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NYC school principal talks digital transformation of education Special

New York City elementary school principal Michael Swirsky opened up about the digital transformation in the field of education. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Saudi school principal shoots students

Medina - A Saudi Arabian principal opened fire on two of his students on final examination day in the town of Tharb, near Medina.

Principal hangs self in school, student discovers body

Belfort - An elementary school principal hung herself Saturday morning in her school in Belfort. A young student discovered her body.

High school principal accused of ‘spying’ on Facebook resigns

Clayton - Turns out the principal may have had a false Facebook page with 300 friends, many from the same high school. This made it easy for her to spy on students' posts.

School principal on leave after 'cinnamon challenge'

New Haven - A school principal has been put on leave after she allegedly witnessed students taking the "cinnamon challenge" in the school's cafeteria and did nothing to stop it.

Five charged with defrauding Toronto school

Toronto - Toronto Police Service have charged five people in connection to a fraud investigation for misappropriating $700,000 from the Bloorview School Authority.

High school principal allegedly steals $88,500 from students

Toronto - A former Toronto public high school principal has been accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a student fund that was established and designed specifically for student activities and expenses.

Ex-NYC HS principal caught in bake sale money scandal

New York - A former principal of a big New York City High School in the Bronx is now accused of pocketing school bake fund money and other funds raised by students for his own use.

Fetus dolls handed out to elementary school kids

Norfolk - Virginia school chose to handout anti-abortion fetus dolls to 3rd, 4th, 5th grader students in a religious abortion message. Parents are outraged their children were exposed to the dolls. Principal and teachers were placed on leaved pending investigation.

Police apprehend gunman after hostage standoff at New York school

The principal of a Pine Plains, New York, high school was reportedly taken hostage by a gunman Tuesday morning. Police locked down the school and the gunman is now reportedly in custody.

Texas Middle School Princial Threatens To Kill Teachers For Student Test Failures

A Middle School principal in New Braunfels, TX allegedly threatened to kill some of his science teachers if the students did not improve on their standardized test scores. A police complaint has been filed.

Principal suspended over nude photo

A school principle has been suspended over a nude photo of himself on his family website.

Parents Mailed DVD Of Educators Having Sex

Authorities say that a principal and teacher at an elementary school near Chicago have quit amid allegations that they were caught on video having sex in the principal's office.

The feces throwing principal gets what she wants

After pleading guilty to throwing feces at a boy, Principal Pantalone has been given an absolute discharge (she won't have a criminal record). Which is exactly what she was asking for.

Principal admits to throwing feces

A suspended Toronto elementary school principal has pleaded guilty to throwing feces on a child. Maria Pantalone, 49, was charged with two counts of assault - one against that child and one against another – but only admitted to one of the charges today

Naked Principal Found With Sex Toys Watching Gay Porn In Office

A 50-year-old principal was found naked in his school office while watching gay pornography on Tuesday, according to sources. Sex toys were found nearby, the sources added.

CT High School Principal Suspended For Inappropriate Behavior

School officials said they failed to find out about several case files the state Department of Children and Families had on their newly hired principal, Kevin Miller.

Principal Charged With Dealing Meth

Police watched the man sell a small amount of meth to a customer in a store parking lot. Police then stopped the buyer, who told officers he had been to man's home 10 to 15 times over the past three months.

Principal Charged With Buying $20 of Crack

Middle School Principal arrested after police say he bought $20 worth of crack cocaine from an undercover officer in his office where he planned to smoke it

Tacoma school principal accused of rape

A principle for a middle school in Tacoma, Wa, is accused of rape of a woman.

Student Choked By Assistant Principal

What started over a simple dress code violation soon escalated into a student being choked and an Assistant Principal facing felony charges.

Another High School Principal Can't Add

She is now in trouble for her addition following previous problems with subtraction.

Principal Returns To School After Wedgie.

Principal returns to school after a Six Day suspension after giving a child a wedgie.

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