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Santa News

How fast must Santa travel to reach every home?

During Christmas Eve Santa performs a number of herculean feats as he seeks to distribute gifts to many of the good boys and girls around the world. Is this physically possible? Maybe, Digital Journal assesses how.

Op-Ed: Holiday happenings in Toronto

Toronto - The holiday season is a time to reflect upon another year soon to be behind us, spend time with family and friends, and also a great time of year to bundle up and enjoy all that the city of Toronto has to offer.

Op-Ed: The ‘science’ behind Christmas

To round off a year of important science stories, this article takes a more quirky turn to review some of the ‘science’ behind Christmas.

Where is Santa now?

To help children (and adults) track Santa, the U.S. government have a website dedicated to locating the jolly red-and-white figure on Christmas Eve.

Video: 'Christmas Miracle' staged for Canadian airline passengers

Toronto - Christmas came early for over 250 passengers after Canadian airline WestJet provided them with their Christmas wishes this holiday season through a campaign they call "WestJet Christmas Miracle".

Op-Ed: Christmas at the mall has a whole ‘nuther vibe

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the local neighborhood mall, or any mall for that matter. Malls are the one-stop shopping spots for people jonesing for a retail fix.

Where's Santa? Tracking him is easier than ever

Santa Claus is already making his rounds across the world, and for those wondering when Santa will be landing his sleigh in your neighborhood, tracking his location is now easier than ever.

Mall Santa shares over 30 years of experience on the job Special

Etobicoke - Every year for Christmas, Vince Ciccheli steps into the shoes of the busiest man during the holiday season, to work as a mall Santa. It’s a role that’s brought with it many fond, heart filled memories, he says.

NORAD ditches Google, will use Bing to track Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has decided to switch from Google Maps to Microsoft's Bing Maps for its annual Track Santa project.

French street theatre group fizzing at Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus ad

Nantes - French theatre group Royal de Luxe were shocked to discover Coca-Cola’s latest advert featuring a giant sized Santa Claus puppet being brought to life. The giant Santa bears a striking resemblance to Royal de Luxe’ own creations.

Is Santa a sexual predator? Special

Toronto - Are you hiring a Santa for your holiday party? Are you sure that your Kris Kringle is safe to be around the kids? There are few regulations that prevent sexual predators from hiring themselves out as Santa or a clown.

Real Christmas trees are more 'environmentally friendly'

It may appear that an artificial Christmas tree, used year after year, is better for the environment than the use of a real tree, cut down each yuletide season. However, new research suggests that the real tree has a lower carbon footprint.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas rewrite has Santa butting out

After almost 200-years, the Christmas classic "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" has been rewritten to take out any reference to Santa smoking a pipe that some say is political correctness that's gone too far.

French Santa arrested over gun threat

Bordeaux - A man dressed as Santa was arrested after his nephew accused him of pointing a gun at him while they were at a Christmas market on Sunday.

Cash-strapped county fires Santa

Saint James - Faced with financial issues, layoffs and a budget to balance officials in Suffolk County, New York were forced to fire Santa Claus last week after determining they could no longer afford his $660 salary.

'Father Christmas' making an arrest caught on video

Catania - A man in the Sicilian city of Catania was surprised when he was arrested by “Father Christmas” as he was leaving a shop, an act which was captured on police video.

Op-Ed: Dear Santa Claus, here is my Christmas present list..

Christmas is coming, but given society’s slow and seemingly inevitable descent into pessimism I wonder how many people are actually going to enjoy it. It would be wonderful if Santa gave us a most urgently needed present this year – some optimism.

Santa's waiting for your letter

Canada Post today confirmed that Jolly Old Saint Nick has been to the post offices around Canada making sure postal elves are ready to answer all the letters sent by boys and girls around the world.

Santa has a big carbon footprint

Christmas for some is a holiday filled with religious significance. For others it has more of a social spirit attached to it, filled with family time, parties, gift giving and good old-fashioned consumerism. But what impact does it have on the planet?

Op-Ed: Santa Claus Report

This the first in a series of conversations your faithful writer has had with jolly Saint Nick about the upcoming Christmas Day. Each day there will be a new interview leading up to the last one on Christmas Eve.

Saturday night is time for Toronto's Santarchy

If you're in Toronto you still have a bit of time before this year's Santarchy begins Saturday. At 5 p.m. Santa and his helpers are meeting at Dundas Square to begin a night of merriment.

Santa Will Be at Toronto Subway on Tuesday Special

Santa is visiting Toronto on Tuesday at the Yonge-Bloor subway station on the Southbound side at 11 a.m. Jolly Old Saint Nick will be handing out candy canes to passengers rushing around the city with his helper, Sylvana Caballero.

U.S.-Canadian air defense agency readies to 'track Santa' Special

(UPDATED) -The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) readies to Track Santa again this year for Christmas. The U.S.—Canadian military agency, which has provided the service for over 50 years, begins offering social networking options this yea

Fantasy Flight to visit Santa took off for 16th annual flight

Santa’s quite busy at this time of year, so just in case, United Airlines employees flew foster children and disabled adults to visit Santa at his secret North Pole location, which made it an exciting adventure and a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Naughty Elf Threatens Santa With Dynamite

There's one elf that is on Santa's naughty list. A man dressed as an elf in Georgia told Santa that he was carrying sticks of dynamite when he sat on his lap for a photo session.

Auckland Santa Can't Tell 'Who's Naughty or Nice'

Today, bandages cover the face of a 20-meter (66 foot) tall statue of Santa Claus in downtown Auckland. At almost fifty, the venerable, jolly fellow underwent cosmetic surgery this past summer.

Santa Wants A Vaccine This Year Special

This year Santa is asking for a gift before holding sneezing tykes-a swine flu vaccine. As the parade of shopping mall Santas ready to tackle the holiday question of what kids want for Christmas, they are asking to have protection from the swine flu.

Violent End To Christmas Party as Man Dressed as Santa Kills Six

Bruce Pardo's anger turned deadly at a Christmas Eve party in Covina, California. After plotting revenge on his ex-wife, Pardo killed six people before turning the gun on himself hours later while dressed as Santa.

Santa Gets Note from Abused Child: Make Him Stop Hurting Me

A nine-year-old child in Texas in the United States wants nothing more than neither she nor her sister to be molested anymore. She wrote her letter to Santa, just as children do, making a wish.

Santa Set For Rabies Shots

Jolly Old Saint Nick is getting set for a series of rabies vaccines after being bitten by a very big kitty Sunday in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.
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Santa Image

Bishop Santa Claus
Bishop Santa Claus
The gas station where the shootings occurred.
The gas station where the shootings occurred.
WXYZ Detroit screen grab
Screen grab of Santa billboard.
Screen grab of Santa billboard.
NBC News
Santa uses Siri in an Apple ad
Santa uses Siri in an Apple ad
Courtesy Apple
Google s Santa tracker
Google's Santa tracker
Screen Capture
A Santa display in Frankenmuth  MI
A Santa display in Frankenmuth, MI
The children line up and wait to tell Santa what they want for Christmas at the McAdenville  NC  Ope...
The children line up and wait to tell Santa what they want for Christmas at the McAdenville, NC, Opening Ceremony 2013, for Christmas Town USA lights on.
Giant Santa as he appears in the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial
Giant Santa as he appears in the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial
Screencapture Youtube Coca-Cola - Together we make the magic happen
Preparation for the 106th Annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade.
Preparation for the 106th Annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade.
Epic fail! - Santa Claus at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens  Florida.
Epic fail! - Santa Claus at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
YouTube Screen Capture - MillyOlson
Soldiers gather around Santa Claus in a video that has gone viral on YouTube
Soldiers gather around Santa Claus in a video that has gone viral on YouTube
YouTube screengrab

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