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Lido talks about 'Rise' single, producing, digital age, and JoJo Special

Rising artist Lido chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his new single "Rise," and being an artist and producer in the digital age, as well as working with JoJo.

Interview: Danny Gokey discusses new studio album 'Rise' Special

Singer and American Idol alum Danny Gokey chatted with Digital Journal about his latest studio album, "Rise," which came out on January 13.

How Donald Trump took hold of the Republican Party

Washington - Billionaire Donald Trump has capitalized on his media savvy and the anti-establishment anger of Republican voters to become the first political neophyte to capture the party's White House nomination since World War II hero Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.

Executions see dramatic rise in Pakistan

Pakistan has overtaken Saudi Arabia in the number of executions as more than 300 people have been put to death in 2015 alone, with another 8,000 prisoners on death row.

Interview with Skillet: 'Rise' Special

On June 10, John Cooper from the Grammy-nominated rock group Skillet chatted via telephone with Digital Journal about their new album “Rise.”

Colombian kidnappings up 30% during the first half of 2011

In a barbaric development, kidnappings in Colombia have risen 30% during the first half of 2011, compared to the same period last year.

Video game industry sees U.S. sales rise 4% in December

Sale are up in the video game industry thanks to releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the new Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Fed's Rosengren sees mortgage rate rise in spring

Home loan rates in the USA could rise by as much as three-quarters of a percentage point in the spring as the federal reserve ends its mortgage bonds purchase program.

New 4C rise in temperature map made public by British Ministers

On October 22nd, two British government ministers launched a new map of the world at the opening of a major exhibition at the Science Museum in London, UK.

China's GDP surges with pain

The Chinese government reported its gross domestic product enjoyed a growth of 7.9 percent year on year in the second quarter.

Teen Pregnancy Climbs 3 Per Cent, Prompting Concerns

Over the past 20 years, teen pregnancy has fallen dramatically after a large peak in 1990. However the recently released numbers for the year of 2006 has shown a 3 per cent increase which has prompted efforts to avoid a trend.

Canada: Bread Prices Rising

The high cost of flour is forcing bakeries to raise the price of bread according to a number of Edmonton bakeries. Consumers will pay more for their daily slice as prices increase.

Thyroid cancer on the rise particularly in young women

Thyroid cancer is not as common as many other forms of cancer. But among women, and particularly young women, it is the fastest rising form of cancer. There are four main types of thyroid cancer.

Global Food Cost Rising

Consumers can expect to pay more for food as prices around the world increase. there are several reasons why food prices are going up, ethanol production and climate change among them

New Study Shows Increased Nitrate Levels in Lake Superior

New study says that Lake Superior water may eventually become unsafe to drink, however, this study can act as an early warning which may prevent future problems. Pay attention now, avert disaster later.

U.S. Drunk Driving Deaths rise

Alcohol related deaths on US have rose to their highest level in 14 years to 17,941 in 2006.

"Stealth" Gonorrhea Strains on the Rise

There is a type of Gonorrhea on the rise that lacks an enzyme which most kits use for a diagnosis.

Watch Out, Watch Out, Your Bank Is About

Many a student has found themselves short of cash at one point or another, so when young Rosanna Cobb wrote out a cheque, she didn't think it was too serious that it left her 95p overdrawn

Eggs will raise your cholesterol

Few tips and questions rises about our diet.

Mammal rise 'not linked' to dinos

According to a study it is known that the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago had little effect on the evolution of mammals

ID Theft on the Rise - Quiz

You may think that becoming an identity theif is hard work. But it's really quite easy. In fact, anybody could do it; your neighbors, your co-workers, even people you might call close friends...scary thought.

Gas is $3 or more in some areas

Here we go again, embrace yourselves. Gas prices are rising again.

Should we blame the Media or Masses?

According to new research from the Vanier Institute for the Family, kids are getting into trouble lately because there are more problem children today than 50 years ago. What's to blame - a larger population or the environment that kids are exposed to?

Syphillis on the rise in China

A leading medical journal has published a report which suggest that China is seeing rising rates of syphillis at an alarming pace.

Japan Births Rise for 1st Time in 6 Yrs.

Japan has been locked in an even birth to death ratio, and in 2005 the population actually shrank for the first time..putting the ratio in the negative.

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This time it s about animal testing.
This time it's about animal testing.

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