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Megaupload's Kim Dotcom teases new music service Megabox

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom uploaded a YouTube video promising a new online music service called Megabox. It will reportedly allow artists to sell their own music and earn 90 percent of the revenue generated through those transactions

Op-Ed: Abusing the law? $675,000 payout order for sharing 30 songs

Sydney - The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has done it again. A Boston student, Joel Tenenbaum, has been ordered to pay this huge amount of money for sharing a small number of songs. The law is being abused, badly and inexcusably.

RIAA on suing file-sharers, appealing Tenenbaum ruling Special

A representative from the Recording Industry Association of America spoke to about scaling back its lawsuits targeting Americans who download copyrighted movies or music. Also, will the RIAA appeal a judge's recent surprising decision?

Moby calls for RIAA disbanding

Outspoken musician Moby, known best for his 1998 hit album "Play", has written on his website that the RIAA should "disband" after their actions on Jammie Thomas-Rassett.

Woman guilty of illegally downloading music, fined $1.9 million

Yesterday, a 32-year-old woman from Minnesota was found guilty of illegally downloading 24 songs. In a suit brought forth by the Recording Industry Association of America, the woman has been fined $80,000 per track, totaling $1.9 million.

Op-Ed: New RIAA policy finally targets real illegal music file sharing

The RIAA has come up with a way of dealing with file sharing, opting for an approach called throttling, which restricts user access. It's possible this might work, mainly because for once it's targeting the right people.

Op-Ed: Muxtape Music Service Shut Down By RIAA

Muxtape is an online music service that lets you share your favorite songs with friends in a social network. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has given the social network a legal notice to shut down.

RIAA May Have to Talk to the Supreme Court

"This case is about the ability of an innocent defendant accused of copyright infringement to defend himself in court, litigate his defenses, and, if successful, recover his attorney's fees."

Recording Industry Targets Man For Copying Legally Purchased Music from CD to PC

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is targeting an Arizona man for ripping music onto his PC from CDs he bought legally. The RIAA says it's illegal for someone to copy music to their PC, even if the CDs were legally bought.

U of O Refuses to Give Students' Names to RIAA

The University of Oregon in Eugene, long known for being a center of political action, is one of the first educational institutions to refuse to give the RIAA the names of its students.

RIAA Seeking Royalties From Radio

The RIAA continues it's efforts to recoup monies lost on album sales due to online pirating. This time they're going after the broadcast radio stations themselves in an attempt to upend a 70-year exemption agreement.

RIAA Going After a 10-Year-Old Girl

RIAA goes after a 10 year old girl and wants deposition from her in a case against her mother for copyright violations.

RIAA Wins Worst Company In America 2007

Consumerist readers chose RIAA the Worst Company in America 2007.

RIAA Sues Stroke Victim in Michigan

RIAA sues a paralyzed man for copyright infringement, who is dependent on disability checks

Is It the END of the Internet Radio?

The fees for Internet Radio Broadcasters are on the rise, and such high royalty increases may force Internet radio stations out of business.

"David & Goliath" :: Woman Sues RIAA For Suing Her and WINS!

Woman fires a law suit back at the RIAA after they sued her for illegally downloading music.. and wins.

Recording Industry of America Sues Man For Downloading 5 Songs!

23 year old also charged with sharing the illegal songs via P2P software...

Kazaa User Files Lawuit Against Kazaa

In Chicago, Illinois, a Kazaa customer has filed a class action against Kazaa.

Get out of getting sued by the RIAA!!!

Tammie Marson of Palm Desert, California responded to a lawsuit from the RIAA by stating that her wireless router was not secure, and that therefore the file sharing seen on her network could have been from any passerby. The defense worked, and the RIAA d

Napster the fastest growing application in Internet history

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., - "We're pleased that Napster has been acknowledged as the fastest growing application in Internet history," said Hank Barry, Napster CEO. "Of particular note is the steady growth of the Napster community throughout the period tr...

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