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Lifestyle factors affect our opinions of politicians

Much has been made about the decline in the public’s trust in politicians together with the veracity of what they say. With due notice of this, the preexisting views of voters are just as important as what politicians say and do, according to a new stud

Op-Ed: 'No Muslim Registry' — Hundreds of U.S. tech workers sign pledge

An open pledge created by Silicon Valley tech workers circulating on the Internet is gaining hundreds of signatures. The pledge states tech workers will not take part in creating or maintaining a Muslim Registry for the Donald Trump Administration.

Fillon v Juppe: how French right's presidential hopefuls shape up

Paris - Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe, the two men duelling for the presidential nomination of the French right, both advocate deep economic reforms, including scrapping the 35-hour work week, a sacred cow of the French left.

Fillon v Juppe: how France's rightwing hopefuls shape up

Paris - Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe, the two men set to duel next Sunday for the French rightwing presidential nomination, both advocate deep economic reforms, including scrapping the 35-hour work week, a totem of the French left.

Theresa May: A different type of Conservatism?

London - Theresa May, Britain's prime minister in waiting, has already given some hints about what her policies might be when she steps in -- and a bigger role for the state in the economy could be on the cards.

Thousands flock to 'sin-free Facebook'

A special "sin-free" social networking site has drawn 100,000 members in a month of operating. Created by a group of Brazilian Evangelical Christians, swearing and erotic content is banned and blessings, prayers and inspirational quotes encouraged.

Greece's Syriza: what does it want and what is possible?

Athens - The left-wing Syriza party led by Alexis Tsipras won Greece's general election on Sunday after campaigning on a pledge to renegotiate the country's international bailout and reverse years of spending cuts and painful economic reforms.

The U.S. has billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance

The treasurer of Oklahoma has recently announced that across the US billions of dollars are going unclaimed from life insurance policies. The question is how far should companies go to track down beneficiaries of the deceased.

State of Toronto: Most support mayor's policies, approval rises

Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's popularity is growing again. A new poll shows that the mayor, who has been a controversial figure in the city, has an approval rating of 47 percent and more than half support his policy initiatives.

Air France Sets New Policy for Heavy Passengers

Air France has announced that it has decided to change their policy concerning overweight passengers who require two seats on a flight.

Study says US biofuels policies flawed

Rice University policy paper says U,S. needs to rethink its policy of promoting ethanol to diversify its energy sources and increase energy security.

Iran wants new US policies

Ayatollah Ali KhameneI, the supreme leader of Iran has ordered strong changes in US policies before a new relationship can start between the two countries.

Op-Ed: Facebook Encourages Users' Input on Policies

Facebook has set up a new group to to publish, and users' feedback regarding, the proposed Facebook Principles. The Principles reflect Facebook's philosophy and values.

Op-Ed: Dumb it down, win a prize- US economy hits the campaign trail, face first

Apparently the terms “media advisors” and “claptrap” aren’t mutually exclusive, after all. The People Who Made America can produce any sort of garbage and give it to their clients. The latest victim is McCain, on the subject of the economy.

Op-Ed: Risks, feeling safe, and how to understand government policy by riding a bicycle

The theory of risk is that you take risks you think you’ll probably survive. The theory of policy making is that to solve problems you take risks you think other people might approve, based mainly on intuition.

Op-Ed: Poll-itics and Poll-icies: Somebody’s finally asked Iraqis what they think

The poll is the policy-maker’s answer to crystal meth. Compulsive, under any conditions, and causes actions that might not otherwise happen. Polls can justify any position. Polls can be tailored by asking some questions and not asking others.

Op-Ed: Sleeping Earthed's Website Disclaimers Are A Mouthful

Do you read the disclaimer portion on the typical terms and conditions web page? If not you may want to look closely to what you are agreeing to. Sleeping Earthed's page has a lot of terms.

Russia: Rebirth of a super power?

Russia has returned to former military practices, citing security threats by other military powers. The rhetoric’s pretty familiar, too. 15 years ago Russia ceased these patrols, because it couldn’t afford the gas for the planes.

AOL Forced To Change Cancellation Policies

AOL has long been hounded by customers about the fact that in the past it has been almost impossible to cancel your AOL account. Today a new agreement forces AOL to change policies and pay out an estimated $3 Million in costs and fines.

U.S. policies have made Israel less safe, experts say

After years of supporting the Bush administration's policy in the Middle East, a growing number of Israelis are openly criticizing the United States for creating more, not less, danger for Israel.

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