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Puppies News

Watch two dogs race to their dinner in time lapse video

A time lapse video of pups running to dinner has surfaced, and since being published, it has gone viral and viewed millions of times.

Great Dane gives birth to 19 puppies

A three-year-old Great Dane, named Snowy, gave birth to 19 puppies. Snowy's owners, Brandon and Aimie Terry, expected a litter of only eight puppies.

Op-Ed: Why is my dog so hyper after a bath?

Ever wonder why your dog runs around like a banshee after their bath? Why they go from shivering meekly in a tub to booking it around your house, drenching your furniture, and yes, rolling in dirt as soon as they're free?

Budweiser reveals adorable ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl Ad

It's that time of year again, when fans gather around the television to watch the big game, and everyone else joins in to enjoy some of the most expensive ads of the year from all their favorite products.

Woman charged with criminal mischief for 'freeing the puppies'

Norwalk - A woman has been charged with criminal mischief in Norwalk Connecticut after allegedly smashing open the doors of a pet shop in an attempt to free the puppies kept inside.

Video of jogger flinging puppies in Italy causes outrage (video)

Lecce - A video surfaced on YouTube showing a jogger, carelessly throwing three puppies over a wall into a neighboring property. The man was arrested soon after by police in Italy.

Police say woman killed puppies by tossing them into a pond

Francis M. Blake, 45, of Chicago, is being accused of throwing four puppies into a pond. As a result of being tossed into the pond, the puppies ended up dying.

Passing of an era: 'The Underfoots' dog family Special

Just over 17 years ago, my son came home from a day out in Fish Hoek, near Cape Town, South Africa. He dropped a little flea-bitten dog into my lap and the rest is history. We rescued one dog, and ended up with seven.

Photos of dog protecting puppies from house fire go viral

Temuco - One of the latest aww-worthy photos to go viral online focus on a German Shepherd reportedly saving her puppies from a house fire in Chile. The photos show Amanda gripping her pups in her jaws and placing them on a fire truck.

Video: Watch three adorable puppies learn to skateboard

A video showing three cute little puppies learning how to cruise on a skateboard is "Awwwing" YouTube viewers. The video catches the puppies in action after they had learned the rudiments of pushing themselves around on the skateboard.

Pet therapy: Dogs help college kids cope with exam stress

Pet therapy for college students taking their final exams is growing in popularity on university and college campuses across the U.S. Trained therapy dogs are helping students relax and keep away stress.

Video: After losing puppies Yorkie adopts litter of five kittens

Bridget, a 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier at the Humane Society of Utah's Foster Care Department, who lost her two puppies delivered by C-section on April 23, adopted five kittens found abandoned near railroad tracks and in need of medical attention.

15 puppies dumped along road in plastic box

Sherbrooke - Fifteen five-to-six-week-old puppies were recently placed inside a plastic container and then left along the side of a road in Quebec.

Chihuahua pups born without front legs capture hearts

Methuen - Three Chihuahua puppies who were handed over to a shelter in the US may only have two legs each, but a video released by the charity shows they have no lack of energy.

Dog and pups shot in head with nail gun, left to die

A black Labrador retriever and two of her puppies were shot in the head with a nail gun before they, and six more pups, were left on the side of a snowy country road in Quebec to die.

Dog gives birth to 17 puppies

A dog in Germany gave birth to 17 puppies in September and, although a lot of work was involved on the part of the dog and her owners, all of the animals are doing fine.

Puppy-throwing girl from famous video reportedly found in Bosnia

Bugojno - The girl in a red sweater shown in a video while flinging several puppies into a Bosnian river has been found by police, media reports claim. There's never been anyone fined in Bosnia for doing something like this.

Girl throwing puppies into river on video

A video which appears to show a teenager throwing some very young puppies into a river has appeared online and upset many people.

Rescued beagle puppies have been named Champ and Rocky

Two little beagle puppies who were so young their eyes weren't open yet were placed alive in a trash bag to die. Someone heard their cries and called the police.

American Airlines looking into death of seven puppies

Chicago - On Flight 851, fifteen puppies were being transported from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois. However, seven of those puppies died after arriving to the O'Hare International Airport.

Two beagle puppies facing certain death rescued from garbage bag

When a real estate agent heard puppies yelping from a closed up trash bag the police were called. The bag was on the ground outside a home and tied to a pole.

Cat, Dog Partners in Caring for Newborns

A cat and dog are sharing mother-care responsibilities in China. Whilst one of the mothers is out and about the other mother looks after the babies.

Park found muffins sicken four puppies in Southern Ontario

Four puppies in the Durham Region have gotten sick when they ate muffins laced with marijuana. The muffins had been hidden by a teen boy in a nearby park.

UK kids caught trying to roast two puppies alive

A large gang of children as young as 10 were caught trying to roast two puppies over a fire in Manchester, UK. The terrified animals were only saved when passer-by Melanie Johnson spotted the group holding the little animals over a bonfire at a canal.

Possible Record-breaking Litter of Dalmatian Pups Spotted in UK

As they like to say on one of L.A.’s local TV news broadcasts, another aaaaaaw story to brighten your evening. Something of an oxymoron, but what the heck. Some might say cute critter stories are simply aaaaawfuuul!

Those Cute Little Puppies May Have Rabies

Toronto Public Health is advising anyone who touched or bought puppies at Pets R Us at Dr. Flea's Market to get in touch with their local health unit. The puppies were exposed to rabies and anyone who had contact is at potential risk.

Chinese Dog Swims 2 Kilometers to Feed Her Newborns

Hua Hua, the new mom of four dog cubs, is considered a hero by many locals in flood struck Chongqing city, for her brave deed and unconditional love shown towards her four newborn puppies stranded in an island.

Op/Ed: Would drowning puppies strike you as cruelty?

Well it didn't to a judge who stated "I have heard no evidence that the drowning of a puppy is inhumane." My answer to that is what the hell is wrong with some people? That is one of the most asnine comments I have ever run across.

Man that starved mama dog arrested while in court on drug charges

Jamal Carter had an unexpected surprise. While he was in court for on drug dealing charges he was arrested by an ASPCA agent for multiple counts of animal abuse.

St Bernard - Supermum

Poppy, the St Bernard dog, is now supermum after giving birth to 13 puppies.
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Puppies Image

A jogger throws 3 puppies over a wall in Lecce  Italy.
A jogger throws 3 puppies over a wall in Lecce, Italy.
Video screengrab
Two puppies play tug-of-war during Puppy Bowl
Two puppies play tug-of-war during Puppy Bowl
Screen Capture
The aptly named Foster  in need of a foster home.
The aptly named Foster, in need of a foster home.
Disney Home Entertainment
Amanda the dog with her puppies after a house fire in Chile
Amanda the dog with her puppies after a house fire in Chile
reddit/J. Monsalve
Abandoned puppies.
Abandoned puppies.
Estrie SPA
The aptly named Foster  in need of a foster home.
The aptly named Foster, in need of a foster home.
Amanda the dog with her puppies after a house fire in Chile
Amanda the dog with her puppies after a house fire in Chile
reddit/J. Monsalve
Screenshot of a time-lapse video showing puppies racing for their dinner
Screenshot of a time-lapse video showing puppies racing for their dinner

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