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Review: A lot of fan favourites in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the latest chapter in an intergalactic rebellion; an appropriate send-off for a beloved character; an intriguing miniseries with an A-list cast; an impressive live-action adaptation; and a spirited anniversary edition.

Crane worker saved from Ontario fire in extraordinary rescue

A crane operator who was stranded above a massive fire in Kingston, Ontario, was rescued by a military rescue technician who was lowered from a helicopter. The technician said he was able to save the man because of his daily training.

Woman dressed as vagina saves man dressed as penis

A woman, who was dressed up as a vagina saved a man, who was dressed up as a penis, from a person who was attacking him.

Vatican: Whatever Pope Francis meant, atheists still burn in hell

Rome - After Pope Francis told the world that even atheists are redeemed, Vatican spokesman Thomas Rosica has issued a statement that the pope's words do not mean atheists are saved. They are still going to hell if they do not "enter" the Catholic Church.

Bubble wrap saves falling American man

Boston - On Monday a construction worker fell 30 feet off a building but he was saved from serious injury because he landed on some bubble wrap.

British soldier says rosary saved his life

A 19-year-old soldier credits a rosary with saving his life in Afghanistan. It was when he bent down to pick up the rosary that he realised he was on a landmine.

Doctor Saves Boy With Household Drill

In an amazing act of quick thinking Rob Carson, an Australian, doctor saved 12-year old Nicholas Rossi using a common house hold drill.

Do Not Call Registry saved from mandatory reset after five years

We can all thank President Bush for signing new legislation that will make the registration at the Do Not Call Registry a lifetime one. Participants, however, should re-register if they move.

Not Enough UK Babies Vaccinated Against The Killer Meningitis

It is thought that around 300 children have possibly avoided certain serious illnesses due to a new pneumococcal vaccine which came into use a year ago in England, according to a new report

Vonage Could Be Saved by Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court Ruling sides with Vonage, may help their case against Verizon.

Cat Helped Save Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A cat saved an entire family by jumping on a bed and meowing wildly as the house slowly filled with carbon monoxide poison that would have otherwise killed the entire family.

Owners want to tear down the 100 year-old house

The fate of a historic Queen Anne cottage that a developer plans to tear down has divided residents of Toronto's Beach neighbourhood.

Two Men saved from icy Ottawa River

Saturday night two men were rescued from the icy waters of the Ottawa River.

Man Saved From Jaws of Killer Croc

Attacked from behind and below, one man dragged under water

Fla. woman: Bra saved me from bullet

Debbie Bingham says she was outside enjoying the neighborhood fireworks on New Year's Eve when she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder.

Man is Saved After Being Trapped in a Garbage Truck

An unemployed man who reamined nameless woke up inside a garbage truck before he was compacted.

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SMALL TOWN: Postcard image shows Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa in the 1950s.
SMALL TOWN: Postcard image shows Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa in the 1950s.
Orange County Archives/Wikimedia Commons

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