies, much like what the Norway shooter did.

Could serial call girl slayer be linked to police?

Long Island City - A New York City paper is questioning if two police officers could be connected to a series of murders involving call girls in long Island. Both of the officials have a past for hiring prostitutes while they were working.

Alleged axe murderer linked to more deaths and rape

Durban, South Africa. Last week, a former South African rugby star was arrested in connection with the brutal killing of at least three people and the attempted murder of one.

Second Ohio serial killer discovered during DNA investigation

Cleveland - A cold case investigation into the possibility of more victims than the 11 bodies unearthed at the home of Anthony Sowell in 2009 has led to the possibility of another serial killer in the area.

Ohio executes Frank Spisak, Nazi sympathizer and triple murderer

Lucasville - Frank Spisak was put to death with an injection of sodium thiopental at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility this morning for his 1982 murderous spree in which he killed three people in the area surrounding Cleveland State University campus.

LA Police use pizza slice to catch the Grim Sleeper serial killer

Los Angeles - The Grim Sleeper serial killer has finally been arrested, on two major pieces of evidence. Police talked to his son in prison and he left a half-eaten piece of pizza in the garbage.

Serial killer Rodney Alcala sentenced to death

Los Angeles - A serial killer whose crime spree took place during the 1970's was given a death sentence Tuesday in Los Angeles. Rodney Alcala had been sentenced to death twice before for the death of Robin Samsoe.
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Former nurse Niels Hoegel covers his face in court  during a trial which saw him jailed for life  in...
Former nurse Niels Hoegel covers his face in court, during a trial which saw him jailed for life, in Oldenburg, northern Germany, in December 2014
Ingo Wagner, DPA/AFP/File
A scene from  My Friend Dahmer
A scene from 'My Friend Dahmer'
Ibid Filmworks
Paramount Home Media Distribution
Detroit  MI at night.
Detroit, MI at night.
Missouri woman discovers she lives in serial killer s old house.
Missouri woman discovers she lives in serial killer's old house.
VVS Films
Serial killer Manuel Pardo.
Serial killer Manuel Pardo.
Florida Department of Corrections
Danny Hembree first paragraph
Danny Hembree first paragraph
Having killed three times  your friendly neighbourhood serial killer returns to the non-existent Emm...
Having killed three times, your friendly neighbourhood serial killer returns to the non-existent Emmerdale village to claim one more victim before flatlining himself.

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