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Resistance News

Review: Time changes everything in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include something new from a nimble actor; a reboot that stays close to its roots; a famous entertainer’s dark but heroic beginning; and an exploration of a divisive film.

French hero who saved hundreds of Jewish children dies aged 108

Paris - French Resistance hero Georges Loinger, who used his ingenuity and athletic prowess to save the lives of hundreds of Jewish children during World War II, has died at the age of 108.

Antibody therapy suppresses HIV for weeks at a time: study

Paris - Scientists in the US said Wednesday they have discovered a way to suppress HIV in patients for months at a time using a twin dose of antibodies that could revolutionise how the disease is treated.

Iraq forces enter Mosul, face tough resistance: commander

Mosul - Elite Iraqi forces pushed deep into the streets of Mosul on Friday facing tough resistance from jihadist fighters who have controlled the city for more than two years, a commander said.

New front opens in war on superbugs: Experts

Amsterdam - A newly-discovered antibiotic-resistant gene is threatening to open a new front in the war against superbugs by rendering a last-resort drug impotent, experts warn.

Ebola-proof Android tablet helps aid workers in West Africa

Google has developed an Ebola-proof tablet for use by health workers in Sierra Leone. It can resist the storms and high humidity of West Africa and can be dipped into antibacterial chlorine after use.

G-Technology takes on Lacie with super-rugged hard drives

G-Technology is hoping to seek attention in the rugged hard drive market by launching several new models capable of withstanding water to the point of floating.

What is being done about antibiotic resistance? Special

London Colney - Humans face the very real risk of a future without antibiotics. The implications of this are that life expectancy could fall due to people dying from diseases that are readily treatable today. This is the warning issued in a new paper by Tim Sandle.

E. coli evolves antibiotic tolerance

Jerusalem - Subject to repeated exposure to the antibiotic ampicillin, populations of Escherichia coli quickly evolve tolerance for the drug, springing back to life once antibiotic treatment has stopped, according to a new study.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria on the rise

The emergence of community-acquired infections, such as urinary tract infections, due to strains resistant to common antibiotics are on the rise, according to a new study.

Caffeinated fruit flies help spot insecticide resistance

To understand genetic mechanisms underlying insecticide resistance, scientists employed the strange combination of fruit flies and caffeine.

Video: Harry Fear interviews Leila Khaled of the PFLP in Gaza

Gaza - Harry Fear holds in an exclusive interview with Palestinian resistance icon Leila Khaled, a former aircraft hijacker and member of Palestine’s PFLP faction in Gaza. They discuss the issue of Palestinians' armed struggle with Israel.

Osama bin Laden 'was not armed' during raid

Watching a White House press briefing on Tuesday, WH Spokesman Jay Carney read from a prepared narrative and told the world that when he was shot and killed, Osama bin Laden was providing resistance but was "not armed."

Monsanto has no magic cure for its woes as company flounders

Monsanto is under the gun on a number of different issues, and the company has no magic elixir or engineered fix to halt the corporation's plummet from its recent position as Forbe's Company of the Year.

On the Streets with Iran's Green Movement Special

Tehran - It's clear Iranians are not happy with their government. Whether riding in a taxi or sitting over a cup of tea, conversation inevitably drifts to politics. I hear the same sentiment expressed again and again: "Ahmadinejad is bad!"

Study: Drug-resistant HIV could soon spike

A study based on data collected from gay San Francisco men warns that extensive use of antiretroviral treatments will bring about a spike in drug-resistant HIV within the next five years.

Soil studies reveal rise in antibiotic resistance

A study by Newcastle University scientists has found antibiotic resistance in the natural environment is rising despite.

Rock band Muse resist Glenn Beck appraisal

American talk-radio host Glenn Beck had nothing but high praise for British rock band Muse and their new album, "The Resistance". That was, of course, until the band themselves asked for the comments to be retracted.

Lyon: The Resistance and Deportation Museum Special

The people of Lyon, renowned historians and tourists all flock to this splendid museum, which commemorates the French Resistance to Nazi occupation and the deportation of Jews to the death camps. A visit here is a poignant yet uplifting experience.

Resistance 2 put through Online trials

Resistance's 60-player online is currently going through testing while James Stevens of Insomniac games provides his own analysis of the new teaser trailer.

Flu Virus Demonstrates Resistance to Tamiflu

The World health Organization has announced that the main flu virus currently infecting people in Canada and the United States is showing an un expected elevated resistance to Tamiflu.

Video Game Resistance's Sequel Releases Screenshots

The first shots of the sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man have arrived and they look very impressive. More detail has been brought to the design, although there are a few minor changes that don't help.

Online Resistance content starts this March

Say what you will about the recent skirmishes in this ugly war of consoles, Sony is leading the charge when it comes to giving Microsoft the stiff online competition.

New Resistance content in April, sequel looks likely

Sony has revealed the first information on its plans to release additional content online to expand the PS3 launch day shooter, Resistance: Fall Of Man.

Cliffy B: "Resistance is an excellent game"

Epic and Gears of War developer Cliffy Blezinski has laid bare his own multi-platform credentials, revealing that he thinks PS3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man is excellent.

New perfume smells like ... 'divine victory'

Unauthorized 'resistance' scent finds no resistance from hizbullah

Mexican Federal Forces Exit Oaxaca Plaza

Hundreds of federal police officers packed up their tents Saturday and marched out of this central square, ending their seven-week occupation to put down a lengthy protest by leftists that had left nine people dead.

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