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Ledger suffers data breach, personal data leaked Special

France-based major hardware wallet provider Ledger has admitted it suffered a data breach on June 17 that appears to have allowed a “third party” access to at least 1 million of its users’ contact details. What does this say about online security?

Data privacy: How private are COVID-19 apps?

While there are many mobile apps designed to track the spread of COVID-19, there are concerns with what happens to the data. Many apps collect personal data but they fail to indicate whether the information will be secure.

V Shred exposes 1 million files with open S3 bucket Special

It has been revealed that fitness brand V Shred left the information thousands of customers on a completely unsecured AWS S3 bucket. V Shred have addressed the issue; however, there are concerns about the content of the exposed data.

Personal information of passengers from Indian airline breached Special

A security researcher was able to access and unencrypted database that contained personal information on over 1.2 million passengers of India’s largest privately owned airlines SpiceJet. This is the latest in a series of data breaches.

Facebook error leads to 1.5 million user details being uploaded

Another month and, it seems, another data privacy issue affecting the world's biggest social media site - Facebook. The company has admitted it has 'unintentionally' uploaded contact lists of users onto the Facebook site.

Mobile health applications have security risks

A new report suggests that many types of mobile health applications are putting the personal data of millions of users at risk, due to security vulnerabilities.

LinkedIn forced to allow AI bots to scrape its data

LinkedIn has been ordered to unblock a startup's access to its data, concluding a legal debate that sets a precedent for the future. LinkedIn sent a cease and desist letter when HiQ Labs started scraping its data. A court allowed the activity to continue.

Google says it's 'committed' to keeping data 'safe and private'

Google has detailed how it intends to make its services compliant with Europe's incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy rules. The company said it is "committed" to ensuring its products meet the guidelines and offer safety assurances.

Would you clean toilets for free Wi-Fi? 22,000 unwittingly agreed

Wi-Fi hotspot provider Purple has warned of the dangers of logging onto public networks without first reading the terms and conditions. The company snuck a spoof "community service" clause into its own T&Cs. Amazingly, just one person noticed.

Few people are checking their personal data online: Study

Karlstad - Research from Karlstad University suggests that only a few people know how their personal data are collected, used, shared and accessed online. This might change, in Europe at least, with a new data protection regulation set for 2018.

Phone surveillance in 2017: Are you being watched?

Phone tracking is now easier than ever using off-the-shelf software that anyone can buy. As Congress introduces a bill to require a warrant for the mobile tracking of Americans, over 80 percent of the population say they are concerned about being watched.

Health insurer loses hard drives with data on 950,000 customers

In the world of mistakes, there are those that qualify as little "oops" or big "oops." Forgetting to change your clocks in daylight savings times is a little "oops." Misplacing six hard drives with information on 950,000 customers is a huge "oops."

IRS computer breach impacts even more taxpayers

The IRS reported Monday that another 220,000 taxpayers were victims of the data theft that occurred in May of 2015. This latest report brings the number of taxpayers affected by the intrusion to 334,000 people.

More Missing Personal Data

A file containing data for almost a half million Talvest Mutual Funds clients has gone missing. CIBC has indicated that it went missing in transit.

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