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SpaceX launches advanced ocean-mapping satellite into orbit

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched an advanced ocean-mapping satellite into orbit for NASA and the European Space Agency Saturday (Nov. 21) in a stunning morning launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Ocean monitoring satellite arrives at California launch site

The world's latest ocean-monitoring satellite, the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich spacecraft, has arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Central California to be prepared for its November 10 launch.

Climate change: Sea levels rising at unprecedented rate

New research finds evidence of sea-level variability in the central Indian Ocean, where sea levels are reported to be rising at an unprecedented rate.

Global sea-levels continue to rise despite global carbon goals

Sea levels are set to continue to rise globally after the carbon emissions pledges set during the Paris climate agreement have been met and global temperatures flatten out. This means that the Paris agreement is too little, too late.

Greenland ice sheet melting at alarming rate of speed

The Greenland ice sheet is melting faster today than at any point in the last 350 years, according to a new study. The study found that the rate of melting is "off the charts."

Global rise of just 3C could leave many cities below sea level

A recent analysis of data from the Climate Central group of scientists by the Guardian showed that if the world warms by just 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 F) as the UN predicts is happening, many cities around the world will be inundated by rising waters.

Statistics yields worrying data on sea levels

Baltimore - Applying data science to study the environment provides greater accuracy in terms of understanding global shifts; however, it also produces new aspects of concern. Big data analytics show new trends relating to sea levels.

Sea levels are rising three times faster than previously thought

New scientific analysis has found that the Earth's ocean levels are rising nearly three times faster than they were before 1990, a strong indication that sea level rise is accelerating.

Over 13 million people will be affected by rising seas in U.S.

Climate change-induced sea level rise is usually thought of as a coastal problem. Many coastal cities in the U.S. are already studying where to build coastal defenses. However, sea level rise will impact cities far inland, according to a new study.

Clues to a mass extinction found behind New Jersey shopping mall

Mantua - It looks like a typical rock quarry behind a shopping mall just 15 miles away from Philadelphia, but it contains a trove of 66-million-year-old fossils that may provide evidence that the dinosaurs became extinct as a result of a massive meteor strike.

Liberia's losing battle with erosion and rising sea levels

Monrovia - Thousands of people and businesses are literally being swept away because of rising seas along the Liberian coast. In Buchanan City and West Point, Monrovia's slum community, hope of a solution has been replaced by desperation as the poor look for help.

Global flood damage set to reach $1 trillion by 2015

Flood damages for the world's 136 largest coastal cities could cost $1 trillion annually by 2050 if protective measures are not put into place.

Sea levels rise increases flooding risk on England's south coast

University of Southampton researchers have found sea levels have been rising across the south coast of England over the past century and increasing the risk of flooding during storms.

Global Warming May be More Rapid Than Predicted

The dire predictions about the effects of global warming may not have been dire enough according to some climate scientists.

Climate Change Threatens Small Island Nations’ Survival

Small island developing nations contribute least to climate change but are under imminent threat of inundation due to rising sea levels.

Melting Ice Sheets Could Result In Sea Level Rise Twice As High As Predicted By IPCC

Sea levels rose as much as 1.6 metres every one hundred years on average the last time the Earth was as warm as it is predicted to be later this century. A new study predicts a six metre rise in the near future.

Bangkok sinking? Thais say they’ve got 20 years to move capital

Bangkok has a real problem. The land is sinking. It’s built on clay, and waste water is causing the city to sink, at a rate of four inches a year. Since the city’s average height above sea level is only five feet, things aren't looking too good.

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A researcher uses heavy duty cutting equipment to take samples from boulders left behind at the Pine...
A researcher uses heavy duty cutting equipment to take samples from boulders left behind at the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica from the last time it underwent rapid retreat and thinning 8000 years ago
Florian Wobbe, British Antarctic Survey

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