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Donald Trump says dictator Kim Jong-Un deserves 'credit'

Presidential candidate, and controversy-stirrer, Donald Trump has declared that the horrific dictator Kim Jong-Un deserves “credit” for the way in which he uses murder to remove his rivals.

Perry drops out of race for Republican presidential nomination

Saint Louis - Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped out of the crowded race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination on Friday after an abbreviated campaign that failed to generate enough early support to qualify for nationally televised debates.

Election research says Obama leads in the presidential race

New research shows that Barack Obama is slightly ahead of Mitt Romney in the final days of the presidential campaign after a week of deadlock. Obama’s increases in support appear to have come from women, older voters, and political moderates.

Op-Ed: Gingrich promises the Moon; Obama promises jobs

Addressing the faithful at a rally, Newt Gingrich promised a permanent base on the Moon by 2020. Barack Obama's promises are both more modest and far more credible.

Op-Ed: Obama vs the torturers

Barack Obama may have been a disappointment as the candidate of change, but the alternatives in 2012 are a Christian Zionist who may well start World War III, and a woman who would allow the unemployed to starve.

Peru presidential election: Humala, Fujimori going to runoff

Lima - With 69% of the votes counted, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) reported that candidate Ollanta Humala has consolidated in the first place with 28.7% of the votes, which assures him a place in the second round on June 5.

Lacson Abandons Philippines Presidential Plans in 2010

A day after police superintendent Cesar Mancao returned to the country, Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson announced his decision to back out in the 2010 presidential race.

Rumors And Politics: What The Future Pres Will Be Dealing With Long After The Win

As the political campaigns round the final turn in the race for the President of the United States, the once human elements that have been nearly nonexistent may fully disappear as both sides continue to look for that "political bomb." Rumors!

AP Poll Gives Obama 7-Point Lead

It seems the current economic turmoil has led voters to believe Sen. Barack Obama to be better suited for President, one month before the elections.

Op-Ed: Should You Care if the Next U.S. President is a Tech Nerd?

Barack Obama hopes to appoint a Chief Technology Officer. John McCain wants to award $300 million to the inventor of an eco-friendly car battery. Now more than ever, the tech policies of candidates are under scrutiny as wired voters have their say.

Op-Ed: Time For Europeans To Butt Out Of American Politics

Brit Russell Brand's rant against Americans and campaigning for Obama on MTV illustrates a recent phenomenon with European Socialists: making a national sport of slamming Americans and meddling in our politics. Maybe it's time to buy them some mirrors.

Op-Ed: Ralph Nader Could Alter the Presidential Race

A clear majority of the American voting public is hungering for an independent presidential candidacy. How the other candidates react to Nader could determine how well the 74-year-old consumer advocate will fare this time around.

Who are the Superdelegates?

Superdelegates have never had to be called out to make the ultimate decision on who is the contender for the President of the United States. That is until now. The Democratic nominee is a toss up this year. Who will make the final choice?

Op-Ed: Is Bill Clinton Going Too Far?

When Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the much coveted 2008 Presidential seat, there were no gasps of disbelief from anyone. Since her husband Bill occupied the oval office back in 1993, she has none too secretly nursed similar aspirations.

Op-Ed: Fred Thompson Exits Presidential Race, Stage Right

Another dim star has winked out in the lackluster constellation of Republican Presidential candidates. Fred Thompson, whose half hearted curmudgeonly campaign never really had much fire to begin with, had finally sputtered and gone out like a damp match.

Op-Ed: Fred Thompson Drops Out of Presidential Race

I have been in great favor of narrowing the field after so many months of political campaigning in a season that seemed to start right after the 2006 elections with no breathing room in between and Thompson is bowing out at an appropriate time.

2008 US Presidential Race To Be Most Expensive In History

While the outcome on who will win the respective Democratic and Republican primary elections on Super Tuesday along with who wins the actual election is still unclear, the 2008 race could pretty much be the most expensive one in history.

Vote None of the Above

How many times have you wished for just that option when going in to vote? Your just doing your duty by voting but you feel none of the candidates are either not qualified or you are disatisfied for whatever reason with the current crop that are running.

Republican Sen. Brownback enters presidential race

He was raised on a farm near tiny Parker, Kan. — population 281 today — where his parents still live.

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