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Plagiarism News

CNN accuses Sheriff David Clarke of plagiarising master's thesis

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. denied a CNN report that said parts of his 2013 master’s thesis was plagiarised. Clarke, who recently announce he is receiving a position in the Trump administration, called the reporter a "sleaze bag."

ASU professor brings back spotlight on plagiarism

Author and educator Matthew Whitaker is once again accused of plagiarizing. Technology is making plagiarism easier to catch and easier to commit.

Artist sells other peoples' Instagram photos for $100k in NYC

An artist is exhibiting and selling other peoples' Instagram photos without permission in New York City right now. With prices reaching as much as $100k, the story is drawing controversy and criticism as a copyright loophole means it could all be legal.

Op-Ed: It's not just Blurred Lines — Plagiarism in music is everywhere

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' Blurred Lines lost a $7.4m plagiarism lawsuit last week to Marvin Gaye's Got to Give it Up. This case isn't alone though as defining copyrighted music can be tricky with many tracks based on essentially the same idea.

Op-Ed: Sydney — Arty kitsch costing millions, whether we like it or not

Sydney - Proposals for new Sydney artwork have raised howls of indignation and irritation. The City of Developers is to be blessed with a gigantic milk crate, a 75m steel cloud, and various ornamental birds.

KU student newspaper columnist resigns over fabricated column

Lawrence - As the Big Lead's Ty Duffy once said: "Journalism has two cardinal rules: don’t make shit up and don’t plagiarize." An opinion columnist from the University of Kansas at Lawrence newspaper resigned after it was discovered he did the latter.

Samsung Electronics accused of ad plagiarism

Samsung Electronics is suspected of copying from Beta Band's 2004 video, "Assessment" in making Samsung's new flagship smart TV ad, according to Scottish musician Steve Mason, one of the founding members of The Beta Band.

German education minister resigns following plagiarism charge

Annette Schavan, the German minister of education and research, has resigned following accusations of plagiarism relating to her doctorate.

Writer Peter Berg accuses Romney of plagiarism

Los Angeles - Peter Berg, the creator of the TV show "Friday Night Lights" is accusing Mitt Romney of plagiarizing from the mantra of the show for a slogan he uses on campaign posters, in speeches, and on his Facebook page.

CNN host Fareed Zakaria suspended for plagiarism

CNN and Time suspended journalist Fareed Zakaria Friday after discovering that multiple sections of a recent article he had written for the magazine were plagiarized.

CNN, Time suspend Fareed Zakaria for plagiarism

TIME Magazine and CNN suspended TV host and columnist Fareed Zakaria Friday after he publicly apologized to Jill Lepore for plagiarizing sections of an essay she wrote for the April 23 issue of The New Yorker.

The Martin Scorsese documentary about George Harrison

The Martin Scorsese documentary about the life of George Harrison is currently available on BBC iplayer; although thoroughly comprehensive, it has a couple of interesting desiderata.

UPDATED: Debut novel pulled from shelves by publisher

'Assassin of Secrets', a debut novel from Q. R. Markham, has recently been pulled from the shelves by the publisher after it was found that many passages were taken from other published works.

Kansas City Star 'dismisses' veteran columnist for plagiarism

Kansas City - After an extensive review, Steve Penn, a columnist for the Kansas City Star, has been fired by the newspaper for plagiarism. Penn took various material from news and press releases and published it as his own.

Teacher reports plagiarism of Peshawar University’s VC

Peshawar - An assistant professor at the University of Peshawar has been suspended from his job after he reported an instance of plagiarism committed by the Vic Chancellor of the University of Peshawar, the Daily Dawn reported today(March 26, 2011).

Did Spears rip off country duo with song 'Hold It Against Me'?

Country duo The Bellamy Brothers claim Britney Spears' recent single "Hold It Against Me" stole the idea and lyrics from their 1979 hit, "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me."

Rio 2016 Olympic logo unveiling follows plagiarism controversy

Rio De Janeiro - It will be more than five years until the international spectacle known as the Olympics arrives in Rio de Janeiro. But there is already controversy brewing over the logo design, which is thought to be very similar to a Colorado charity.

Usher's lyrics similar to Homer's?

Is Usher such a fan of Homer Simpson that he would go to the lengths of copying a song of his? The similar lyrics of Usher's OMG and Homer's Christmas Carol in a 2003 episode have been found very similar by American DJs.

Cooks Source magazine lambasted for stealing writer's article

Cooks Source Magazine became an overnight phenomena on Thursday when they were found republishing a young writer's online article and their editor told the journalist, "You should compensate me."

Op-Ed: Plagiarism, aka professional suicide for writers

The “blur” between sampling materials and outright theft is getting blurrier by the second, as an out of touch media tries to understand non-existent rationales for it. If you’re a writer, no rationale will ever work on this subject.

'Men at Work' Found Guilty of Plagiarism for 'Down Under' Riff

Sydney - The members of former musical group, "Men at Work," have lost a lawsuit in Australia citing plagiarism of a flute riff in their song "Down Under." The riff was said to have been lifted from the children's song, “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree.”

Op-Ed: Open questions for the Fair Syndication Consortium

The Fair Syndication Consortium, (FSC) is the consortium pushing for pay per view on news articles representing 1500 publishers. FSC found websites plagiarized over 112,000 articles in one month. These were near-exact copies from US newspapers.

Ghostwriting taking over in some medical journals

A recent study through online questionnaire revealed industry-sponsored ghostwriting is widely used by some of the top medical journals.

Plagiarism is Widespread and Can Be Punished Severely

The Internet may be big, broad and in voluminous layers. But those who plagiarize can get caught in spite of all that, as happened to a small-town newspaper intern who got sacked for plagiarizing the New York Times.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Accused of Plagiarism

In 2003, when Stephen Harper was Leader of the Opposition, he gave a speech in the House of Commons advocating that Canada get involved in the war in Iraq. Today, Bob Rae, the Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic, accused Harper of plagiarism.

McCain Accused Of Plagiarism, Campaign Releases Internal Memo And Denies Claim

Yesterday a Congressional Quarterly blog showed similarities between John McCain's statement regarding the Georgia-Russian war, and historical facts published at Wikipedia. Today the campaign offers an internal memo from speechwriter to rebut that claim.

Op-Ed: 'Buying your career' Through Academic Essays

It’s called the essay mill, and it’s been a part of life in the academic world for too long, in many people’s opinion. Academic paper writing has been called plagiarism, but strictly speaking, it’s not even that.

Lonely Planet Writer Admits To Plagiarizing And Drug Dealing

Thomas Kohnstamm, an author for the Lonely Planet wrote a book on his misadventures as an author for the Piers Pickard travel guides. He describes his unethical approach to writing for the guide.

Welcome to the CBS News Plagiarism Scandal, I'm Katie Couric

Entries on Katie Couric's blog were found to be plagiarized and taken straight from the Wall Street Journal. One producer has been fired and the network is apologizing profusely. So what exactly was copied? What were they thinking?

Katie Couric in Plaggiarism Flap

A CBS News producer was fired and the network apologized after a Katie Couric video essay on libraries was found to be plagiarized from The Wall Street Journal.
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