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Higher potency weed hitting market raises health concerns

As more states legalize marijuana, more people in the U.S. are buying and using weed — and the kind of weed they are buying has become much stronger. In turn, this has lead to a jump in emergency room visits.

Speech analysis software predicts psychosis

A new study shows how speech analysis software can predict a mental illness like psychosis, in at-risk patients, with up to 83 percent accuracy. This offers a potential diagnostic tool for psychiatry.

Surge in violent crime seen from use of synthetic marijuana

New York - With a deluge of synthetic marijuana flooding the streets of major cities across the U.S. this summer, there has been an upswing in the number of overdoses and a rise in violent crimes, according to some police officials.

Strong cannabis users 5 times more likely to develop psychosis

A British study has found that people who consume the new stronger forms of cannabis are 5 times more likely to develop psychotic disorders than non-users are.

New study shows no link between cannabis and psychosis

Calgary - A new study published by the mental health journal Schizophrenia Research, shows no link between marijuana and psychosis.

Disturbed sleep and nightmares may point to psychotic disorders

New research has warned that nightmares and disturbed sleep patterns in children may be an early warning sign of psychotic disorders in later life.

Study: Facebook can induce psychosis and delusional states

A new study by researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel, based on case studies of individuals, says Facebook and other social media can induce psychotic symptoms and delusional states in vulnerable lonely individuals.

Can brain activity studies predict if criminals will re-offend?

Scientists have demonstrated that brain activity, in response to a decision-making challenge, can predict the likelihood that released prisoners will be re-arrested.

Op-Ed: The edge of madness – inquest on Raoul Moat opens

Newcastle - Almost exactly a year ago, Raoul Moat blew his head off after being cornered by the police; yesterday an inquest opened into his death.

Op-Ed: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

There is an oddity that drives the Liberal Proponents of Guilt and Shame to frenzied hate and pitiful rhetoric filled with platitudes, bumper sticker sloganeering and utter contempt for those which do not comply or adhere to the Liberal Pathology.

Broken home linked to psychosis

People from broken homes may be more prone to psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia, research suggests.

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