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Trevor Long talks 'Ozark' on Netflix and 'Seeds' the thriller Special

Actor Trevor Long chatted with Digital Journal about "Ozark" on Netflix, as well as the thriller "Seeds," which was co-written and directed by Owen Long.

Essential Science: Seed could bring clean water to millions

Shortage of clean water is a major health issue and cause of widespread disease in low income countries. To partly address this, researchers have developed ‘f-sand’ and it has a botanical component.

Seeds may have helped birds survive extinction of the dinosaurs

While there's plenty of evidence to suggest that dinosaurs were already in decline millions of years before the asteroid impact that spelled their doom, we know that those small, feathered theropod dinosaurs, otherwise known as birds, did survive.

These plantable coffee cups offer seeds for thought and gardening

San Luis Obispo - We Americans love our coffee. In fact, we love it so much that on average, we drink more than three cups daily, and that means 400 million cups for the whole population per day.

Seed munching monkeys aid forest regrowth

The dispersal of tree seeds by New World primates is essential for the continuation and regeneration of the world’s forests, according to new research between primatologists and plant geneticists.

Op-Ed: Seeds Act not vetoed, GM seeds can still be traded in Poland

The good news was that Poland banned the planting of GM seeds. The bad news is that the Seeds Act was not vetoed by the Polish Prime Minister and the trading of GM plants and seeds is allowed to continue.

African Civil Society petitions the African Union to ban GMOs

In the wake of the recent ban by Kenya on the importation of GMO products until proper health evaluation has been completed, the African Civil Society is now requesting the African Union (AU) to ban GMOs.

Russian researchers plan public GMO study on rats

Moscow - Following the conclusion of the recent study in France on the effects of GMO food on rats, Russia suspended imports of GMO products. Now they are planning their own, more public, study into the effects of feeding GMOs to rats.

A Seedy Saturday in Nova Scotia Special

Truro - Seeds and plant biodiversity were the focus of attention during a Seedy Saturday event recently held in a Nova Scotia town.

White House refuses to reveal ties with Monsanto

Requests have been made under the Freedom of Information Act for President Obama to disclose discussions with Montanto-supporting lobbyists. Requests have been denied.

Scientists bring plant 30,000 yrs in Siberian permafrost to life

Fruit placental tissue of the herbaceous Silene stenophylla found in Siberian permafrost, and believed to have been stored by squirrels more than 30,000 years ago have been regenerated into full flowering plants by Russian scientists.

Restoring England’s green and pleasant land

As the cleanup begins after the London riots, another restoration product of an entirely different kind is launched in the English countryside.

E. coli outbreak in Europe linked to seeds from Egypt

London - An E. coli outbreak which started in early May has infected more than 4,000 people in Europe and North American and scientists say the deadly outbreak, killing at least 48 people, could be linked to imported Egyptian fenugreek seeds.

India delays launch of first genetically modified vegetable

India's Environment Minister announced on Tuesday that the launch of Bt Brinjal, the country's first genetically modified vegetable, was being postponed due to concerns over its safety.

World Food Supply Dwindles Adding to Pandemic Fears

If you're worried about the high cost of food these days, you're not alone. The current fear is that there is not enough food to go around for everyone on earth. Economists see the risks in skyrocketing food prices.

Blogger says Monsanto aggressively monopolozing seed business

Monsanto is well known in the farming world for its genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Stories often crop up in the media about the company urging farmers to use its products. If they don't, it's more difficult for them to farm.

Improved Seeds for Central Asia Soon Available

Improved seeds suited to local conditions will soon be available to millions of farmers in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

'Doomsday Vault' to be Opened at End of Month

Deep in the middle of a Norwegian mountain the "doomsday vault" lays in wait of a worldwide catastrophe. Nestled into this mountainous vault are seeds of all the world's crops.

Research Seeks To Develop Plant Seeds to Produce Omega-3s

The Canadian federal government is planning to invest $3 million in a project that will seek to to extract the seeds from a weed to produce health oils similar to omega-3. The product could replace fish oils.

Doomsday Vault Begins The Cool Down Process

The Doomsday vault in arctic Norway has begun the two month process of cooling down. The vault which has seeds of all known key group crops will be dropping the inside temperature to -18C. At this temperature the seeds will be preserved.

Plant Seeds Are a Biofuel Source

In the agrofuel world there is a new player in town, one that has advantages that the other players do not have. The pretty pink seaside mallow is a possible contender in the agrofuel industry.

Helping to ease hunger

"An estimated 30 million Americans, including elderly people and children, go to bed hungry each night or not knowing when their next meal will be."

Arctic vault an ark for seeds

"t's known, ominously, as the Doomsday Vault. But it could be the world's safety net if a global catastrophe – extreme climate change, natural disaster, even nuclear war – ever destroys the planet's food sources. Far inside an Arctic mountain, th...

Arctic vault an ark for seeds

Seeds kept safe in Arctic

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The London Freedom Seed Bank is a network of food growers and gardeners dedicated to saving  storing...
The London Freedom Seed Bank is a network of food growers and gardeners dedicated to saving, storing and distributing open-pollinated seed.
Shown here is the canopy of the tropical rain forest in Anaimalai hills  in Tamil Nadu state  southe...
Shown here is the canopy of the tropical rain forest in Anaimalai hills, in Tamil Nadu state, southern India. Nearly half of all trees that make up the canopy of tropical forests are "unbankable."
PJeganathan (CC BY-SA 4.0)
People learned about and took home a variety of seeds to plant in the spring.
People learned about and took home a variety of seeds to plant in the spring.
Images of unsolicited seeds and packaging.
Images of unsolicited seeds and packaging.
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Actor Trevor Long in  Seeds
Actor Trevor Long in 'Seeds'
Uncork'd Entertainment
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault provides a safe backup of seeds on food crops conserved by seedbanks ...
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault provides a safe backup of seeds on food crops conserved by seedbanks worldwide. This picture from inside the vault shows the shelves with the boxes holding the seed samples. (27 February 2008)
NordGen/Dag Terje Filip Endresen
Conkers from a horse-chestnut tree
Conkers from a horse-chestnut tree
Wikimedia Commons
2012 sunflower harvest.
2012 sunflower harvest.
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