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Regeneration News

Small and mid-sized U.S. cities work on revitalization projects

The coronavirus pandemic has cut through the U.S. economy with devastating impact. However, some cities are embarking on planning in order to revitalize their local economies.

Rundown Paris suburb dreams of Olympic transformation

Saint-denis - France is eyeing national glory with the 2024 Olympics, but a deprived Paris suburb is hoping for more tangible benefits: nothing short of a physical transformation.

Regenerating body parts might be possible

Washington - Regenerating body parts sounds like the stuff of science fiction. However, researchers studying worms that are capable of regeneration, think that a closer understanding could lead to a human being able to regenerate a limb one day.

New stem cell therapy may regenerate lost limbs in a few years

A groundbreaking discovery from an Australian research team at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) may pave the road for the future of stem cell technology. Thanks to this new research humans may regrow their lost limbs in just a few years.

Can humans achieve vertebrate tissue regeneration?

Some animals can regenerate tissues after severe organ loss or amputation while others, such as humans, cannot. The reasons have long puzzled scientists. Researchers have some new ideas that might one day lead to human tissue regeneration.

Zebra fish provide insight into bone regeneration

Scientists have studied the natural process of bone regeneration in zebra fish and think that the insights they gained could be used to advance therapies for bone fractures and disease.

Photo Essay: The regeneration of the coastal town of Margate Special

Margate - Margate is considered to be one of the most socially deprived areas of England. It has however been the focus of inward investment in an attempt to reverse the downward spiral of deprivation and is starting to look like it may have potential.

Regeneration of Doctor Who announced for 50th anniversary

Regeneration, a Doctor Who book-and-DVD set chronicling each regeneration of the Doctor, will be released in June as part of the BBC’s 50th-anniversary celebrations of their iconic science-fiction television series.

Urban regeneration: Taking a look at King's Cross Special

The King's Cross area of London had an unsavory reputation for many decades. In recent years this area of North London has undergone regeneration, and there is more to come.

K9 to Five: latest Doctor Who spin-off launches in UK

This weekend sees the British launch of K9, the latest spin-off drama series from the ever-expanding universe of Doctor Who, the BBC's long-running science-fiction drama series.

BBC declares Doctor Who 'immortal' as regeneration limit axed

History is about to be rewritten for the popular BBC science-fiction drama series, Doctor Who, as Russell T Davies (Torchwood) removes the regenerative limitation imposed on a Time Lord more than 35 years ago.

New hope for nerve regeneration Special

Researchers from UC Irvine, UC San Diego and Harvard have made a breakthrough in nerve regeneration following a spinal cord injury. The researchers were able to regenerate nerve connections that are responsible for voluntary movement.

Recipe for Regeneration

Mankind has dreamed about the ability to regenerate digits and even limbs. Well, now scientist are working on it. And there recipes include, a pinch of pig bladder, and lizard cells.

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A sign  alongside the railway station  showing some of the new developments at King s Cross
A sign, alongside the railway station, showing some of the new developments at King's Cross
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor regenerates!
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor regenerates!

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