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AI could help us find new worlds and explore the universe

Understanding and exploring space is one of the greatest challenges facing humankind. We might not need to work alone though, as new artificial intelligence systems are helping to process vast quantities of information and assist human research.

Japan whaling fleet kills 333 Minke whales — 200 pregnant females

Japan's whaling fleet returned on Thursday after a summer of doing "scientific research" in the Antarctic region. The fleet brought home 333 Minke whales, including pregnant females.

Be wary of the Nasty Effect — Internet trolls swaying opinions

Can internet trolls use their nasty, inflammatory and often derogatory comments on blogs, news sites, social media networks and any other open discussion pages to change attitudes of readers? One study says, yes. So should there be concern?

German scientists create a material 6 times lighter than air

German scientists from Kiel University and the Hamburg University of Technology have discovered aerographite, a material six times lighter than air.

New research: Killing the messenger stops cancer cell growth

Tel Aviv - Research scientists at Israel's Weizmann Institute have found a way of blocking one type of molecular message that causes rampant cellular growth.

Spanish scientists say time is running out

New research by scientists in Spain suggests that rather than the universe expanding, as is generally believed, time is gradually slowing down and will eventually stop altogether.

Hope for Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists discovered a new link for Alzheimer's Disease. This news could lead to millions of people being saved from the humiliation of Alzheimer's.

Op-Ed: Why is ‘science’ so scared of FTL claims? OPERA raises questions

Sydney - Scientists were lining up from around the world to disprove the OPERA readings of FTL neutrinos. While these findings may not have been accurate, the fact remains that physics is obsessively negative regarding FTL or anything resembling FTL phenomena.

Include cakes and sweets in your breakfast and lose weight

Including sweet foods at breakfast time may encourage weight loss. Researchers have found that eating a breakfast packed with carbohydrates and protein can help prevent weight regain by reducing hunger cravings later in the day.

MRIs give researchers insight into Foreign Accent Syndrome

A rare neurological disorder called Foreign Accent Syndrome has puzzled patients and physicians for decades. FAS comes on suddenly with the afflicted person speaking in a consistent “foreign” accent.

New findings on ‘toxic mold’ will further debate

New research from Sweden finds household mold more prevalent and potent than commonly believed. Article includes analysis about the many implications of scientific research into mold found in buildings.

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