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French Socialists nominate leftwinger Hamon for president

Paris - France's divided Socialists picked leftwinger Benoit Hamon as their presidential nominee Sunday, in the latest twist of a roller-coaster election race that has seen conservative frontrunner Francois Fillon engulfed in scandal.

French Socialists vote as turmoil engulfs Fillon

Paris - France's Socialists voted Sunday to pick their candidate for this year's presidential polls as a fresh scandal engulfed the election's conservative frontrunner Francois Fillon.

French presidential hopeful Valls attacked over migrants

Paris - Former French premier Manuel Valls came under fire Sunday for his cautious stance on taking in refugees during the migrant crisis, in a fraught second debate of leftwing candidates for the presidency.

French Socialists begin primary debates as woes mount

Paris - France's ruling Socialist party hold their first televised debate Thursday seeking a presidential candidate who can save the party's blushes in an election race currently being led by the right.

GOP's last presidential nominee has discouraging words for Trump

Salt Lake City - Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the Republican Party nominee for president four years ago, blasted 2016 front-runner Donald Trump as a "fraud" and a "phony" Thursday in a speech at a Utah university.

Clinton easily defeats Sanders in South Carolina primary voting

Columbia - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton soundly defeated Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday in the South Carolina primary to take a commanding lead in the surprising race for the Democratic Party's 2016 presidential nomination.

Sirhan Sirhan denied parole for 1968 slaying of Robert Kennedy

San Diego - Jordanian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan might not have fired the shot that killed U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-New York) in a Los Angeles hotel on the night of the 1968 California presidential primary.

Donald Trump expected to return to Republican Party debate roster

Manchester - Opinion poll-leading Republican presidential nomination candidate Donald Trump is expected to join six challengers Saturday night in the last debate before New Hampshire primary voters cast ballots on Tuesday.

Perry drops out of race for Republican presidential nomination

Saint Louis - Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped out of the crowded race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination on Friday after an abbreviated campaign that failed to generate enough early support to qualify for nationally televised debates.

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 9 points in New Hampshire

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has gained a respectable nine-point lead over front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and he's picking up steam over her among Iowa voters in the Democratic presidential race, two new NBC News/Marist polls report.

Post-Brat earthquake, more primaries to test anti-incumbent fever

After pollsters wildly missed the mark by dismissing Dave Brat's candidacy as doomed, further primaries are imminent in New York, Oklahoma, Utah, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Rhode Island, and Louisiana.

Op-Ed: South Carolina Primary, where Jim Crow government still rules

Life in South Carolina under Jim Crow laws have been a common practice for most of the southern United States. The purpose was to keep certain citizens from voting---poor whites, Native Americans and African Americans--through political corruption.

GOP presidential race: Iowa tonight, New Hampshire next

No matter what happens in Iowa today, it looks like a Mitt Romney romp in New Hampshire. That would be the first primary of the election season.

Bill Clinton: GOP choosing 'ideology over evidence'

Ahead of the November mid-term elections, former President Bill Clinton suggested that the Republican Party is now far enough right to make George W. Bush appear liberal.

Obama Draws Massive Crowd in Portland, Oregon

Barack Obama drew a big crowd at a rally Sunday in Portland, Oregon. Nearly 75,000 people attended the rally, which shouldn't surprise political observers: the primary in Oregon is on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Indiana's Voter ID Law and How It Worked At My Polling Station

Yesterday was primary day in our great state of Indiana. I have been waiting to see how the Indiana Voter ID Law, which was appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, would work right here in our small town in South Central Indiana.

Super Delegate Primary Anyone?

A super delegate primary is unlikely to occur without Howard Dean finding a benefit to the Democrat Party. The idea of a -day super delegate primary appears to be headed to no man's land for now.

Florida Democratic Party Will Not Hold Second Primary

The Florida Democratic Party has announced that they will not hold a second primary vote. It was previously said that New York Senator Hilary Clinton won the premature primary.

Op-Ed: On the Primary Battlefront in Ohio, Part Deux - Voting Season

Ohioans went out in droves today to vote for or against one candidate or another in the nation Democratic and Republican Primary. I will remember my experiences today in Trumbull County for the rest of my life.

Op-Ed: On The 'Primary' Battlefront in Ohio - Part 1

Ohio and Texas are now on the primary battlefront in the Democratic primary elections, and the ammunition is flying. The question is, just what do Ohioans want addressed in this election?

Op-Ed: Ron Paul is the Taxpayer's Best Friend

According to the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union, Presidential candidate and 10-term Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is the only remaining candidate, from either party, that will cut spending.

It's the Economy Again, Stupid

Early data from exit polling, conducted for the Associated Press, of today's South Carolina Democratic Primary is in.. While who people voted for won't be released till all polls are closed, why people are voting is just as interesting.

New Hampshire Primary Recount Begins

The recount of ballots from last week's New Hampshire Primary began today, as requested by Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard. The bi-partisan call for a recount came after candidates noticed various discrepancies in the final tally.

Obama, Huckabee Lead in Georgia

An exciting primary season, the first legitimately exciting season on both sides of the aisle in decades, just keeps getting better.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: Recount New Hampsire Votes

Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary has spawned a point of bi-partisan agreement: a recount is needed. Republican long-shot Albert Howard has joined Democrat Dennis Kucinich in calling for a recount of election results.

Voices from the polls: New Hampshire's voters enjoy hosting the first primary

The polls are now closed in New Hampshire, and the city of Manchester is quieting down after a long, wild week. I visited the polls, both to cast my vote and to see how my fellow Granite Staters reacted to today's primary elections.

If Sticks and Stones Won't Get the Votes, Maybe Tears Will do the Trick

In what appears to be an effort to show her softer side, Hillary Clinton went all FerKlempt as she spoke with voters in a New Hampshire cafe. Things must be getting desperate in her mind to put down the gloves and pick up the Kleenex box.

Clinton Remains, 5 Democrats Out of Michigan Primary

Five Democratic candidates have withdrawn from Michigan's Jan. 15 presidential primary, leaving what amounts to a beauty contest for front-runner Hillary Clinton and a handful of lesser-knowns.

E-voting machines cost Western states millions more for early primaries

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has pushed for a Western States Presidential Primary to be held on Feb. 5.... The Legislature has previously set aside $850,000 to cover the costs. With the new electronic voting machines, that bill has ballooned to $3.4 million.

'We win because our ideas are better'

I saw another review on here so saw no reason why I shouldn't get in on the act! I picked up Primary Colours in a DVD bargin bin and here are the results of my musings.
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Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin
Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin
SHAKE: Hillary Clinton presses the flesh at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines in August 2015.
SHAKE: Hillary Clinton presses the flesh at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines in August 2015.
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ENDORSEMENT: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorses businessman Donald Trump for the 2016 Republica...
ENDORSEMENT: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorses businessman Donald Trump for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at a campaign event at Iowa State Univ. in January.
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