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Report finds Microsoft Edge 'InPrivate' mode isn't private at all

An investigation into the internals of Microsoft's new Edge web browser has found its InPrivate mode is flawed and continues to store browsing data as normal. Outsiders could work out which sites were viewed with InPrivate, making it insecure.

Review: Archer School for Girls

Los Angeles - Archer School for Girls is a private school in California educating and training girls for the future. Using the latest technology and teaching techniques these girls are ready to be all they can be in life and their careers.

Singapore-based companies sell at record pace to investors

Singapore-based companies are seeing a huge surge in purchases of public businesses as take-private transactions have hit a record $7.94 billion in the four months to April 2014.

Bathroom clubs in NYC will let you poop in private

New York - If you cannot find a decent public restroom to relieve yourself, then you will pay top dollar for a cushy seat when the urge strikes. This is what a new startup is betting on.

Helping children for over 50 years: The Have-A-Heart Campaign Special

Chiropractic colleges, hundreds of chiropractic clinics, and advocacy groups around the world are helping the non-profit Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center by participating in the Have-A-Heart Campaign during Valentine's Day week, February 7-15.

Google allegedly intercepted private data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks

Google's recent issues of data collection have been mounting internationally. Australia recently launched their own investigation into the Internet search giant. Now it only seems that the data interception problem is increasing.

Private statue honours Nelson Mandela for 2010 World Cup

A Congolese refugee in Cape Town has built a statue to honour Nelson Mandela as being the main reason for international soccer body, FIFA, to bring the 2010 Soccer World Cup to South Africa.

School For Scandal: The Head With A Head For Snooping

It can be something seen as quintessentially the typically English thing - a private education. Picture a scene of rambling roses around the school gates and a head master with binoculars looking out of the top window

I'll be your private dancer!

Cho hired an escort before his dealy rampage at Virginia Tech.

We Wouldn't Trust Our Hospital With Our Lives Says NHS Staff

Nearly two thirds of UK NHS staff would not like to ever be a patient in their own Trusts, according to a new survey

Ontario creating a schitzophrenic health care system

Ontario has been trying to reduce wait times for some procedures, a report suggests that the Health Ministry is looking at a private provider to assist in this goal.

US army admits private security contract in Iraq

Blackwater issue which was previously denied now confirmed.

Nova Scotia to regulate private health care

So much for the Canadian medicare system, one province at a time; MRI clinics, emergency doctor services, cancer clinics....eventually we'll have to pay or go without needed treatment. A life will only be worth what you can afford to pay for. Big industr

U. K. also discussing privatising nuclear

[url= t=_blank]Kinda starting to sound familiar[/url]

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