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Presidential election News

Donald Trump expected to return to Republican Party debate roster

Manchester - Opinion poll-leading Republican presidential nomination candidate Donald Trump is expected to join six challengers Saturday night in the last debate before New Hampshire primary voters cast ballots on Tuesday.

Guatemalans elect new president today amid corruption scandal

Guatemala City - The people of Guatemala vote today in presidential elections where there is no clear favorite. The country has been immersed in the worst political crisis in decades by a wave of corruption scandals that led President Otto Pérez to jail.

Uruguay Presidential Election — ‘Pepe’ calls voting with bonhomie

Montevideo - Uruguayan President José "Pepe" Mujica was one of the first citizens to vote today in his country’s general election. He asked his countrymen to cast their ballots "with bonhomie, joy and peace."

Op-Ed: Sarkozy 2.0. — Nicolas Sarkozy is back for revenge

Paris - It was a secret for no one that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was planning to return to politics this September. Nicolas Sarkozy made it official today via his Facebook page.

Marina Silva could become the world’s first ‘Green President’

Brazilia - Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva threatens the re-election of Dilma Rousseff and the 12-year hegemony of the Workers Party (PT). Her election on October 5 could transform the South American giant relations with the region and the world.

Op-Ed: How an innocent smile disturbed Brazil

An innocent smile at a funeral, courtesy former Brazilian Environment Minister, Marina Silva, that was wrongly reported online and that spread over the Internet in Brazil, only makes one wonder how many people judge too quickly a book by its cover.

Brazilian presidential candidate dies in airplane crash

Santos - The Socialist candidate to the Presidency in Brazil, Eduardo Campos, died this morning in a private jet crash in Santos, Brazil.

Trump: Cruz's Canadian birth means an ineligible presidential bid

Real estate mogul and former Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to be gearing up for 2016, suggesting Senator Ted Cruz's Canadian birth would make him ineligible for the White House.

Hassan Rouhani wins Iranian Presidential Election

Meet Iran's newly elected president; the face of the country's ambitious nuclear program, and the icon of the Iranian people, Hassan Rouhani.

Insight to Iran's 2013 Presidential election

Nearly four years ago, millions of angry Iranians took to the streets to protest President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s second term victory, in what erupted to be a series of violent riots, lasting months.

Trump and other GOPers give their 2 cents on Obama's re-election

With the re-election of Democratic incumbent Barack Obama as US President, notable Republicans have weighed in and given their respective two cents.

Speculation continues: Joe Biden planning 2016 presidential run

Vice President Joe Biden has been alluding to a potential future candidacy and on the U.S. Election Day 2012, he further hinted that voters may see his name on future ballots.

Facebook unveils interactive real-time Election Day voting map

For Election Day, Facebook is doing its part in getting the vote out by unveiling an interactive voter map and counter that is updated in real-time.

Video: Jay-Z raps about '99 Problems, but Mitt ain't one'

Famous hip-hop artist Jay-Z was among guests at the Barack Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio. He sung a new version of "99 Problems" and used it to target Mitt Romney.

NH voters make a big showing at the polls Special

Dover - All across America, voters are casting their ballots in the Presidential election. In the city of Dover, New Hampshire, the lines at the polls were quite long, even during the normally quiet mid-morning period.

Army Col. says GOP wants Obama out because of color of his skin

Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff for Colin Powell, says the GOP is "full of racists".

Judge orders the release of Romney testimony

Canton - Judge Jennifer Ulwick has ruled in favor of the The Boston Globe's request to release documents containing Mitt Romney's testimony during a friend’s divorce trial.

Racist shirt at Romney rally outrages many Special

Lancaster - There were a lot of supporters that came out to hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during their campaign stop in Lancaster, Ohio, and at least one of them proudly showed his racist side.

Op-Ed: US Presidential slogans – Mangled words, Mischief & Mumbo-jumbo

Obama urges electors "Forward" whilst Romney extols "Believe in America." Simple phrases, so what could possibly go wrong? But in Election 2012, so far, Romney's managed to put Obama's "Forward" into reverse.

Hugo Chavez wins Presidential Election in Venezuela

Caracas - Hugo Chavez was re-elected president of Venezuela with 54.42% of the votes, while Henrique Capriles obtained 44.97%, according to data released this evening by the National Electoral Council of Venezuela.

Film dramatizing Bin Laden death to air just before election

Washington - Just two days before the presidential election, a film on the death of Bin Laden will be aired on the National Geographic Channel. The film is being released by a company whose co-chairman raised more than $100,000 for the Obama Victory Fund.

Venezuela’s Presidential Election on Sunday October 7

Caracas - Nearly 19 million Venezuelans are expected to vote on October 7 to elect their president for the period 2013-2019. Incumbent Hugo Chavez and opposition leader Henrique Capriles are ahead in the polls.

Op-Ed: Homer Simpson supports Mitt Romney

Washington - Airing soon will be an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer decides that he will cast his vote for Mitt Romney. The episode will air the Sunday after next, October 7.

'Saturday Night Live' tackles the undecided voter in spoof ad

NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' examines the perspectives of the undecided voter, noting the broad nature of the questions these swing voters possess.

A presidential election with few voters

Mogadishu - On Monday Somalia will elect a new president. However, ordinary Somalis will have no say in the election. The leaders of the country are currently finalising the composition of its 275 member parliament, which will determine who is to be the president.

Op-Ed: Investing through the summer fog of 2012

The knowledge that short-term markets are driven first by news headlines and central bank policies rather than primarily macro and macroeconomic data forces a perverse reaction onto the market in this unfamiliar climate we find our capital in.

Egypt holds presidential vote amid rising tension, uncertainty

Cairo - Egypt's runoff presidential election began Saturday and will continue through Sunday amid a cloud of uncertainty and suspicion after its supreme court ruled to dissolve the democratically elected parliament Thursday.

Jerry Springer: 'There is a civil war in the Republican Party'

During an interview (at the 13:40 minute mark) with David Frost on March 10, Jerry Springer said the only way Republicans can win the presidency is with the help of independents, and that a conservative Supreme Court would be "awful".

Roseanne Barr seeks Green Party nomination for 2012 U.S. election

Roseanne Barr has said she's seeking the nomination to become the Green Party's candidate in the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

Sarkozy set to raise French taxes

On Sunday, French President Nicholas Sarkozy announced that he would raise consumer taxes. The announcement came as France prepares for a presidential election in April.
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Men voting in Shubra  Cairo  as an army soldier guards the door to the class
Men voting in Shubra, Cairo, as an army soldier guards the door to the class
Nehal El-Sherif
PEJ Pew Research Center
 A Portrait of America  curated by Ramses Granados continues its run at the Joy Wai Gallery in Chels...
"A Portrait of America" curated by Ramses Granados continues its run at the Joy Wai Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.
Joy Wai Gallery
Republican Mitt Romney
Republican Mitt Romney
Gage Skidmore
The 10 highest-polling candidates for the GOP nomination. The debate  took  place in Cleveland  Ohio...
The 10 highest-polling candidates for the GOP nomination. The debate, took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and was aired on Fox News on August 6, 2015.
Illustration by Digital Journal
Pew Research
PEJ Pew Research Center