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Saab News

Saab dealer refunds student driver with dollars and pennies

Jacksonville - Irena Mujakovic brought her Saab back under warranty for a second round of repairs and received a bill for $400 in labor. She filed a complaint with the DMV and got a refund in the form of two bags full of pennies and some dollar bills.

ThyssenKrupp says in talks with Saab over shipyards deal

Frankfurt - German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp said on Monday it is in talks with Saab of Sweden over the sale of its Swedish shipywards business.

German-Swedish submarine war rages on

It’s a war without a shot being fired, not fought on the high seas, but in the corporate boardrooms of two defense contractors.

SAAB to make comeback bid starting Monday

Two years after declaring bankruptcy and seemingly fading from sight, the iconic Swedish car SAAB will once again roll off the assembly line.

Dutch automaker Spyker to sue GM over Saab bankruptcy

Amsterdam - The Dutch car manufacturer Spyker NV plans to sue General Motors. In the suit Spyker claims that GM deliberately bankrupted Saab. Saab was a subsidiary of Spyker.

Saab coming back from the dead

Just when everyone thought it was gone for good, the iconic Swedish automobile brand Saab will be reincarnated as an all-electric car.

The fall of automaker Saab

On Monday, the automaker Saab filed for bankruptcy. This comes as the company has struggled for months to find investors to rescue them.

Will Saab Automobile sink or get bailed out?

As Saab Automobile's deal with Chinese investors faltered, the company's bankruptcy reorganization appeared jeopardized, the NY Times and Wall Street Journal reported. But the BBC reported a private U.S. equity firm is investing and loaning Saab millions.

Saab down to last gasp, China may throw lifeline

A Swedish court this week rejected automaker Saab’s request for protection from creditors, and the company has not yet been able to meet its August payroll, but a glimmer of hope comes from a Chinese carmaker thinking about investing in the iconic brand

Saab doesn't have enough money to pay employees

Zeewolde - The Dutch owners of automobile manufacturer Saab said they will be unable to pay their employees their June salaries. However, the Swedish car company says it has no plans to shut its doors anytime soon.

A year after rescue, SAAB in trouble again

A year after being bought by Dutch automaker Spyker, Sweden’s Saab plant has stopped production, suppliers haven’t been paid, and there may be layoffs. A deal to help is in the works, but some observers say it is too little, too late.

Saab May Go Retro with Resurrected Saab 92

While in New York for the 2010 International Auto Show , Spyker-Saab Chairman Victor Mueller said he wants to bring back the classic “teardrop” design of the Saab 92, the Swedish automaker's first car design, produced from 1947 to 1957.

Saab restarts production, cars rolling off the line

The first Saabs built under the company’s new ownership began rolling off the production line yesterday, complete with cheers and a ceremonial ribbon-cutting. The line at the company’s Trollhattan plant was a Saab 9-5 bearing the number 001

Saab Deal Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It’s official – all the paperwork is done, making Dutch luxury carmaker Spyker the proud owner of Saab automobile, ending months of uncertainty for the Swedish automaker’s employees and supporters. The announcement was made this afternoon in Sweden.

U.S. Government Stopped Original Purchase of Saab

The United States government stepped in the middle of the original deal to sell Saab last year due to suspected mafia connections.

It’s a Done Deal: Spyker Buys Saab

After more twists than a motor rally course, General Motors announced today that it has reached a deal to sell the Saab line of cars to Dutch automaker Spyker, delighting Swedes and Saab owners alike.

Saab-Spyker Deal Imminent, Maybe Next Week

In yet another twist in what has been the roller-coaster ride over the future of Sweden’s iconic Saab brand of cars, an announcement could come as early as next week of its sale to Dutch luxury car maker Spyker.

Swedish Gov’t Pleads for Saab’s Future

A delegation of Swedish officials has flown to Detroit to meet with General Motors to plead their case for selling the Saab brand rather than closing it down.

GM Continues with Saab Shutdown Despite New Offers

US automaker General Motors is continuing with its plans to close down operations of its Saab line of cars even while it says it is considering a flurry of new bids to buy the famed Swedish brand.

GM Extends Saab Deadline One Week

U.S. automaker General Motors has reportedly extended to Jan. 7 its deadline for shutting down its production of Saabs to consider offers for its financially-troubled line of cars.

Last-Ditch Efforts Persist to Save Saab

Even as American carmaker General Motors plunges ahead with its plan to shut down production of its Saab line of cars, stories circulate throughout Sweden of efforts to save the brand.

General Motors Preparing to Wind Down Saab

After another unsuccessful attempt to find a buyer for the Saab brand, U.S. automaker General Motors (GM) has announced that it will begin winding down operations at the Swedish-based subsidiary.

Swedes Object as Chinese Firms Look to Buy Volvo, Saab

Sweden’s two iconic auto brands may soon be in Chinese hands as Ford and GM look to jettison the two money-losers, and Swedes are decidedly unhappy about that prospect.

Swedish Carmaker Ends Plans to Buy Saab from General Motors

Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg Group AB has confirmed that its plans to buy the Saab brand from General Motors have fallen through.

Koenigsegg to buy GM's Saab unit

Saab Automobile was purchased by a consortium led by Koenigsegg Automotive AB, a company which produces only a dozen custom-made super cars a year.

Saab Files for Reorganization

The Saab Board announced today that it will file for reorganization under a self-managed Swedish court process to create a fully independent business entity that would be sustainable and suitable for investment.

The Saab 9X - Versatility in Four Dimensions

The challenge of turning a vision of a new Saab concept vehicle into reality was embraced by Saab's Advanced Design studio. They had to meet key parameters, in terms of compact design and packaging, and then develop the many all-important details that ...

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Saab Image

A Saab 9-3 Coupé Viggen juxtaposed with tree greenery: Since April 2011  Saab Automobiles has been ...
A Saab 9-3 Coupé Viggen juxtaposed with tree greenery: Since April 2011, Saab Automobiles has been on a quest for the greenery of fresh funding that will give the business the green light to drive on.
Staffan Vilcans (liftarn)/
Irena Mujakovic received a very unusual refund for her repairs.
Irena Mujakovic received a very unusual refund for her repairs.
Screengrab via USA TODAY
The Saab plant in Trollhattan  Sweden.
The Saab plant in Trollhattan, Sweden.
Saab Automobile AB
The logo of Swedish manufacturer Saab is seen on the radiator grill of a car in Prague
The logo of Swedish manufacturer Saab is seen on the radiator grill of a car in Prague
With permission by Reuters / David W Cerny
Gripen C no 23 of 2 Squadron pulls up in front of the spectators.
Gripen C no 23 of 2 Squadron pulls up in front of the spectators.
Gripen C flypast. Note the  reheat   or afterburner is on.
Gripen C flypast. Note the "reheat", or afterburner is on.

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