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Rat News

Australian who bit off rat's head banned from owning pets

Sydney - An Australian man who filmed himself biting the head off a live rat and posting the video on Facebook was banned on Monday from owning pets for three years and ordered to do community service.

Cruelty charges for Australian who 'bit head' off live rat

Brisbane - A man known as "Mad Matt" appeared in an Australian court Monday after filming himself allegedly biting the head off a live rat and posting the video on Facebook.

Newborn dies after rat bites in Indian hospital: Mother

New Delhi - A newborn has died after being bitten by rats in a government-run hospital in southern India where he was undergoing treatment, the baby's mother alleged Thursday.

This is how rats can get into your toilet

Have you ever wondered how a rat can make its way into your toilet bowl? They do it quite easily, and this is how they are able to do it.

Grocery store customer finds rat's head in bag of spinach

High Wycombe - A woman said she was horrified when she discovered a preserved rat's head in a bag of spinach that she purchased from a grocery store.

Gross! — Rat dines on vending machine snacks

Barcelona - Well that's disgusting. Video footage of a rat eating a package of biscuits inside a Barcelona subway vending machine has the Internet buzzing.

16-inch rat terrorizes family in Sweden

A family in Sweden were left terrified when the trap they had set did not immediately kill a monstrous 16-inch rat that was running around their kitchen.

Rat meat sold as mutton in China

People in China have been revolted and outraged by news that crooks have been selling rats and rodents as mutton for the last 4 years.

GMO scientist Séralini backs US GMO awareness & labeling (video)

In an interview with Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, the French scientist who ran lifetime tests on GM maize and Roundup on rats, Séralini says the US should label GMOs and that Roundup should be banned.

Rat invades woman's pants in NYC subway

A woman in New York City ended up being traumatized on the train she was riding on because she was attacked by a rat. The MTA said that subway cars, tracks and platforms are often cleaned of debris that could potentially attract rats.

Suggestions put forward for new Downing Street rat catcher

London - Specific cats have been suggested as new residents of Downing Street since a rat was spotted in news reports filmed outside of Number 10.

Man who claims rat bit his penis during jail stay may sue

A man who claims that a rodent bit his penis while he was being held in a New York state jail permission has been given permission by a judge to go ahead with a lawsuit against county officials.

Snakes taking over gardens in West Virginia town Special

Charleston - Are they black snakes, black racers or black rat snakes? While no one seems to know what they are, one thing they all agree on - they need to go back to where they came from. See the videos of snakes in the gardens and backyard in this small town.

Iran launches a new rocket containing a rat, turtles and worms.

Iran has launched a rocket into orbit carrying what state-owned Al-Alam televison report as an experimental capsule. Ahmadinejad praises result.

Rat-cooking singes TV show producers

Two stars of the English “reality” show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here”, may soon be saying, “Get me out of jail.”

Nova Scotia's Wharf Rat Rally a Big Success Special

Five years ago the Digby, Nova Scotia Wharf Rat Rally was just a small event with about 750 motorcycles. Today it is the largest motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada.

New giant rat species discovered

In Papua New Guinea, scientists have discovered a new species of giant rats in a giant remote rainforest in the country and labelled as the Bosavi Woolly Rat

Like humans, Rats live in local neighbourhoods

Borough of... Rat? New research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that city rats stay close to home in large cities. Sewer rats of Baltimore, MD, rarely venture more than a city block and form distinct neighborhoods.

Pfizer dead rat ad deemed ok

A cinema advert showing a man regurgitating a dead rat was not in breach of the advertising code despite receiving 64 complaints.

Russian Hospital Rat Attack is Blamed on Negligence

In a strange course of events a rat attacked to children in a Russian children's hospital. The attack is now being considered the result of negligence on the part of the hospital management.

Cockroaches and a Rat Found in Con-Agra Peanut Butter Plant

Inspectors who were investigating the Con-Agra plant after a salmonella outbreak found a dead rat, rattraps, and roaches. The cockroaches were on raw peanuts. Bird feathers and other items "consistent with salmonella" were also found.

Alzheimer Patient Found With Dead Rat in His Mouth

Paragon Assisted Living for Alzheimer Dementia patients in Southern California is being sued for neglecting to care for their patients.

Rat Bites Baby

Police said "the parents heard some weird noises coming from the baby monitor and when they rushed into her bedroom they found their daughter's face mangled."

Eek!: Men flee after seeing 'giant rat'

A furry, uninvited guest had manly men at an Iron Range tire shop shrieking and hopping on desks. "It was pretty humorous," said conservation officer Dan Starr, who filed a report on the critter's break-in. "Here were these big, burly outdoors guys runnin

Pet rat passes disease to Tumwater veterinarian

A pet rat gave a vet a disease that usually attacks dogs and cats.

Mom trying to protect baby from rats accidentally suffocates him

A Mother's agony over a horrific accident in a New York apartment

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This is the snake that regurgitated three baby robins when she became aggitated after an attempt to ...
This is the snake that regurgitated three baby robins when she became aggitated after an attempt to move her to a wooded area a few miles away. You can see the two slime covered baby birds she had inside her near her head.
Angiostrongylus cantonensis larva.
Angiostrongylus cantonensis larva.
Black racer or black rat snake
Black racer or black rat snake
A picture of a typical rat.
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Lab Mouse
Angiostrongylus cantonensis larva.
Angiostrongylus cantonensis larva.
Dead sewer rat
Dead sewer rat
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