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Radio waves News

AI tracks down strange cosmic radio bursts

San Fransisco - A machine learning algorithm has located some mysterious cosmic radio bursts and the application has additionally been used to search for different types of signals which might suggest extraterrestrial intelligence.

Technologists create ‘singing posters’ and musical clothes

Technologists have developed a new technique that allows 'singing' posters and 'smart' clothing to beam audio data directly to a car's radio or to a smartphone. This happens via FM radio signals.

Strange radio waves emanating from space

Astrophysicists have detected gamma rays that are associated with one of mysterious intergalactic fast radio bursts. Such mysterious flashes of radio waves from deep space continue to be detected.

'Li-Fi' could be coming soon — Wireless 100x faster than Wi-Fi

Developments in wireless networking over the past few years have seen Wi-Fi become faster and more reliable than ever. It's still far from perfect though, and now new tech known as 'Li-Fi' threatens to supersede it, boasting 100 times greater performance.

A signal from aliens? No, it's just a kitchen appliance

Parkes - Strange an inexplicable radio signals detected by the Parkes telescope puzzled scientists. Could these be signs of alien life? In the end, the source of the signals was traced to something closer to home and a little more domestic.

Radiation from airport scanners may increase cancer risk

In addition to privacy concerns over full body scanners used in airports, U.S. scientists are now warning that radiation from said scanners has been dangerously underestimated and could lead to an increase in skin cancer, particularly in children

Cosmic Background Radio Waves Mystery

Scientists from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center have discovered an unexpected cosmic background radio noise. The team led by Alan Kogut, have been examining data from a balloon-borne instrument named ARCADE.

Cancer Therapy Without Side Effects Nearing Trials

A Pennsylvanian scientist has developed a new technology that is reportedly 100 per cent effective in killing cancer cells and leaving healthy cells unharmed. Soon it will be expanded to human trials.

Jupiter Discovery Could Help Protect Earth-orbit Satellites

Radio waves accelerate electrons within Jupiter’s magnetic field in the same way as they do on Earth; discovery overturns a theory that has held sway for more than a generation.

Luxim lightbulb with radio waves technology is brighter than LED

Luxim has a created a light bulb that produces light with radio wave technology. It lasts longer, burns brighter and is more energy efficient compared to other lamps in the market including LEDs. Luxim will develop these bulbs in the next 12 months.

Fiction would never think of it: Radio waves destroy cancer cells in animals

This is a story which is almost unbelievable. "Patient kills disease" would be a fair description. Cancer patient John Kanzius has discovered a way of treating tumors with a combination of nano particles and a patent radio wave transmitter.

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Image from Millimeter Wave full body scan released by the TSA.
Image from Millimeter Wave full body scan released by the TSA.

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