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World looks up to gaze at extra bright 'supermoon'

Paris - Skygazers took to high-rise buildings, tourist landmarks and beaches worldwide on Monday to catch a glimpse of the closest "supermoon" to Earth in almost seven decades.

Mysterious lights in West Coast sky likely from meteor

Oakland - Mysterious lights streaking across the sky in Northern and Southern California early Friday were most likely caused by a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

Rare astronomical phenomenon viewable in night sky

For the next couple of weeks, star gazers will be able to observe a rare astronomical phenomenon in the night sky known as zodiacal light.

Neverbloomers: Examining what it means to be an adult Special

Montreal - Sharon Hyman has been described by the Montreal Gazette as “a one-woman film industry.” She produces, writes, directs, edits, and stars in her own movies. But despite this accomplishment, she doesn’t feel like an adult.

Op-Ed: The Facebook Phenomenon: Part II

Part I of 'The Facebook Phenomenon' took a look at the greatness of Facebook. Part II will delve into the impact Facebook makes on a worldly basis, rather than on an individual basis.

Op-Ed: The Facebook Phenomenon: Part I

If you haven't yet heard of Facebook, you're clearly under the age of one or over the age of 100. Or, you simply haven't been living on planet earth.

Fake ID's are just a click (or two) away

Can it really be this simple? Teens have been using fake ID's for a long time now, but, has the process become easier, due to technology?

Blue Sun - A rare phenomenon captured at the Pyramids in Egypt

PyramidCam which take live image of the pyramids every 30 seconds captured a rare occurrence, a blue sun phenomenon in Egypt. Scientists have a theory for the blue color appearance of the sun.

Where did all of the adults go?

No one knows where the adults have gone. They've just upped and disappeared. No corpses left behind, and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. It seems as if it was an episode of CSI. But no, this is about our bees.

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