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Rodents News

Flying squirrel numbers rise in Helsinki

A new study reports that Helsinki has witnessed a boom in the population of Siberian flying squirrels, with numbers expanding greatly over the past two years.

Highly toxic rodent poisons to be pulled from U.S. market

A group of highly toxic rodent poisons linked to the death of wildlife will be removed from U.S. stores, the manufacturer said.

New species of marsupial discovered in Australia

Scientists in the Australian state of Queensland have discovered three new species of a rodent-like marsupial. With the species, the males fornicate until they collapse.

Blind mole rats are resistant to many cancers

A new study of blind mole rats demonstrates that the animals are incredibly cancer-resistant. Research indicates that adaptations that help the rodents survive in low-oxygen environments play a key role in their longevity and cancer resistance.

How a rat may have taken down Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant

Fukushima - It is estimated that in the United States there is one rat for every human. Rats have spread diseases such as Bubonic Plague and Typhus just to name a few. But is it really possible that a rat can take down a modern nuclear power plant?

Alberta's 'rat free' status in jeopardy after colony discovered

Medicine Hat - Since the 1950's Alberta has boasted that is is "rat free" giving comfort to those who may be rodent phobic and protecting the lucrative grain industry. But now a colony of rats has been found in Medicine Hat, that could challenge the claim.

Mice On The Move

This Summer, a big crop of berries, plants and trees which produced seeds, combined with a warm Winter last year have led to a mouse population boom in the Adirondacks. Folks from the area are reporting that mice have moved into their homes...

When the Surf's Up, These Rodents Take to the Waves

Shane Willmott is an avid surfer from Down Under who has passed along his passion for the sport to his pet mice.

Longer Penises Give Rodents Mating Advantage

A longer penis attracts the ladies, in the rodent world, that is, according to a new study.

''Punxsutawney Phil'' Predicts More Winter For US

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA (voa) - The official weather-forecasting groundhog, "Punxsutawney Phil" ventured from his cozy burrow and saw his shadow Saturday, signaling six more weeks of winter in North America. The chubby rodent emerged from slumber to the gl...

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NASA’s Rodent Habitat module with both access doors open.
NASA’s Rodent Habitat module with both access doors open.
NASA/Dominic Hart

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