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Campaigners cautious on Saudi floggings, death penalty reforms

Apo - Human rights campaigners on Monday cautiously welcomed Saudi moves to abolish court-ordered floggings and end the death penalty for crimes committed by minors, but pointed out "loopholes" in the reforms.

Saudi Arabia abolishes flogging

Apo - Saudi Arabia has abolished flogging as a punishment, the state human rights commission said Saturday, hailing a "major step forward" in the reform programme launched by the king and his powerful son.

German drug maker sues to halt US execution

Chicago - German drug maker Fresenius Kabi is suing to halt a planned execution in Nebraska, claiming the US state illegally obtained the company's drugs to use for the lethal injection procedure.

Thailand carries out first execution since 2009

Bangkok - Thailand has carried out its first execution since 2009, putting a 26-year-old convicted murderer to death by lethal injection in a move condemned by Amnesty International as "deplorable".

Thailand carries out first execution since 2009

Bangkok - Thailand has carried out its first execution since 2009, the Department of Corrections said, killing a 26-year-old convicted murderer in a move condemned by Amnesty International as "deplorable".

Turkish vote on death penalty would 'break with European values': France

Paris - A referendum on restoring the death penalty in Turkey would constitute a break with European values, the French president's office warned on Monday.

Obama urges more progress on criminal justice reform

Washington - The United States has "much work to be done" to reform the criminal justice system and humanize the prison system, President Barack Obama said Thursday in a Harvard Law Review article.

Brunei sultan pushes ahead with tough sharia code

Bandar Seri Begawan - The sultan of oil-rich Brunei announced that tough Islamic criminal punishments would be introduced Thursday, pushing ahead with plans that have sparked rare domestic criticism of the fabulously wealthy ruler and international condemnation.

Brunei announcement on controversial sharia law expected

Bandar Seri Begawan - The Sultan of Brunei is expected to make an announcement on Wednesday on his plans to introduce tough Islamic criminal punishments that have been criticised by the United Nations.

'Working' guillotine up for auction in France

Nantes - A 19th century guillotine in perfect working order goes up for auction in France on Thursday and is expected to fetch up to 60,000 euros ($82,000), the auctioneers said.The wood, iron, steel and brass guillotine, synonymous with the 1789 French Revolut...

Parents force their teen to hold sign as punishment

Crestview - Gentry and Renee Nickell of Crestview, Florida, decided to punish their 13-year-old daughter by making her hold a sign at a busy intersection.

Egypt: Teacher cuts girls' hair for not wearing Muslim headscarf

Luxor - A primary school teacher in Egypt cut the hair of two 9-year-old girls as punishment for not obeying her orders to wear Muslim headscarves to class.

Op-Ed: Catholic Church preaches 'Thou shalt not sin, we're better at it'

After the Catholic Church has been damaged by sexual abuse scandals in the US, Germany, and Ireland, now there's a focus on the Netherlands as well. It seems time for a worldwide inquiry. Should the Catholic Church be classified as a terrorist agency?

Man convicted of adultery stoned to death in Iran

A man was stoned to death in Iran for committing adultery while the woman involved in the case was spared as she repented, the judiciary said on Tuesday.

Lethal punishment for Indian student

NEW DELHI – An eleven year old Indian girl has died after having been put in the burning sun for hours as a punishment by a teacher.

Minor girl died after school punishment

In a barbaric incident an 11-year-old Delhi girl, who was slipped into coma after brutally punished by her school teacher, died in a hospital on Friday. The police have not registered any case yet.

Missouri Develops Ultimate Punishment for Child Rapists

Don’t mess with Missouri. Rather don’t mess up a child in some terrible way there or you might be in jail for life if legislators in Missouri get their way.

3 Teens Arrested For Assault and Gang Rape in UAE

Three young Emiratis were arrested for assault and gang rape of Arab classmates at a school in Sharjah. They are being investigated for homosexuality and rape.

Crime & Punishment: Dress Code Violations In Public Schools

School dress codes, you either love them or hate them. However, wearing them is imperative at various schools, and violations of those rules bear consequences. But do some school districts take the punitive aspect of minor violations a bit too far?

Electroshock Therapy Used On Mentally Handicapped Children

Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Massachusetts has 250 mentally handicapped children who are divided between 38 group homes. One of the forms of punishment is electroshock therapy. It goes under the guise of 'behavior modification'.

Middle School Teens Who Mess Up Get Sentenced To Flower Duty

A Freeport, TX judge has found a way to help instill a sense of accountability and work ethic into young criminals while bettering our environment. Put them in a garden. The 6-month labour serves to wipe their records clean.

Dad catches son smoking pot and sells his nintendo game on ebay for over $9,000

A school teacher who caught his son in the back yard smoking pot with friends, decided to punish the youth by selling a video game he had recently bought as a Christmas gift. He sold the $90.00 game for more than $9000.00 on ebay!

Op-Ed: Who are the true victims of cruel and unusual punishment?

A murdering rapist gets his stay of execution and a family gets a last-minute phone call telling them they will not witness the death of Mark Schwab, who killed their 11-year-old son Junny Rios-Martinez.

Wal-Mart Changes Mind On Shoplifters' Sign Punishment

Two convicted shoplifters were ordered to carry signs outside a Wal-Mart in Attalla Ala. Wal-Mart doesn't want them there.

Parents on trial for abusing their 4 year old child

Parents are on trial for what Edmonton police had described the case as "the most horrific child-abuse case" they had ever seen or heard of.

Iran's "Dresstapo" Says Wear The Veil Or Be Banished

Efforts to control the dress of women in Iran is being stepped up. Those repeat offenders that continue to show their hair, or fail to wear the baggy, unrevealing gowns will be banished to the Iranian hinterlands for 5 years!

Fireman faces punishment for risking his life in rescue

Fireman saves a girl's life but faces disciplinary actions from his superiors.

Atlanta Couple Convicted of Murdering Son; their Church was Investigated for Corporal Punishment Ties

An Atlanta couple was convicted of murder in the beating death of their 8-year-old son, a case that prompted authorities to raid the parents' church because it supports corporal punishment.

Boy punished by cold shower

A mother of a three year old boy was left reeling when she found out that the day care she had sent her little boy to had punished him because he would not stop crying, they locked him in the bathroom then a member of staff turned on the cold shower wh...

Teacher Punished For Making Students Run Laps

Parents at a Sacramento County elementary school are accusing a gym teacher of pushing students too far.
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