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Scrabble News

Selfie and bromance among words added to Scrabble dictionary

A new Scrabble dictionary will be published on August 11, and it will include words such as bromance, selfie, hashtag and fracking.

Changes to Scrabble app angers players

The Scrabble app for mobile devices was updated this month as part of the sale of the program to Electronic Arts. The changes have led to angry messages from players.

Advanced Scrabble set is most expensive in the world

A $30,000 Scrabble set features lights, sensors, and live-streams to the world wide web and is the most expensive version of the game in the world. It was built for the Prague Mind Sports Festival this December.

Player demands strip search of opponent in Scrabble tournament

Warsaw - The 2011 World Scrabble Championships were held from Oct. 12 to 16 in Warsaw, Poland. The game championship has been a tradition since 1991, is held every second year and this year saw a player demand another player be strip searched.

Mind Sports Olympiad – looking forward to 2012, and looking back Special

The Mind Sports Olympiad started with a bang and great expectations, but faced hard times; only idealism and total dedication has kept it alive.

Interviews with two games inventors Special

Two talented individuals an ocean apart talk about their respective contributions to keeping us amused: King’s Cribbage, Kamisado, and a lot more.

Cumbrian woman wins UK Scrabble championship

A Cumbrian woman, Mikki Nicholson, has beaten the four-times national winner to be crowned the UK's 2010 Scrabble champion.

Skydivers celebrate 60th anniversary of scrabble by playing the game at 13,000ft

Two British fans of the Scrabble board game celebrated the game's 60th anniversary in a unique way: They played a game in mid-air skydiving.

EA Says Facebook Scrabble Application Hacked

The case of Scrabulous vs. Scrabble seems to be spreading onto the Internet. Electronic Arts, the company that operates Scrabble on Facebook, said their application was maliciously hacked.

Digital Journal Mavericks: The Scrabulous Saviour

He made an age-old game one of the most popular applications online. It's used by millions, and Scrabulous creator Jayant Agarwalla says he did it for the people not the money. He's famous, he's brilliant and he's being side-swiped by a massive lawsuit.

Op-Ed: Scrabble now official on Facebook, triple word score for 'who cares'

The board game Scrabble is now officially on Facebook. It has a decent interface and it's a valid time waster, however it's so tied up in nasty legal issues, it might as well run against the competition with its laces tied together.

EA and Hasbro Ink Video Game Deal

Electronic Arts and Hasbro are teaming up to bring casual games like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit to cellphones, consoles and online platforms. Is this partnership the real reason why Hasbro wants Scrabulous off Facebook?

Hasbro Attempts To Shutdown Another Facebook Application

Hasbro recently made attempts to force Facebook to shut down an online version of one of their board games (Scrabble). Now, the toy retail giant wants another Facebook App killed... this time it's Bogglific, an online version of Hasbro's Boggle word game.

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Scrabble Image

The new Mind Sports (International) tournament Scrabble board  which cost more than 20 000 pounds to...
The new Mind Sports (International) tournament Scrabble board, which cost more than 20,000 pounds to make (about $30,000).
Mind Sports (International) / SL
File photo: Nigel Richards  right  is 4-Time National SCRABBLE Champion
File photo: Nigel Richards, right, is 4-Time National SCRABBLE Champion
Patricia Hocker
Scrabble game
Scrabble game
A game of Scrabble
A game of Scrabble
Flickr user DurhamDundee
Ethics spelled out in Scrabble
Ethics spelled out in Scrabble
Photo provided by News Innovation

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