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Mail Rail: Riding on London's underground postal trains

London - Few of the millions of people whose letters and packages were shuttled on a tiny train line deep under London ever suspected it existed.

People of Kinshasa welcome back their postmen

Kinshasa - "Getting a letter in the post is a first for me, and what's more at home!" says Odette Tshibambe, a student in her thirties in Kinshasa.Her excitement is understandable.

U.S., Cuba renew direct postal service after 52 years: Havana

Havana - The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore direct postal service 52 years after severing it at the height of the Cold War, the Cuban foreign ministry said Friday.

Thai man likes post criticizing king on Facebook, gets arrested

Samut Prakan - Thanakorn Siripaiboon, 27, reposted an infographic on social media and he 'liked' a photo from an anti-monarchy group. As a result, he was arrested by Thailand police.

Earth to Mars -- UK's Royal Mail asks NASA after boy's letter query

London - Britain's Royal Mail has turned to NASA for help after a five-year-old boy wrote in asking how much it would cost to post a letter to Mars.But Oliver Giddings probably won't be able to send a letter to outer space as the price -- £11,602.

Posting on social media will ruin your life, study finds

A study has confirmed the idea that obsessing over creating the "perfect" social media post will end up ruining your life, finding that 60 percent of people have missed an experience because they were trying too hard to take a picture or post about it.

Ukraine asks world to stop sending it mail for Crimea

Geneva - Ukraine's post office has asked its foreign counterparts to stop sending it mail destined for breakaway Crimea because it can no longer deliver it, the Universal Postal Union said Friday.

Britain's Royal Mail says to cut 1,600 jobs

London - Britain's main postal operator Royal Mail on Tuesday said it planned to axe 1,600 jobs under a fresh cost-cutting drive six months after the group was partly privatised.Royal Mail said in a statement that most of the jobs to go would be in management, ...

Deutsche Post confident after boosting profits in 2013

Frankfurt - Deutsche Post, the German mail and logistics giant, said on Wednesday that its profits rose last year and were set to rise further this year.Deutsche Post said in a statement that its net profit jumped by 27.5 percent to 2.091 billion euros ($2.9 billi...

Housewarming greetings sent to dead people in Switzerland

Thanks to the Swiss post office, a whole load of people received greeting cards, welcoming them to their new residences and wishing them well settling in. While that sounds very pleasant, unfortunately the recipients were dead.

Woman posts Craigslist ad to find stranger who got her pregnant

Last week, a Craigslist ad titled “Did we hook up at the Megadeth/Motorhead concert?” showed up in the missed connections section of the site.

USPS to close 252 mail-processing centers starting next April

According to BBC News, starting from next April the United States Postal Service will be shutting 252 mail-processing centers.

Family risks losing mail delivery because cat scratches postman

Portsmouth - The Royal Mail will not post letters through the door for one family in Portsmouth because their cat, who scratched a postman’s finger, is now considered a threat.

Hawk stops Canada Post deliveries

Calgary - An aggressive hawk, who was repeatedly nose-diving a mail carrier, brought a halt to Canada Post deliveries in one Calgary neighbourhood.

Hulk Hogan sues Post Cereal over Cocoa Pebbles commercial

Tampa - Hulk Hogan is back in federal court in Florida, this time over a cartoon commercial. Hulk claims his reputation was harmed in a Cocoa Pebbles ad featuring Bamm-Bamm tossing " Hulk Boulder" into the air and winning the match.

New Designer Spost Love Hitting The Right New York Beat Special

It's hard to make it in the world of fashion. One fashion company has refused to be boxed into the cookie cutter mold -- Spost Love is launching next month as its scarves become a hot fashion item.

Murdoch apologizes for NY Post cartoon

New York Post Chairman Rupert Murdoch said in a statement that he is sorry for the cartoon that compared a chimp shot dead by police to President Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: GOP Chairman Steele Reinforces GOP's Racial Blind Spot

Just when we thought the Republican Party had made a turn in the right direction with the selection of Michael Steele as their new chair, the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland is missing in action.

Op-Ed: News Media Ownership Matters

Hundreds of people gathered yesterday afternoon in New York City outside the headquarters of the News Corporation to protest a racially insensitive cartoon in the New York Post, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

Op-Ed: Monkey Business at the New York Post

The New York Post, is holding true to its reputation as a right-wing, racist rag. In its February 17 edition, it ran a cartoon that depicts the shooting of a monkey with a not so subtle inferrence that the animal was the President of the United States.

NY Post cartoon compares President Obama to dead chimp

The Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post has a new cartoon that compares President Barack Obama to a dead chimpanzee. Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton calls the cartoon racist.

Man With Dislike To Post Offices Strikes Twice On The Same Building

A man from Arkansas has spent the night in jail for repeatedly driving his car into a post office in Ravenden Springs. The pensioner drove one car into the building then went home and got another and drove back for another go

(PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!!

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) offers free bereavement counseling to all family members of Armed Forces personnel who died in the service of their country. Also eligible are family members of reservists and National Guardsmen who die while on duty

Students Solve a Sticky Situation

Freshmen engineering students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology earned the top award in a national challenge during Entrepreneurship Week. And it all started with Post-it Notes.

Group Launches Post-Abortion E-Cards

A nonprofit organization has unveiled a series of electronic greeting cards that concerned friends and relatives can send to a woman after she chooses to have an abortion.

A Sad post on Craigslist (brought a tear to my eye)

A guy posts an ad in Craigslist and says he lost all his goods from the storage without a warning and tries to reclaim the goods.

Durham Police Post Clear YouTube Video of Potential Murder Suspects

Police in Durham, Ontario, released a video in YouTube to try and catch two suspects they believe involed in a fatal stabbing.

CPC/CUPW Negotiations Need Help

Negotiating A Deal On The Canada Post's Corporate Team Incentive Program

An open post to talk about problems with DJ-- and to praise it

This is meant to be an open thread where we can all talk about our issues with DJ, what we'd like to see changed, and also what we love about it. I encourage everyone's opinion-- I'll start off with mine to get the ball rolling. :P
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The evil stanchion (post)  that caused the fluke goal Thursday  at Marlies AHL loss to Norfolk
The evil stanchion (post) that caused the fluke goal Thursday, at Marlies AHL loss to Norfolk
The Beitbridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe.
The Beitbridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe.
A soldiers plays the haunting tunes of the Last Post.
A soldiers plays the haunting tunes of the Last Post.
CRASH: The tour bus involved in Friday s accident in San Francisco came to rest alongside an under-c...
CRASH: The tour bus involved in Friday's accident in San Francisco came to rest alongside an under-construction Apple Computer store at Post and Stockton streets, near Union Square.
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Screen capture of share on Facebook
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Inflammatory post on Facebook.
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