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Catalonia's Puigdemont, a dyed-in-the-wool partisan of independence

Barcelona - Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia who pushed ahead with Sunday's banned independence referendum, has been a convinced secessionist since his youth, long before the issue moved to the centre of Catalan politics.

Catalonia's leader, a dyed-in-the-wool partisan of independence

Barcelona - Carles Puigdemont, the leader of Catalonia who is pushing for a referendum on independence from Spain, has been a convinced secessionist since his youth, long before the issue moved to the centre of Catalan politics.

Prosecutors from 15 countries to meet on Brazil scandal

Bras - Prosecutors from 15 countries will meet Thursday and Friday in Brasilia to discuss a massive bribery scandal at Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht which has spread across Latin America.

Catalonia pushes ahead quietly with independence plan

Barcelona - Catalonia is pushing ahead more slowly than expected with its independence plan as separatist leaders change tactics and avoid direct confrontation with Madrid in their bid to break away from Spain.

Catalonia leader rules out independence during mandate

Barcelona - The secessionist leader of Spain's Catalonia has ruled out any declaration of independence for the wealthy northeastern region during his mandate, in comments likely to see Madrid breathe a sigh of relief.

Netflix banning the use of proxies to access its content

Netflix has announced it is deploying new techniques to detect when proxy services are being used to access its network. Proxies circumvent the controls that limit some Netflix shows to specific regions, breaking the company's license terms.

Catalonia's new secessionist leader takes office

Barcelona - Catalonia's new fiercely secessionist president Carles Puigdemont took office Tuesday with a clear mandate to lead the wealthy Spanish region towards independence from Madrid -- carefully avoiding swearing loyalty to Spain as he was inaugurated.

Catalonia elects new leader tasked with breakaway from Spain

Barcelona - A fiercely secessionist leader was elected president of the wealthy region of Catalonia thanks to a last-minute show of unity, giving fresh impetus to attempts to break away from Spain after months of infighting.

PM Rajoy says will fight for Spain unity ahead of Catalan leader vote

Madrid - Spain's incumbent Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Sunday he would fight for his country's unity as the parliament in Catalonia prepared to vote in a new regional secessionist leader.

Catalonia's leader-to-be, pro-independence 'since he can remember'

Barcelona - Carles Puigdemont, the man who has been chosen to lead Catalonia to independence from Spain, has always been a convinced secessionist in stark contrast to his predecessor who only belatedly converted to nationalism.

Catalonia's leader-to-be calls for independence process to start

Barcelona - Carles Puigdemont, who has been chosen to lead Catalonia to independence from Spain, called Sunday for the secession process to start in his first speech to local lawmakers as they were on the verge of voting him in as new regional leader."We need...

Catalan separatists agree to form regional govt after Mas steps aside

Barcelona - Catalonia's separatists on Saturday struck a last-minute agreement to form a new regional government that will work towards independence from Spain, with controversial secessionist leader Artur Mas stepping aside to seal the deal.

Catalonia's separatist leader 'ready' to call fresh elections

Barcelona - Catalonia's outgoing separatist leader Artur Mas said Tuesday he was reluctantly "ready" to call fresh parliamentary elections, with the Spanish region's secessionist faction unable to agree on who should lead a new government after winning September's...

Catalonia's embattled, outgoing leader vows to struggle on

Barcelona - Catalonia's outgoing separatist president Artur Mas, whose months-long bid to be re-appointed as head of the Spanish region appeared to have been thwarted at the weekend, said Monday he would not give up.

Catalonia's separatist bid: The 'hot potato' of Spanish elections

Barcelona - Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain has thrust the region's separatist movement to the forefront of Sunday's general election, forcing parties to come up with a range of proposals on how best to meet its demands.

Catalan government stands by secession plan after court annulment

Barcelona - Catalonia's regional government said Wednesday it stood by a resolution voted through by parliament last month that declared the start of a secession process from Spain, despite the constitutional court declaring it illegal.

Spain's Constitutional Court annuls Catalan independence motion

Madrid - Spain's Constitutional Court on Wednesday revoked a resolution by Catalonia's parliament that declared the start of a secession process in the wealthy northeastern region, sparking a defiant reaction from the local government.

Spanish bishops concerned by efforts to 'break up' Spain

Madrid - Spain's Roman Catholic bishops said Monday they were "extremely concerned" by efforts to "break up" Spanish unity, amid a strong independence drive in Catalonia.

Spanish govt turns to court to block Catalan independence drive

Madrid - Spain's Constitutional Court on Wednesday suspended a resolution passed by Catalonia's parliament that declared the start of a secession process, at the request of the central government in Madrid.

Catalan government vows to push ahead with secession process

Barcelona - The Catalan government vowed Wednesday to push ahead with its secession process despite the suspension by Spain's Constitutional Court of an independence resolution passed by Catalonia's regional parliament.

Catalan independence threat could benefit PM in polls

Madrid - Catalonia may have voted to kick off a process towards independence but the wealthy region is far from breaking up with Spain, and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy could actually benefit in upcoming elections, experts say.

Spain PM launches legal bid to block Catalan independence

Madrid - Spain's conservative government filed an appeal Wednesday with the Constitutional Court to try to invalidate a resolution passed by Catalonia's parliament that declared the start of a secession process.

Catalan parliament begins process of secession from Spain

Barcelona - Lawmakers in Catalonia officially kicked off a process Monday to secede from Spain by 2017, despite impassioned pleas against independence, in an unprecedented showdown with Madrid's central government.

Catalan parliament to vote on secession in showdown with Madrid

Madrid - Catalonia's pro-independence regional parliament is expected to launch a secession process in Spain's wealthiest region on Monday, in a showdown with the central government in Madrid.

Three parties file appeal to top Spain court over Catalan secession plan

Madrid - Three Catalan anti-independence parties on Wednesday asked Spain's Constitutional Court to stop the regional parliament from formally launching a secession process next week.

Catalonia cannot claim right to self-determination: UN chief

Madrid - The United Nations does not view Spain's separatist-ruled Catalonia region as having the right to self-determination, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said in an interview published Saturday.

Main parties in "unity" agreement against Catalan separatists: Spain PM

Madrid - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Friday the nation's main parties have reached an agreement to defend national unity as an independence drive in the wealthy region of Catalonia gets into higher gear.

Spanish PM seeks common front to block Catalan separatist drive

Madrid - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met opposition parties Friday to try to craft a united response to a plan from Catalonia's ruling separatists to launch a process that would lead to full independence from Spain.

Spain PM to meet Podemos leader over Catalonia secession drive

Madrid - Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will on Friday hold talks for the first time with the leader of new far-left party Podemos in a bid to craft a unified response to a Catalan separatist drive, his office said.

Export of Iran's revolution enters 'new chapter': General

Tehran - Iran's top general said Wednesday his country has reached "a new chapter" towards its declared aim of exporting revolution, in reference to Tehran's growing regional influence.
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