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Pepper Spray News

Op-Ed: Do you know why the Dakota Access Pipeline is being protested?

Police in riot gear hit dozens of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters with pepper spray and tear gas as they waded waist-deep through cold water trying to reach property owned by the pipeline’s developer.

Bodycam video shows 84-year-old woman pepper-sprayed in her home

Muskogee - Police in Muskogee, Oklahoma have released bodycam footage of officers pepper-spraying an elderly black woman after police followed her son into the house.

Suspect bites, pepper sprays Macy's worker so accomplice escapes

Authorities are searching for a woman who fled when she and the man she was with were confronted by Macy's workers after security cameras allegedly showed them stealing more than $3,000 worth of designer purses inside the store at a Pennsylvania mall.

MU professor who asked for 'muscle' to block journalist suspended

Columbia - A University of Missouri assistant professor has been suspended from her duties after calling for "some muscle" to help eject a student journalist who was covering a protest on campus, the University of Missouri System Board of Curators said on Wednesday.

B.C. boy, 2, pepper sprayed during apparent road rage

Surrey - A two-year-old boy was sprayed after a passenger in a Range Rover pepper sprayed his father during an altercation between the father and the people in the Range Rover.

California cop accused of pepper-spraying teen's pizza

Laguna Hills - A Southern California sheriff's deputy has been arraigned on allegations he pepper-sprayed a teen's pizza during a routine traffic stop last year.

Photo Essay: Protests in Turkey Special

Istanbul - Protests began in Istanbul's Gezi Park on May 31 and spread throughout Turkey as police reacted violently with water cannons and tear gas. People in Turkey are asking for more freedom, and some merely stand silently while police order more pepper spray.

Turkey: Police attack tourists in Taksim Special

Istanbul - On Sunday afternoon, Turkish police attacked tourists who were peacefully walking through Taksim, Istanbul. Police used so much pepper spray that it came into the cafe where I was having tea with friends.

Op-Ed: 14-year-old girl pepper-sprayed after making homophobic comments

Halifax - A 39-year-old Canadian man, tired of having his partner harassed by the same teenager for the last six weeks, pepper-sprayed the 14-year-old girl in the parking lot of the Halifax Shopping Centre.

NYPD will not provide defense for Police Officer Anthony Bologna

New York - Police Officer Anthony Bologna of the NYPD was caught on video, pepper-spraying two female Occupy Wall Street members and now faces a civil lawsuit.

UC Davis pepper spray cop finally off the payroll

Sacramento - Lieutenant John Pike, infamous for spraying peaceful protesters on the campus with military-grade pepper spray last year, no longer works for UC Davis.

Santa Monica college students pepper-sprayed ― Protest over costs

Santa Monica - In a flashback to the November 18, 2011 pepper-spraying of UC Davis students, now Santa Monica college students have suffered the same fate, including a 4 year old child.

UC Davis pepper spray cop to go on trial

Last year while protesting against rising tuition costs, 19 students at UC Davis were sprayed with a military-grade pepper spray by a policeman.

Video of pepper-spray fight at Disneyland goes viral

Anaheim - Recently an unusual and not-so-happy event occurred at one of the happiest places on Earth. Police were called to Disneyland in Anaheim after an allegedly drunk guest ended up in an altercation with Disney employees and other guests.

Black Friday pepper-sprayer claims self-defense, may sue Walmart

Los Angeles - The woman who made headlines after using pepper spray in a California Walmart during this year's Black Friday madness will not face felony charges, however could still be slapped with a misdemeanor, pending examination by Los Angeles city prosecutors.

Black Friday pepper spray suspect refuses to talk with LA police

Los Angeles - After surrendering to authorities over the weekend, the woman suspected of allegedly attacking 20 other shoppers at a Port Ranch, California Walmart is now refusing to talk to police.

Black Friday's pepper spray suspect surrenders to police

Los Angeles - After this year's Black Friday was underway, all sorts of reports emerged which demonstrated the crazed behavior that increases in retail stores during this popular shopping day.

Woman uses pepper spray during Black Friday madness at Walmart

Los Angeles - Several people suffered injuries during last night's kick-off to Black Friday shopping after a woman shot pepper spray into the crowd to keep other eager shoppers away from the items she wanted to purchase.

Hacking group Anonymous targets pepper-spraying policeman

The hacking group Anonymous has targeted the policeman who pepper-sprayed protesters at UC Davis by posting his personal contact information online, along with an ominous video message that urges supporters to bombard him with emails and phone calls.

U.C. Davis calls for inquiry after students pepper sprayed

Dozens of protesters at the University of California, Davis, were pepper-sprayed by police on Friday. The incident is now going to be investigated.

FBI agents arrest NYPD cop on charges of civil rights violations

Brooklyn - A New York City police officer was arrested this past Wednesday morning by FBI agents on charges of civil rights violations after he allegedly pepper-sprayed two patrons without cause at a bar in Brooklyn.

Pepper-spraying NYPD officer at Wall Street protests identified

New York - The New York City Police Department officer who walked up to a group of penned protesters Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protests and fired mace in their faces has been identified and online complaints have already begun.

TopFinds: Boy pepper-sprayed, Pia Toscano booted from Idol

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaigns in Toronto. Police pepper-spray an eight-year-old student in Colorado. Will floating debris from Japan reach the US? These are the top stories on

Colorado boy, 8, pepper-sprayed by police

An eight-year-old Colorado student was pepper-sprayed and subdued by police after he threatened to injure teachers and police officers. Aidan Elliot acknowledged to reporters, "I kind of deserved it."

Student Sets Off Pepper Spray, 22 Treated

Thursday, Nottingham High School in Syracuse was the scene of a fight between two teens that finally escalated to the point that a 15-year old teen used pepper spray to ward off her attacker, a 16-year old boy in the cafeteria.

Let Me Outta Here! - Patient Sprays Her Way Out of Hospital

She wanted out. The hospital advised against it. She said I want to leave. They said I don't think so. So what did this Idaho woman do? She Pepper Sprayed herself right out of there!

Lisa Nowak accused of Attempted Murder?

One day Astronaut, the next day an accused Murderer? What Drove Lisa Nowak over the edge?

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Dayton Barratt  2  and his mother Sara Barratt
Dayton Barratt, 2, and his mother Sara Barratt
Screen capture from CBC News
Lieutenant Pike in spray mode
Lieutenant Pike in spray mode
A Nebraska man sprayed pepper spray on a crowd of protesters and counter-protesters at the funeral o...
A Nebraska man sprayed pepper spray on a crowd of protesters and counter-protesters at the funeral of U.S. Marine. The man's arm and multiple bursts of spray can be seen coming from the dark red/burgundy truck shown in the first 2 seconds of the video.
The suspects were at a Macy s in Pennsylvania  allegedly stealing designer purses.
The suspects were at a Macy's in Pennsylvania, allegedly stealing designer purses.
Screen grab WPXI
4 year old pepper-sprayed in protest at Santa Monica College
4 year old pepper-sprayed in protest at Santa Monica College
UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike pepper-sprays Occupy UC Davis protesters who were blocking the police ...
UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike pepper-sprays Occupy UC Davis protesters who were blocking the police from removing arrested protesters from the quad
Photo: Jasna Hodzic / © The California Aggie