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Second City News

Review: Fast-paced Second City show nails all today’s big social targets Special

Toronto - It’s strange that, with all the easy material they could get from Donald Trump or Doug Ford, Second City’s cast chooses mostly to stay away from political satire in its new Toronto revue. But that doesn’t mean that the show isn’t timely.

Review: Second City holiday revue satirizes Christmas traditions Special

Toronto - Christmas is usually depicted as a happy season of good cheer, but in reality, it can be a time of stress, disappointment or loneliness for some. Leave it to Second City to roast the truths behind the myths in its new Toronto holiday revue.

Review: Second City’s latest mixes good satire with easy applause Special

Toronto - There’s an unfortunate trend I’ve noticed in the last few Second City revues in Toronto: a tendency to pump certain sketches not to get genuine laughs, but for what comics like Tina Fey and Seth Meyers have referred to as “clapter”.

Review: Trumpism not the only target in ʻEverything Is Great Again’ Special

Toronto - Given a title like “Everything Is Great Again”, you know Donald Trump’s presidency is taking some shots in the new Toronto Second City show, which opened last night. But as easy a target as he is, the Orange One is surprisingly absent.

Review: Cullen scores the biggest laughs in zany Dickens spoof Special

Toronto - Charles Dickens’ works are so often viewed as boring, stuffy and antiquated these days, many don’t realize that his contemporaries actually saw him as a master of high and low comedy. Old Boz himself might even have enjoyed “Twist Your Dickens”.

Review: Married Toronto comics Baram & Sneickus keep the laughs going Special

Toronto - Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram are two of the funniest comedians in Toronto, if not all of Canada. And if their new sketch revue, “Still Figuring It Out”, seems a tad uneven in spots, there’s still plenty there to keep your funny bone occupied.

Review: Latest Second City Toronto revue tackles some thorny issues Special

Toronto - Second City rarely shies from controversial topics, but the Toronto comedy company’s new revue, “Come What Mayhem!”, seems to have thorny social issues as its mission. Terrorism, racism, rape culture, bullies – a lot of boxes get checked off.

Review: New Second City T.O. revue takes on Trudeau, Trump and more Special

Toronto - Second City wouldn’t be Second City if it weren’t topical, and the latest revue by the comedy company’s Toronto team is tightly focused on what’s current in both T.O. and Canada: everything from Justin Trudeau to Syrian refugees gets a mention.

Review: Second City's 'Unwrapped' is a holiday treat Special

Toronto - Just in time for the holidays, Second City's latest show, 'Unwrapped,' skewers holiday traditions along with dating on Tinder, "Netflix and chill" and more.

CBC raising the bar with Schitt's Creek Special

Toronto - Second City/SCTV alumni Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara have teamed up once again for the CBC television series, Schitt’s Creek.

Review: Holiday-Themed Toronto Theatre Special

Toronto - The holiday season is upon us whether we are ready for it or not. Take time to escape the madness with one of these theatre productions currently running in venues across the city.

Review: Second City/Toronto Symphony show mixes music, comedy into gold Special

Toronto - Classical music and madcap comedy may sound like a strange mix, but they do have a longstanding relationship with each other. Remember those great Bugs Bunny cartoons that introduced you to Rossini, Wagner and Strauss? Remember Victor Borge?

Second City joins forces with Toronto Symphony in upcoming show Special

Toronto - Two of Toronto's most iconic, enduring cultural institutions are teaming up in a new musical comedy show at the end of the month, and audience members at the Second City Mainstage received a preview of several of its sketches last night.

Chicago's Second City produces an ad for Governor Pat Quinn

Chicago - Chicago's Second City is known as the world's premier comedy club/theatre and school of improvisation. It has produced some of the world's best comedians and comedic actors. It has produced political satirists and much of the SNL cast the past 39 years.

Harold Ramis, star and writer of 'Ghostbusters,' dies at 69

Actor, writer, director Harold Ramis, who got his start in his native Chicago with Second City more than 40 years ago, died Monday morning at the age of 69. His agency, United Talented Agency, made the announcement.

Watch: Chris Farley as Matt Foley three years before SNL

Chicago - The Second City has uploaded a video, shot in 1990, of Chris Farley playing the beloved motivational speaker, who lives in a "van down by the river," Matt Foley on a Second City stage.

Review: New Toronto Second City revue has its moments, but not enough Special

Toronto - Sketch comedy is usually a hit-and-miss deal. Even old masters like Monty Python and The Kids in the Hall had their share of contrived clunkers. So while I look forward to seeing every new Second City show, I never expect it to be perfect.

Discovery's 'Cash Cab' rolls into Chicago for Valentine's debut

Chicago - Tonight, February 14, the Discovery Channel is rolling it's disco-themed cab into a new city along with a new host, but the same trivial questions.

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Second City Image

Kevin Vidal  left  and Marty Adams hold a  Bach-Off   with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing be...
Kevin Vidal, left, and Marty Adams hold a "Bach-Off", with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing behind them, in "The Second City Guide to the Symphony".
Malcolm Cook
Holidazed and Confused - photo by Paul Aihoshi
Holidazed and Confused - photo by Paul Aihoshi
Second City
The cast of Second City s  We ve Totally (Probably) Got This!   Toronto.
The cast of Second City's "We've Totally (Probably) Got This!", Toronto.
Second City
Lindsay Mullan (left) and Becky Johnson (right) try not to say the wrong thing to Ann Pornel (centre...
Lindsay Mullan (left) and Becky Johnson (right) try not to say the wrong thing to Ann Pornel (centre) in "Come What Mayhem!", Second City's new Toronto revue.
Rachael McCaig
Naughty Listers  Second City
Naughty Listers, Second City
Second City
Nadine Djoury (left)  Allana Reoch (centre) and Stacey McGunnigle perform a ludicrous New Age podcas...
Nadine Djoury (left), Allana Reoch (centre) and Stacey McGunnigle perform a ludicrous New Age podcast in "The Best Is Yet to Come Undone".
Paul Aihoshi
It s time for a toga party  as the Second City cast reenacts  The Trojan Women  in  Party Today  Pan...
It's time for a toga party, as the Second City cast reenacts "The Trojan Women" in "Party Today, Panic Tomorrow".
Racheal McCaig
The Second City Mainstage  Toronto
The Second City Mainstage, Toronto
Greg H.
The full ensemble cast on stage in  Unwrapped  (L-R Brandon Hackett  Lindsay Mullan  Ann Pornel  Rog...
The full ensemble cast on stage in 'Unwrapped' (L-R Brandon Hackett, Lindsay Mullan, Ann Pornel, Roger Bainbridge, Devon Hyland)
Racheal McCaig
Leigh Cameron (left) reconsiders her old flame  Beck Taxi (Kevin Whalen)  in Second City s  The Hotl...
Leigh Cameron (left) reconsiders her old flame, Beck Taxi (Kevin Whalen), in Second City's "The Hotline Always Blings Twice".
Racheal McCaig
The cast of Second City s  The Good  the Bad & the Ugly Sweater  in Toronto.
The cast of Second City's "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Sweater" in Toronto.
Second City
Alessandra Vite  Brandon Hackett and Ann Pornel in  Unwrapped
Alessandra Vite, Brandon Hackett and Ann Pornel in 'Unwrapped'
Racheal McCaig
The cast of Second City s  Everything Is Great Again  needs a group hug. From left: Paloma Nuñez  C...
The cast of Second City's "Everything Is Great Again" needs a group hug. From left: Paloma Nuñez, Colin Munch, Ann Pornel, Devon Hyland, Lindsay Mullan, Brandon Hackett.
Paul Aihoshi