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Op-Ed: Climate Change — The great disruptor of life as we know it

America’s worsening climate change problem is as polarized as its politics. Some parts of the country have been burning this month while others were underwater in extreme weather disasters. Yet this worsening situation is being ignored by many of us.

Exclusive interview with political novelist Sally Fernandez Special

Novelist Sally Fernandez chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about her writing career and inspirations. She is known for writing provocative political thrillers.

Op-Ed: Trump jumps right into the middle of Super Bowl LIV via Twitter

Ah well, if anyone thought Super Bowl Sunday would occur without any political overtones, they were wrong. That is one of the nonsensical prop bets even I would have won, thanks to President Donald Trump and his Twitter account.

Destination Barcelona: separatists begin 100km 'freedom march'

Girona - In a straw hat and hiking boots, Jordi Soler set out from Girona with thousands of others on a 100-kilometre (60-mile) "freedom march" after Spain jailed nine Catalan separatist leaders. "This is to show that we can bring Catalonia to a halt...

Review: John Mellencamp makes a difference with 'Eyes On The Prize' song Special

On November 6, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp released "Eyes On The Prize," which coincided with Election Day.

Review: Is technology threatening democracy? Special

A new book raises concerns about the current direction that technology is taking, particularly the threat this trajectory poses for democratic structures and institutions. Part of the problem is our unquestioning embrace of big tech.

'Irregular migrants' — A growing debate in Canadian politics

Thousands of people are crossing into Canada from the United States to claim refugee status at a time when the U.S. president’s anti-immigrant policies clash with the #WelcomeToCanada posture of Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Op-Ed: In Trump's America, authoritarianism is becoming the norm

Richmond - President Donald Trump weighed in on recent instances of members of his administration getting confronted by critics of his policies, saying he hopes "the other side realizes that they better just take it easy."

Russia also threatens retaliation as tariff war heats up

Russia is the latest country to threaten retaliation against U.S. tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum imports, warning on Friday that American cars could soon face higher taxes.

Author C.S. Farrelly discusses new book, impact of technology Special

Distinguished author C.S. Farrelly chatted with Digital Journal about her book, "The Shepherd's Calculus: A Political Suspense Thriller."

The realities of scarce water resources around the globe

Water is the one resource that all life on Earth needs to survive - That's a fact. However, water has taken on a greater role, and not just in the political and economic scheme of things, but in how it is intertwined into the very fabric of our lives.

Op-Ed: Glyphosate wins as lobbyists cause postponement of EPA review

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was slated to hold four days of public meetings, Oct. 18-21, focusing on one pertinent question: is glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, safe?

Op-Ed: Trump's 'moment of truth' arrives in quest for U.S. presidency

Cleveland - It's hard to say what about Donald Trump's popularity is more unlikely — that he was able to rise from outside the political establishment to lead the Republican Party, or that he has done so without losing his brashly uninformed and impatient persona.

Boehner: 'Obamacare is the law of the land'

After more than 55 failed attempts by the House, Speaker John Boehner finally conceded that Obamacare is here to stay. Boehner’s admission comes only three weeks after he vowed the House would continue to try to repeal the law.

A conversation with 'VEEP's Sufe Bradshaw Special

Sufe Bradshaw is a talented actress who loves what she does and enjoys the diversity of the craft. As the ‘curt and acerbic’ Sue Wilson, on HBO’s VEEP, Bradshaw is able to display her dramatic as well as her comedic skills.

Review: Emmy-Award-winning series VEEP heads into its third season on HBO Special

HBO's political comedy VEEP begins its third season on April 6 at 10:30 PM, and its writers are keeping the show fresh by introducing some new, intriguing (and very funny) plot twists.

Ukraine activist 'tortured' into saying he was US spy

Kievpetrovsky Port - A Ukrainian activist who left the country after he was abducted said Thursday his Russian-speaking captors cut off part of his ear and "crucified" him to force him to say he was an American spy.

Tanzania Labor Party member bids farewell to politics Special

Mtwara - Leader of the provincial Tanzania Labor Party (TLP) between 2000 and 2010, Raj Bikku today announced that he will not seek re-election when his current term ends.

Op-Ed: Gun phobia

A New York elementary school was invaded by a SWAT Team earlier today. The team was working off a tip from the school's administration that one of the students may have had a gun.

Facebook page aims to enlighten, allows open political discussion Special

Diary of a Patriot has been on Facebook for just over a month now, gaining popularity among mostly Republicans. However, the page also welcomes those with other political ideologies.

Op-Ed: Romney humiliates Obama during their first debate

Romney decisively defeated Barack Obama during their first debate. The mainstream liberal press says Romney won the debate and some of Obama’s campaign aides were ‘shell-shocked’ after the debate. Nevertheless, Obama could still win in November.

Bullfighting declared legal in France

Animal activist groups versus political parties is not something that makes the news everyday. Today though it does, especially in the South of France where the debate on traditional bullfighting is on and hot.

Remembering a Canadian statesman: Peter Lougheed dead at 84

Calgary - Tributes are pouring in for former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed, considered by many to be one of Canada's most respected politicians, who has died at the age of 84.

Op-Ed: Political votes from God

Church and state become issues when combined for political power, seen in the 2012 GOP presidential race. As separate entities, church and state are indispensable for growth. Cemented together, they destroy the integrity of one another.

Op-Ed: Job creation will continue to impact politics in 2012

Economic plans are still a very high priority affecting jobs. The year 2012 embarks on implementation of policies effecting its outcome.

Herman Cain and the Koch Brothers - political bedmates?

Based out of Wichita, Kansas, the wealthy Koch brothers own businesses in 45 states and 60 countries. They are accused of bankrolling right-wing political action groups and think tanks, in addition to illegally selling chemical equipment to Iran.

Noam Chomsky's statement on the Wall Street protests

To anyone who knows of Noam Chomsky’s background, it should come to no surprise that he has sent a “strong message of support to the activists at the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

U.S. Postal Service could close this winter

The United States Postal Service, facing massive budget problems, may soon close its doors. The only solution is if the parties can miraculously reach a compromise for a bailout.

Gray wolf protections reinstated

A federal judge reinstated protections from the Endangered Species Act, protecting wolves in both the Idaho and Montana area.

Russian Submarine Deployment A ’Political’ Move

Reports of two Russian nuclear attack submarines off the continental shelf of North America have caused a flurry of analysis in military circles. Reports say Russia has not deployed submarines this far in a decade.
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Copyright 2011 Nancy L. Houser
Copyright 2011 Nancy L. Houser
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.
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Tats Nkonzo
SUSPECT: Ryan Chamberlain is seen in a photograph distributed by the FBI.
SUSPECT: Ryan Chamberlain is seen in a photograph distributed by the FBI.
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President Barack Obama greets children upon arrival in Seattle, Wash.
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