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Sahel News

Elite European anti-jihadist force takes first steps in Sahel

Gao - Inside a military base in northern Mali, a concrete bollard emblazoned with French, Estonian and Swedish flags marks a zone reserved for a new anti-jihadist unit of elite European troops.

Mutating terror threat still looms over Europe

Paris - The terrorist threat against Europe has mutated in the last half-decade as jihadist groups have seen their Middle East sanctuaries eroded, but analysts say the West must remain braced for more attacks.

Sahel allies, France say progress in anti-jihad campaign

Nouakchott - Sahel countries and their ally France on Tuesday vowed to press ahead with a tactical shift in their campaign against an eight-year-old jihadist insurgency, saying the change had notched up substantial gains although major challenges also remain.

France and Sahel leaders mull state of anti-jihad campaign

Nouakchott - Leaders from five West African countries and their ally France meet Tuesday to confer over their troubled efforts to stem a jihadist offensive unfolding in the Sahel.

France's gains in Sahel mask need for lasting victory

Paris - France is increasingly optimistic about the effectiveness of its anti-jihadist campaign in the Sahel, but experts caution that short-term successes will not by themselves bring lasting victory.

Sahel leaders and France's Macron to talk as violence spirals

Bamako - France and its allies in the Sahel next week will discuss the region's mounting struggles with a jihadist insurgency and ethnic bloodshed.

Macron to attend Mauritania summit on anti-jihadist fight: France

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott next week for a summit of West African leaders to discuss the tough campaign against jihadists in the Sahel region, his office said Friday.

Al-Qaeda North Africa chief killed: What next for the region?

Bamako - The leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was killed this week by French forces in Mali.

Threat of coronavirus hangs over Sahel displaced

Bamako - The rise of coronavirus in the war-torn Sahel has sparked sharp fears for the region's hundreds of thousands of displaced people, often packed inside camps.

France summons Mali envoy over 'false' rowdy soldiers remarks

Pau - France on Thursday summoned Mali's ambassador after dismissing as "false" and "unacceptable" his claims of rowdy behaviour by French soldiers helping the West African nation combat an Islamic insurgency.

Sahel summit appeal to step up fight against jihadism

Nouakchott - A summit of Sahel states heard appeals Tuesday to step up the fight against jihadists whose offensive across three countries has claimed thousands of lives and inflicted crippling economic damage.

Sahel summit appeal to step up fight against jihadism

Nouakchott - A summit of Sahel states heard appeals Tuesday to step up the fight against jihadists whose offensive across three countries has claimed thousands of lives and inflicted crippling economic damage.

France to further boost its anti-jihad force in Sahel

Paris - France will further bolster its anti-jihadist force in the Sahel, on top of 220 reinforcement soldiers already sent recently to try to stem a spiral of violence in the region, the country's top general said Wednesday.

France, Sahel nations vow to step up anti-jihadist fight

Pau - France and its five partner nations in the Sahel region of West Africa pledged Monday to bolster their efforts against jihadists waging an increasingly deadly insurgency, while urging the United States to keep its troops engaged in the region's anti-te...

Next year vital for Sahel's future: French army general

Paris - The future of the Sahel rests on what happens in the coming year, according to the military chief of staff of France, which has a fighting force in the jihadist-plagued region.

US urges Sahel countries to step up fight against jihadists

New York - The United States criticized countries of West Africa's Sahel region at the United Nations on Monday, saying their leaders were not doing enough to ensure stability amid soaring jihadist violence.

G5 Sahel leaders pay tribute to 71 soldiers slain in Niger

Niamey - Leaders of the G5 Sahel nations held summit talks in Niamey Sunday, after the death last week of 71 Niger soldiers in a jihadist attack, calling for closer cooperation and international support in the battle against the Islamist threat.

IS claims responsibility for Niger attack which killed 71: SITE

Niamey - The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army camp in Niger which left 71 military personnel dead, the SITE intelligence group said Thursday.

Sahel's anti-jihadist plan shaken by huge attack in Niger

Niamey - Strategies to roll back jihadism in the Sahel have been dealt a body blow by a massive attack on an army base in Niger that left scores of dead and missing.

71 killed in Niger military camp: defence ministry

Niamey - Hundreds of jihadists attacked a Niger military camp near the border with Mali with shelling and mortars, killing 71 soldiers, the defence ministry said Wednesday.

UN says G5 Sahel force needs more support in anti-jihadist fight

New York - The five-nation G5 military task force in the Sahel faces persistent training and equipment shortfalls at a time of spiralling violence in the war against armed Islamist groups in the region, according to a UN report out Tuesday.

UN chief urges funding for Sahel states

Apo - United Nations chief Antonio Guterres on Tuesday suggested the UN help fund the fight against jihadism in the Sahel, warning "we are not winning the war against terrorism" in the frail region.

Girls must be protected from sexual violence at school: UNICEF chief

Paris - Girls in developing countries must be protected from sexual violence in and around schools, the head of the UN's children fund has said, urging governments to make it a top priority.

Terror stalks Mali massacre village

Bamako - Eleven-year-old Amy raises her left arm to show where a bullet grazed her side, and from deep within her, a boundless distress comes out in great sobs.

French PM urges joint stand against jihadists in Sahel

Gao - French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Sunday urged partners to stand with Paris in driving back jihadi violence in the Sahel.

$400 billion climate investment plan for Sahel region

Niamey - Heads of state of 17 countries in the Sahel region of Africa will hold a summit on Monday in Niamey to approve a climate investment plan worth $400 billion over 12 years, the Niger government said Wednesday.

UN chief revives bid opposed by US to fund Sahel force

New York - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is renewing his call for UN financing to shore up a regional force fighting an insurgency in the Sahel, despite opposition from the United States.

W.Africa security forum opens amid concerns over G5 Sahel force

Dakar - A two-day African security forum was set to open in Dakar on Monday amid concerns about funding for a much-trumpeted initiative to bind five Sahel countries into an anti-terror force.

We can make the Sahara Desert green again through clean energy

Installing solar and wind power in the Sahara would have benefits for both the region and the world’s electrical grids, a new paper concludes.

G5 Sahel force licks wounds after HQ attack

S - On June 29, a suicide attack shook the headquarters of the Sahel's five-nation anti-terror force, failing to inflict major damage but exposing the fragility of the much-trumpeted scheme.
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The spectre of hunger looms as drought hits West Africa
The spectre of hunger looms as drought hits West Africa
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