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New data: Increase in email scams hitting U.S. businesses

August has seen a high number of data breaches taking place. A number of these have been analysed by Breach Clarity and a risk assessment score provided. Some of the more serious examples are examined.

U.S. tax season is here, but beware the scammers Special

The U.S. tax season has begun and while most people legitimately fill out their forms there are scams at play, ranging from false claims to the nefarious activities of scammers trying to fool people with fake links.

AI chatbot used to combat phishing by wasting scammers' time

A team of cybersecurity researchers has developed an AI chatbot that aims to waste scammers' time by responding to phishing emails. You can forward scam emails to the bot. A proxy email address will then start automatically replying the scammer for you.

Google launches hardened security options for at-risk users

Google has announced several new account security options aimed at consumers at particular risk of cyberattack. The company's Advanced Protection program offers extended protections to prevent phishing attacks and safeguard data for at-risk users.

Fake Facebook 'dislike' buttons are scamming users

Scammers are using fake Facebook "dislike" buttons in an attempt to trick unwitting users into handing over money, having malicious code downloaded to their computers, and liking pages, Digiday reports.

Op-Ed: Scam artists are everywhere! How do you protect yourself?

Scam artists are making their move. They are found in every industry type and their skills are on the rise with the growing sophistication of technology.

Scammers exploit Boston Marathon bombings by sending out malware

As past history indicates, after a tragedy occurs, sadly the scammers are not far behind. Shortly after the horrific Boston Marathon bombing, the scammers began to try to exploit it.

Beware of scammers running rampant on Craigslist

A site created originally for use by the general public has become the hub of scams and Internet fraud. By posting an ad or responding to one, chances are you are likely to become a target for fraud.

Agencies warn of scammers looking to profit from Hurricane Sandy

Government agencies in the U.S. are warning the public that scammers may try to exploit good-hearted people in order to profit from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Scammers mess with gas pumps and pay only 'pennies on the dollar'

Decatur - Scammers, who presumably are not keen on paying the high prices at the pump, have developed a creative way to bypass giving in to those elevated prices.

Pinterest gains in user popularity, scammers follow

It's inevitable that any website that becomes populated with users will become a favored breeding ground for scammers. Facebook and Twitter have long been afflicted, and now the proverbial new kid on the social circuit is being targeted.

Spammers claim Facebook giveaway of free iPads and iPhones

Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really giving away free Apple products? According to an email circulating around the Internet, he is.

Scammers try to cash in as Apple prepares to announce new iPhone

As the world waits for Apple's highly anticipated announcement tomorrow regarding the newest generation of iPhones, scammers are jumping in on the action.

Scammers get sued by Google

Today Pacific WebWorks and other Internet companies get sued by Google for using the logo to promote Web-based scams. Thousands have been affected.

They Are Scamming Grandma

When Delpha Speak got a call from a man claiming to be her grandson she didn't think it was implausible that he could be in trouble. The 72-year-old has 13 grandchildren and like any good grandma she wanted to help.

Scammers Are Targeting Those Who Would Like To Give To Quake Victims

China is warning their citizens to be on the lookout for those who are looking for donations. The crisis in China has brought out the scam artists.

Internet Scammers!

The Internet serves as an excellent tool for investors, allowing them to easily and inexpensively research investment opportunities. But the Internet is also an excellent tool for fraudsters.

Scambaiters Are Turning the Tables on Internet Crime

When a friend posted her leather couch on The Recycler's online classifieds and got an offer from a buyer in Africa, I knew it had to be a scam.

Crowdhacking, and how you are affected!

I never thought of DJ in this sense, but this is an interesting article I suggest all read!

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