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Rabbit News

Rabbit farming gets EU lawmakers hopping mad

Strasbourg - The European Parliament on Tuesday urged Brussels to help improve the lives of 340 million rabbits raised for food in Europe every year, mainly in cramped cages.

China's Sichuan cannot get enough spicy marinated rabbit heads

Chengdu - Chinese diners greedily crack open delicate rabbit skulls and slurp down their contents, tucking into a delicacy so popular in one province that it has to import its supplies from France.

Fighting cancer with rabbit virus

Bone marrow transplants can be an effective treatment for certain forms of cancer. However, complications can sometimes arise. Researchers have found that a rabbit virus can kill cancer cells while eliminating a complication from bone marrow transplants.

Mandela has rabbit in ear

Pretoria - Nelson Mandela has been immortalized in a statue at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa — with a rabbit in his ear.

Scientists successfully breed glow-in-the-dark rabbits

Scientists in Hawaii and Turkey have successfully bred a litter of eight rabbits in an attempt to develop medicine for life-threatening diseases. What's so special about that? Two of these rabbits glow in the dark.

Sheep-herding rabbit video becomes a YouTube hit

A Swedish rabbit has become a hit with YouTube viewers worldwide after a video displaying his impressive sheep-herding skills was posted online.

Bunnies taking part in UK's first 'Rabbit Grand National'

Harrogate - British rabbits are up against competitors from Sweden as the UK's first Rabbit Grand National is held in Harrogate this weekend.

Woman in rabbit killing 'crush video' apologizes

An Asian woman filmed killing a rabbit by sitting on it has issued an apology online. The woman's apology has been met with criticism from individuals, animal activist groups and online communities, who are not convinced, and believe it to be a lie.

German teacher takes girl to court for drawing rabbits

Vechta - The court threw out the case of a teacher in Germany against a student she claimed was abusing her by playing on her fear of rabbits. She claimed the girl had been tormenting her by drawing rabbits on the blackboard.

Milking Rabbits For New Medical Treatment

The Netherlands-based biotech company, Pharming, may soon be milking a herd of one thousand genetically engineered rabbits to produce a new drug to treat sufferers of the genetic disorder hereditary angioedema (HAE).

Rabbits grow new penises

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all good but for more than a third of men with ED they don't solve the problem. Now researchers have grown fully functioning penile tissue in rabbits. If any animal knows good erectile tissue, it's the prolific little bunny.

Peter Cottontail, Move Over: Hero Bunny in Town

Once upon a time, a sweet little bunny saved the life of its owners by warning them of a potentially lethal gas leak. Hooray for Bunny, and just in time for Easter and eggs and bonnets and spring. Read on, but don’t…hop.

Woman Calls 999 Because Pet Rabbit's Ears Aren't Floppy

Yes, you did read that right, a woman in Scotland called 999 after buying a rabbit, only to discover it did not have the floppy ears she was expecting from her new pet. The animal had been bought via a newspaper advert

Serial Bunny Basher Sweeps Germany

It may be rabbits now, but the head fetish may well turn towards humans next as Germany rabbit owners fears for their pets lives since rabbits across the country are being drained of their blood and beheaded

A Furby for the next generation

When the Furby was first introduced, everyone had to have one. The Nabaztag rabbit operates on a similar idea but it is so much more technologically sophisticated than the Furby.

A School Lesson Proves Hard To Swallow For Animal Lovers

Not quite the education many of us would approve of in school, yet in Jacksonville, in the U.S, it was a lesson never to forget

Striped rabbit spotted in Sumatra

Striped rabbit is the one of the rare species of rabbit in the world. This is spotted for the third time in the last 35 years.

Do It Too Much And You'll Go Blind?

Well, apparently a new study proves that you may not go blind, but if you spend too much time with your rabbit you may suffer damage to your lungs, liver and kidneys.......

Chicken Police?

Fighting rabbits get what they deserve.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail- The Killer Rabbit

That's no ordinary rabbit, that's a beast!

Bunny vs Snake

You'll never believe who wins!

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Rabbit Image

Is this bunny frozen on a hot March afternoon?
Is this bunny frozen on a hot March afternoon?
File photo: Rabbit in the Backyard.
File photo: Rabbit in the Backyard.
Here s looking at you  kid.
Here's looking at you, kid.
A video capture from Watership Down (1978)
A video capture from Watership Down (1978)
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