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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the third-richest person alive

Mark Zuckerberg, the chairman and CEO of Facebook, has a major reason to be proud. He is reported to be the third-richest person alive worldwide.

Argentine court grants 'non-human rights' to orangutan

Buenos Aires - An Argentine judge has granted "non-human rights" to an orangutan being kept locked up in a zoo. The case is sure to raise the ire of creationists, and they will jump on this story like a "duck-on-a-Junebug."

Catholic hospital says 'a fetus is not a person'

Denver - A Catholic hospital embroiled in a lawsuit involving the death of twin fetuses is arguing that they should not be held responsible for the death of the unborn children because "a fetus is not a person".

World's oldest person dies at 114 - or 115

Jacksonville - The woman recognized at the world's oldest person died in Texas on Monday, with her age officially listed as 114 but being 115 according to her own calculations.

The new richest person in the world is ...

Mexico's Carlos Slim became the first person from a developing nation to be named the richest person in the world. He's worth $53.5 billion.

Neil Young Named the Grammys Person of the Year

The Grammys have named Neil Young as their 2010 Person of the Year. He has never won a Grammy and is the first Canadian to receive the honor.

Body Found in Suitcase in California Part 1

The body of eight year old Sandra Cantu, who has been missing from her North California home, has been found in a suitcase.

Fifty Per Cent Of UK Personal Assistants And Social Carers Are Not Qualified

Support and information group, Skills for Care, says in a recent publication that 50% of all users of social care services are hiring personal assistants who care for the client in their own homes, without carrying out Criminal Records Bureau checks first

The New, Richest Person in the World

The richest person in the world is not Bill Gates. It's not Warren Buffet either. Nor is it Carlos Slim Helu. The richest person in the world is now Indain billionaire Mukesh Ambani.

China's richest person is 26-year old woman

The twenty-six year-old daughter of a rags-to-riches property developer is China's wealthiest person, with a $16 billion fortune, Forbes magazine said on Monday. She must be the Paris Of China.

Hiasl, a 26 Year Old Chimpanzee In Legal Battle - "He Is A Person" Activists Declare

The protection of one's legal rights is an important issue. Those rights include the right to own property, to not be tortured or denied shelter. Seems reasonable enough - until you discover Hiasl is a Chimpanzee.

Everyone wonder's where is the Best Place to live and get RICH?

Here is a list of the top ten countries with the Highest GDP per capita

ABC's Person of the Week

Bert Brady went to the airport over 300 days last year......

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Dogs need love too
Dogs need love too
Students from a nearby school take part in the parade  dressed as playing cards from the suit of dia...
Students from a nearby school take part in the parade, dressed as playing cards from the suit of diamonds, on the theme of the Diamond Jubilee

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