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Scifi News

Review: 'Agent Revelation' is an entertaining and gripping sci-fi movie Special

"Agent Revelation" is a high-octane and entertaining sci-fi thriller that was written and directed by showrunner Derek Ting. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Blake's 7 actor Paul Darrow has died

Paul Darrow, best known for playing anti-hero Avon in the television series Blake's 7, has died at the age of 78 after a short illness. Darrow featured in over 200 television productions.

'Superman' actor Dean Cain talks '2050' film and acting career Special

"Superman" actor Dean Cain chatted with Digital Journal about the new sci-fi film "2050," which deals with sexbots. He stars in "2050" as Maxwell. Cain also spoke about the digital transformation of the entertainment business.

Blake's 7 Jacqueline Pearce dies aged 74

Blake 7 star Jacqueline Pearce has died, aged 74. She was best known for her role as Servalan in the dystopian science fiction series. Aside from acting, Pearce was an active conservationist.

Review: Missing Doctor Who episodes restored Special

London - A missing series of six episodes of Doctor Who from the 1960s have been brought to life through detailed animation. The first episode has been unveiled by the BBC, 50 years after it was first broadcast.

Star Trek Discovery to feature female lead

The next Star Trek television series ('Star Trek Discovery') will feature a female lead, and the lead will not hold the rank of captain, overturning the tradition of the previous five shows.

Review: Star Trek Beyond continues to boldly go Special

The third Star Trek movie on the alternate timeline has been released this week and it continues in the good vein of the previous two offerings. This movie has a more 'episodic' structure and this allows for a more character-driven story.

Actor Gareth Thomas has died

London - Actor Gareth Thomas, best known for playing the lead role in the BBC series 'Blake's 7' has died of heart failure aged 71.

Essential Science: Could our brains handle teleportation?

While physicists toy with the theoretical idea of teleportation, neurologists have been considering if our brains could cope with being scrambled and reassembled. The outcome of this inquiry has recently been published.

George Clayton Johnson of 'Logan's Run' has died

Author George Clayton Johnson, who co-wrote the dystopian science fiction novel 'Logan's Run,' has passed away at the age of 87.

CNET writer attempts sci-fi novel with a 'multiwriter' twist

CNET writer Eric Mack is attempting his first novel, but if things go his way, he'll be getting a lot of help from the Internet at large.

Review: TIFF 2015: ‘The Mind’s Eye’ is a throwback made with love Special

Writer/director Joe Begos talks about the many inspirations of his sci-fi splatter movie, ‘The Mind’s Eye,’ which premiered in the Midnight Madness programme at TIFF.

Review: 'Chappie' is jack-of-all trades, master of none Special

A sci-fi movie that's a weird melange of Robocop, Call of Duty, Short Circuit, and a Michel Gondry music video all in one. Clearly, Chappie suffers from an identity crisis.

Not just sci-fi, long-range tractor beam now a reality

Canberra - Two Australian laser physicists have developed the world's first first long-distance optical tractor beam, capable of not only attracting objects, but repelling them as well.

Review: ‘Coherence’ balances its budget with quality Special

In ‘Coherence’, all logic is thrown out the window as a comet passing overhead causes a strange things to happen during an already somewhat uncomfortable dinner party.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' soars to an August opening record

"Guardians of the Galaxy" rocketed to an August record as it beat expectations and shot down the competition to the tune of $94 million.

Review: Young Ones trailer

Los Angeles - Movie trailers do one of two things — succeed or fail. Trailers offer no middle ground, No grey area. No margin for error.

Review: ‘Snowpiercer’ is penetrating Special

‘Snowpiercer’ is a remarkable post-apocalypse picture that takes place on a train-turned-ark, which houses all that remains of humankind at its most vulnerable and totalitarian.

Review: ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ establishes its dominance Special

Set 10 years after the simians escaped captivity, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is an epic account of how a fragile peace between the apes and humans is revoked due to the fear and defiance of a few.

New Doctor Who series script leak prompts BBC appeal

Miami - BBC Worldwide, Monday, issued an appeal to the public not to divulge plotlines from the upcoming series of Doctor Who as five scripts from season 8, due to start airing from August 23 leaked online.

Check out this crazy Sharknado 2 trailer

Tantalizingly short the Sharknado 2 trailer gives fans exactly what they want: terrible 3D sharks, cheesy acting and a chainsaw.

Photo Essay: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration Special

London - The Doctor Who 50th Birthday celebrations kicked off this weekend with a special convention held in London. The exhibition featured stars of the show and mixed classic era Doctor Who with costumes and exhibits from the show's successful revival.

Review: The Lorien Legacies continues with 'The Fall of Five' Special

Contemporary author Pittacus Lore is among the most recognized names for voracious young readers. His bestselling series, The Lorien Legacies, offered a glimpse of possibilities for those who wish to explore the unknown.

Review: ‘The World's End’ is the perfect conclusion Special

‘The World’s End’ is a sci-fi comedy about five friends who reunite to complete an epic pub crawl in their hometown, only to unwittingly become mankind’s last hope for survival.

'Elysium' leads crowded box office

Matt Damon took his "Elysium" to the top as it beat the comedy about a fake drug smuggling family in "We're the Millers."

Review: ‘Elysium’ carries class warfare to the future Special

In ‘Elysium,’ the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while everyone else lives on a devastated Earth, but one man embarks on a mission that could return a balance to a divided world.

'We're the Millers' off and running; 'Planes' and 'Elysium' await

It was another one of those early starts as two films blasted out of the gate on Wednesday. That leaves two more wide releases for Friday. In all, the movies offer diversity for the audience.

Review: Image Entertainment issues two classic TV shows on DVD Special

Do you enjoy watching DVDs of TV shows from the '50s and '60s? Image Entertainment has issued stellar seasons of Combat! and The Twilight Zone you'll want to add to your collection.

Review: ‘Pacific Rim’ is the epitome of movie magic Special

As a war between mankind and massive sea monsters wages on, a troubled pilot, a haunted rookie and a relic become Earth’s only hope of survival.

Trailer: SyFy original movie 'Sharknado' coming July 11

The American TV channel SyFy is developing a bit of a reputation for its original movies featuring a slew of monsters, often involving sharks. Now, SyFy is ready to introduce the latest menace to society — the Sharknado.
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Scene from sci-fi film  Los últimos días  or  The Last Days   made in Spain
Scene from sci-fi film "Los últimos días" or "The Last Days", made in Spain
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Gareth Thomas as Blake  from the cult TV show Blake s 7.
Gareth Thomas as Blake, from the cult TV show Blake's 7.
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One of the more colorful exhibitor stands at the 2016 London Film and Comic Con.
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A stand selling a mix of film related items and replica swords, at the 2106 London Film and Comic Con.
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Bradley Hall's 2013 English translation of Robert Heymann's 1909 sci-fi novel, Der Rote Komet (The Red Comet)
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Paramount Home Media Distribution
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Fans intermingling at the 2016 London Film and Comic Con.

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