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Red dwarf News

Essential Science: Planets close to dim stars may support life

The question of whether life exists on other planets in the depths of our galaxy continues to intrigue people. If we are to find out that we are alone in the universe then examining planets orbiting dim red stars might provide the answer.

Review: Craig Charles brings funk and soul to St Albans Special

Saint Albans - Actor Craig Charles brought a live version of his radio show to St Albans over the first June weekend, and gave a grandiose power house performance of classic and cutting edge soul and funk music.

Alien star passed through our solar system just recently

NASA publications have confirmed that an alien star passed through our own solar system just 70,000 years ago. This is recent in astronomical terms and the star was not alone.

Binary system planet first to be discovered using microlensing

Scientists with NASA have announced the rare discovery of a planet orbiting two red dwarf stars some 3,300 light-years away from earth.

Hubble telescope eyeballs star Proxima Centauri

NASA has released an image of Proxima Centauri taken with the joint NASA/European Space Agency Hubble Space Telescope showing the closest star to our solar system (apart from the Sun) shining brightly.

Op-Ed: 'Red Dwarf' is coming back... but should it?

London – An unofficial truism in TV Land says that no series should overstay its welcome. “The Simpsons” has already harmed its legacy with about thirteen seasons (and counting) too many, for example. So what are we to expect from “Red Dwarf X”?

Review: The return of 'Red Dwarf' Special

When Craig Charles appeared on the BBC 'Breakfast' programme this morning, he revealed he has just finished filming another six episodes of the cult TV series.

New Planet Out There That may Support Life

Astronomers say there is another planet about 190 trillion kilometres away that could support life. Scientists have not actually seen the planet but it's near the constellation Libra.

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Red dwarf Image

When it s young  a red dwarf star frequently erupts with strong ultraviolet flares as shown in this ...
When it's young, a red dwarf star frequently erupts with strong ultraviolet flares as shown in this artist's conception. Some have argued that life would be impossible on any planet orbiting in the star's habitable zone as a result. However, the planet's atmosphere could protect the surface, and in fact such stresses could help life to evolve. And when the star ages and settles down, its planet would enjoy billions of years of quiet, steady radiance.
The logo from  Red Dwarf   the classic BBC space opera and cult TV series.
The logo from 'Red Dwarf', the classic BBC space opera and cult TV series.
BBC - fair use

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