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Israel hits Gaza after rocket fire, three wounded

Jerusalem - The Israeli air force hit the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Wednesday lightly wounding three people, after Palestinians fired at southern Israel, the military and Gaza security officials said.

Josh Dorr talks 'Rocket' single, country music and dream duets Special

Country singer Josh Dorr chatted with Digital Journal about his new radio single "Rocket," as well as his plans for 2016.

NASA resumes space-station missions on Thursday

Cape Canaveral - Commercial resupply missions to the International Space Station are expected to resume Thursday with the launch of a Orbital ATK Cygnus capsule from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

SpaceX gets new NASA contract to supply space station

Hawthorne - NASA agreed Friday that a private California aerospace company could continue to build an experimental launch vehicle expected eventually to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.

S.Korea warns rocket launch by North would be 'serious' provocation

Seoul - South Korea warned North Korea on Tuesday against a possible long-range rocket launch, saying it would be deemed a ballistic missile test and a "serious" provocation violating UN resolutions.

N. Korea hints at possible rocket launch

Seoul - North Korea hinted Monday at a possible satellite launch, fuelling speculation that it might attempt to fire a long-range rocket to coincide with a key political anniversary next month.

Rocket could defy laws of physics, fly to moon in 4 hours

German scientists have confirmed that the so-called "EMDrive" rocket created by NASA could defy the known laws of physics and be capable of flying to the moon in just four hours.

Israel strikes Gaza after new rocket attacks

Jerusalem - The Israeli air force hit the Gaza Strip early Sunday for the second time in three days after new rocket fire from the territory hit southern Israel, the military said.

Russia loses Mexican satellite after rocket failure

Moscow - Russia on Saturday lost a Mexican satellite on launch just hours after a glitch with a manoeuvre involving the International Space Station, the latest in a string of embarrassing failures for its troubled space programme.

Test missile crashes on launch in northern Russia

Moscow - A surface-to-air missile crashed shortly after being launched in northern Russia on Wednesday, Russian news agencies said, in a failed test that will be seen as an embarrassment for the country's military forces.

Rockets rain death far from Ukraine frontline

Kramatorsk - The elderly woman kneels and weeps as she recognises one of those killed when a hail of rebel rockets fell on Ukraine's regional centre Kramatorsk, another innocent victim fallen far from the front.

North Korea test-fires 'intelligent' anti-ship rocket: KCNA

Seoul - North Korea has test-fired a new "ultra-precision" intelligent rocket to be deployed across its navy, state media said Saturday, in the latest evidence that Pyongyang is stepping up its development of missile technology.

Putin oversees successful rocket launch

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday oversaw the successful test-launch of Russia's newest heavy-class Angara rocket, a rare piece of good news in a week dominated by the economic crisis.

New super plane to fly from Europe to Australia in 4 hours

A new superplane, which can get you anywhere in the world in four hours, may get its first flight in only five years from now. It is planned to use its rockets for commercial airline flights, as well as space travel.

Europe to build new-generation Ariane 6 rocket

Luxembourg - European nations announced Tuesday they would build a new-generation rocket in a multi-billion-euro (dollar) programme to maintain their grip on the world market for satellite launches.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' soars to an August opening record

"Guardians of the Galaxy" rocketed to an August record as it beat expectations and shot down the competition to the tune of $94 million.

Hamas claims rocket fire on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa

Gaza - The armed wing of Hamas claimed that it fired several rockets at Jerusalem and Israeli cities Tel Aviv and Haifa Tuesday.

Japan launches 'affordable' Epsilon space rocket

Yesterday, Japan launched the first in a new type of space rockets particularly designed to make future space missions more affordable.

Video: SpaceX's Elon Musk waves his hands to design rocket parts

Last week Elon Musk of SpaceX tweeted that he had invented a way to create rocket parts, with hand gestures and a laser printer, virtually out of thin air. He has now posted a video to show how - almost like it is in your favorite sci-fi movies.

Report: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza to cost over $300 million

Gaza - The eight day strike by Israel on Gaza not only killed 168 Palestinians, most them civilians, but has also resulted in $300 million in economic damage, the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce reports.

Video: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza intensify on Wednesday

Gaza - With no cease-fire in sight, Israeli forces intensified their airstrikes on Wednesday morning, attacking government ministry buildings and other sites in Gaza.

AFP offices in Gaza hit by airstrike, other journalists killed

Gaza - The offices of Agence France-Presse in Gaza have been hit by an Israeli airstrike on Tuesday. Fortunately no staff were hurt in the attack. However, 3 journalists were killed and 2 others injured in separate airstrikes.

Video: RT's Arabic-language sister channel in Gaza attacked

Gaza - RT's Arabic-language sister channel, Rusiya Al-Yaum, was struck by Israeli forces in the Gaza strip early on November 18. Luckily no one was in the office at the time. Updated with video interview with IDF on their reasons for targeting the building.

London 2012: Spoof video — Granny in Olympic missile accident

London - While most Londoners take it very seriously, having surface-to-air missiles on their roofs, one Londoner has made a video about a grandmother having an accident with a missile.

Video: Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft takes off for ISS

With a truly international team on board, the Soyuz spacecraft has taken off this morning, from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazahkstan.

Iran space center 80% complete

Tehran - Not to be left behind in the space race, Iran has almost completed its new space center. This will be used to launch satellites made by Iran and other Muslim nations.

North Korea's much hyped long-range rocket crashes into sea

Pyongyang - North Korea, defying the international community, launched a long-range rocket on Friday, but it crashed and fell into the sea before it escaped Earth's atmosphere.

Philippines prepares for North Korea's rocket fall debris

The Philippines is preparing for a possible evacuation in case the North Korean rocket debris makes landfall on the populated areas in the Philippines.

South says North Korea is planning an underground nuclear test

With controversy raging over North Korea's plans to launch a rocket, now an underground nuclear test is allegedly being planned, according to reports leaked by South Korea.

New Toronto Rocket subway launches with lots of fanfare Special

Toronto - The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) launched its new subway train today, The Rocket, and will only run on the University/Yonge line with just the one train until next month.
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Handicapped area  bikes  strollers  remain upright unless needed
Handicapped area, bikes, strollers, remain upright unless needed
Launch images from the test flight of the New Shepard spacecraft.
Launch images from the test flight of the New Shepard spacecraft.
Blue Origin
China’s Long March 2-F rocket  which took the Tiangong-1 space module into space.
China’s Long March 2-F rocket, which took the Tiangong-1 space module into space.
STR/AFP/Getty Images
One of 10 000 buttons that cost the TTC $2 300.
One of 10,000 buttons that cost the TTC $2,300.
Towards warp speed
Towards warp speed
Robert Moore
The rocket is ready. Hughes says   It has been an unbelievable journey.
The rocket is ready. Hughes says, "It has been an unbelievable journey."
Mike Hughes
An Israeli soldier inspects the damage at an house that was hit by a rocket fired by militants from ...
An Israeli soldier inspects the damage at an house that was hit by a rocket fired by militants from the Gaza Strip, on July 22, 2014, in the Israeli town of Yahud
Gil Cohen Magen, AFP
NASA s latest vehicle makes deep space exploration possible
NASA's latest vehicle makes deep space exploration possible
NASA s latest vehicle makes deep space exploration possible
NASA's latest vehicle makes deep space exploration possible
New Rocket
New Rocket
Route map  lights up
Route map, lights up
Artist s rendering of US astronaut planting a flag on Mars.
Artist's rendering of US astronaut planting a flag on Mars.
NASA / Artist rendering
Security cameras and RED anti-bacterial component on hand rails
Security cameras and RED anti-bacterial component on hand rails