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Red wine News

Consuming more wine and cheese may reduce cognitive decline

To what extent can varying your diet affect your overall health? In terms of slowing down the potential for cognitive decline, it appears that food like cheese and liquids like wine could be of benefit.

Sending red wine into space could help food sustainability

Red wine has been taken up to the International Space Station as part of the latest cargo delivery. The aim is to study the wine to help to develop new solutions for the future of food and agriculture production on Earth.

Red wine’s resveratrol could help Mars explorers stay strong

A new study finds that nutraceuticals which preserve muscle in reduced gravity are an essential requirement in the diet of astronauts embarking long-term space missions. These chemicals include resveratrol, found in red wine.

Does red wine have health benefits?

The balance of evidence in relation to red wine and health benefits oscillates wildly. New research indicates that a compound in red wine might help the body to counteract some metabolic diseases.

That glass of white wine you're holding may actually be a red

San Michele - Is there such a thing as white wine? A new scientific survey has revealed that white grapes also contain the pigments that give red wine its color.

Op-Ed: New red wine cancer fighting link

Every so often a red wine and cancer research item emerges. These center on the chemical resveratrol, which is found in grape skins. A new article looks at the mechanisms at play. However, it could well be another false dawn.

Red wine could ‘fight tooth cavities’

Want another reason to enjoy a glass of red wine? Try this: a new study has found that red wine could potentially help prevent dental cavities.

Intel demonstrates red-wine-powered processor at IDF

In recent years, Intel has made many leaps forward in the area of efficient computing. Working on several different angles from the fourth generation Haswell processors to a more mobile Intel Atom processor, Intel has amazed us again.

The key to a good wine could be tannosome

Tannins have been long established as the basis to the taste of many good wines, and for teetotalers, tea as well. The basis of tannins has now been established as a chemical called tannosome.

Red wine compound has potential health benefits

The compound resveratrol, found in red wine, has been linked to several health benefits from studies. Now researchers have found that when resveratrol is given to bees, they consume less food.

Red wine fruit compound helps to control obesity

New research indicates that a chemical found in red wine, grapes and other fruit may be able to block the cellular processes that allow fat cells to develop. The compound could have the potential to be turned into an anti-obesity drug.

Monkeys given hot red wine to ward off the cold

A warming tot of mulled wine is just the thing to keep the freezing temperatures at bay, as monkeys at the Karaganda zoo, who enjoy a tipple, would agree.

Researcher who discovered benefits of red wine fabricated data

Researcher Dipak Das is accused by the University of Connecticut of fabricating data about the benefits of resveratrol in red wine.

The rise of Lidia Bastianich's Italian food empire Special

Toronto - Lidia Bastianich is not just the host of a wildly popular TV show on Italian cooking but also joins a long line of celebrity chefs who have launched their own restaurants, pasta sauce and pasta. Bastianich recently spoke about her brand in Toronto.

The potential for quality wine in Post-Soviet Georgia Special

Tbilisi - Before the dawn of civilization, a wine culture emerged in what is now Georgia. East of Europe, west of Asia, directly on the Silk Road, that culture spread to Europe and the New World. Georgian red wines are now poised to attract world-wide attention.

Drinking red wine could protect your eyesight

For years there has been study after study extolling the benefits of drinking red wine. Now a new study suggests that consuming red wine could stop your eyesight from deteriorating.

Study: Red Wine Can Reduce Obesity

Several researchers have revealed the curative effects of drinking red wine. They say Drinking red wine can reduce the effects of radiation and fight obesity.

Radiation Toxicity Reduced With Red Wine

Drinking wine may be the key to healthier radiation therapy. In some patients, the skin toxicity effects of radiation was reduced up to 75 per cent with moderate red wine consumption.

New Research Yields Latest Age-Defying Drug

Recently, evolutionary biologists were left scratching their heads when a single chemical was deemed responsible for increasing the lifespan of several species of laboratory specimens.

Red wine may prevent breast cancer

A new study reveals that resveratrol, a chemical commonly found in red wine, may help prevent breast cancer. So here's a good reason to add a glass of wine to your dinner.

A Toast To Red: Longevity Has Been Added To The Benefits Of Red Wine, Well Sort Of

Although still a scientific theory proven effective in laboratory mice, a compound found in some red wines has been linked to increasing life-span by up to 30-percent and drug companies are looking at clinical trials of the life-expanding drugs soon.

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The red wine bacteria Oenococcus oeni
The red wine bacteria Oenococcus oeni
Varieties of Maset red wines being distributed by ASEAN Merchants
Varieties of Maset red wines being distributed by ASEAN Merchants

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