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Saliva News

New battery is activated by spit

New York - Engineers and microbiologists have invented a new type of battery based on a microbial fuel cells. The battery can be activated by spit and it is intended to be used in extreme conditions.

Roadside drug testing pilot program works well in Canada

Public Safety Canada has announced the pilot project initiated in December 2016 that tested two roadside drug testing devices can be successfully used to detect drug-impaired driving, adding another milestone to the legalizing of recreational marijuana.

New saliva test helps with crime scene investigations

Knowing whether a sample of saliva has originated from a man or a woman could prove revolutionary for criminal investigators. A new method, based on Raman spectrophotometry, offers the means to do so.

Saliva test predicts Alzheimer’s disease

A straightforward test to detect Alzheimer’s disease based on the analysis of a sample of saliva has been developed. The test can also provide clues about the development of the disease where the result is positive.

Mosquito spit may limit Dengue virus transmission

A key transmission factor with many viral diseases carried by mosquitoes is the saliva of the insects. A new finding, however, suggests that saliva can also help to prevent viral transfer, particularly Dengue virus.

Zika detected in urine, saliva: top Brazilian researchers

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's top research institute said Friday that Zika has been detected in urine and saliva, but added that there is no proof the virus can be transmitted through those fluids.

New Mexico: Why 5,341 untested rape kits are a nationwide problem

After repeated complaints from victim advocates about the burgeoning backlog in testing sexual assault evidence kits in New Mexico, the state's Department of Public Safety began surveying police agencies in order to find out how big the backlog really is.

Genetic screening set to become big business

Genetics testing is set to become big business and several rounds of investment and deals have taken place, with start-up companies preparing for a rise in the public's interest in predictive genetic testing,

Study: A 10-second kiss could transfer 80 million bacteria

Amsterdam - According to a new study, kissing for only 10 seconds could transfer up to 80 million bacteria. However gross that might sound, scientists believe that sharing bacteria through kissing helps us stay healthy by boosting the immune system.

Stress hormone linked to depression

Cambridge - Scientists have identified elevated levels of a stress hormone in teenage boys. The researchers think that this hormone is a signpost of major depression.

Berries may be healthy, but what actually gets past the mouth?

Scientists have studied what happens to extracts from different berries high with human saliva and have shown that not all of the health-promoting substances survive in the mouth.

New Test May Trim Time Off Diagnosing Heart Attacks In The Future

A new saliva test may one day be handy for anyone to be able to tell if someone is having a heart attack. The quicker a person is diagnosed with a heart attack the better the odds that they can survive.

Researchers Predict Saliva Will Replace Blood to Diagnose Disease

Is saliva the new blood? In terms of testing for disease, spit may soon replace the needle, according to a new study. Scientists found 1,166 unique proteins in human saliva, which can help doctors of the future identify early signs of cancer or diabetes.

Denver Sheriff's Office Helps Private Companies Take Blood And Saliva At Checkpoints

A Sheriff's office in Denver has been blasted by drivers after it engaged in the operation of what appeared to be DUI checkpoints. Actually, they were being carried out by a private non-profit research group.

Natural-born painkiller found in human saliva

Very interesting discovery, I wonder why if it's so powerful I still get tooth aches?.. Hmmm

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