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Review: Yoshiki delivers masterful 'Live at Carnegie Hall' PBS special Special

New York - Acclaimed Japanese pianist and artist Yoshiki "Live at Carnegie Hall" special aired on March 8 on PBS, and it was quite the spectacle.

Yoshiki's live special at New York's Carnegie Hall to air on PBS

On Friday, March 8, "Yoshiki- Live at Carnegie Hall," starring rock star and pianist Yoshiki, will be televised on New York's PBS channel at 9 p.m.

World's first streaming stick for kids launched by PBS

PBS KIDS has unveiled the first HDMI TV streaming stick aimed specifically at children. Moulded in the shape of a racing car and featuring bright green colours, the device comes preloaded with digital games, videos and sing-along songs for young children.

Op-Ed: 'Leftist' BBC under scrutiny from conservative government

London - Rupert Murdoch hates public broadcasters. So do many U.S., UK and Australian conservative politicians. The BBC is now part of the global hate campaign directed at the whole idea of public broadcast. The excuse is that it’s “leftist.”

Tanya Tucker: Interview with a celebrated country icon Special

Digital Journal caught up with the charismatic superstar ahead of a tell-all TV interview set to air on Friday, July 10 on PBS. She also discussed her current tour and her struggles with addiction.

Ben Affleck hid ancestry, appologizes on Facebook

A trailer for "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" starring Ben Affleck was just released. But the actor's appearance on the PBS show "Finding Your Roots" is also turning heads. Leaked emails suggest that Affleck asked the show to censor one finding.

'General Hospital' grabs 28 Daytime Emmy nominations

It was a big day for "General Hospital" as it landed 28 Daytime Emmy nominations. "Young and the Restless" followed with 25 nods while "Bold and the Beautiful" nabbed 19.

'Reading Rainbow' $1-million Kickstarter goal reached in a day

An emotional LeVar Burton reaches out to express his gratitude on Youtube when his campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow hits its goal of $1 million in only a day.

Op-Ed: On Sr. Rosemary's request to the media to not sugar-coat evil Special

South San Francisco - While watching Charlie Rose on PBS earlier this month, this reporter was moved by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe of Uganda asking the media to not let the subject of human trafficking become "old news" something to be forgotten.

Op-Ed: What have we learned from Black History Month? Special

Black History Month is celebrated every February in the United States. As the month comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on what we have learned. Books, documentaries, and feature films are resources for gleaning new information.

Op-Ed: Suddenly, all public broadcasters are Leftists? BBC under fire

London - All of a sudden, public broadcasters in the UK and Australia are under fire from conservative governments for perceived bias and “leftist” views. Interestingly, Rupert Murdoch and other conservatives have been targeting public broadcasters, too.

Unheard Tupac interview from 1994 gets animated

An unheard 1994 Tupac Shakur interview with Entertainment Weekly has been unearthed and turned into an animated video for a PBS web series.

Country group The Mavericks to take part in PBS pledge drive

The Grammy-winning country group, The Mavericks, are going to lend their voices to the PBS audience, in an effort to raise funds during the network's December pledge drive programming.

Catching up with Chris Mann from 'The Voice' Special

Singer Chris Mann from "The Voice" took some time from his schedule to talk about his future plans and upcoming Christmas special on PBS.

'American Masters Mel Brooks: Make a Noise' to air on PBS Special

'Young Frankenstein', 'Your Show of Shows', 'The 2,000 Year Old Man', 'Blazing Saddles', and 'Get Smart' all have one thing in common: the genius of Mel Brooks.

Op-Ed: PBS broadcast on drones funded by drone-maker Lockheed-Martin

Bethesda - A Nova broadcast called "Rise of the Drones" was described as having received "additional funding" from drone manufacturer Lockheed-Martin in what seems a violation of PBS guidelines.

PBS set to air Veterans Day special

Washington - As the United States gets ready for Veterans Day, PBS preps for their inaugural broadcast titled "National Salute to Veterans." It airs Nov. 11 on PBS at 7 p.m. CST.

'Million Puppet March' in support of PBS only draws hundreds

Washington - The “Million Puppet March” drew far less than it had hoped for Saturday when hundreds of supporters of PBS and NPR marched in Washington. The purpose of the event was to show the importance of public media.

Obama wins Nickelodeon's 'Kids Pick The President' vote

If kids could vote, Barack Obama would win the 2012 Presidential election in a landslide. Nickelodeon has held a "Kids Pick The President" mock election every year since 1988. This year, the president beat Mitt Romney 65% to 35%.

'Million Muppet March' to take place in Washington

Washington - In the days leading up to Election Day, humans and Muppets plan to travel to the Washington Mall to support public broadcasting. This initiative emerged after Mitt Romney's now famous "Big Bird" comment during the Oct. 3 presidential debate.

Op-Ed: Why the free market can save Big Bird if Mitt Romney is elected

Denver - Since Wednesday night's first presidential debate, American adults and children have been worried that if Mitt Romney is elected next month then Big Bird would suddenly disappear and kids would stop learning.

'Big Bird' backlash: The 8-year-old girl Mitt Romney pissed off

Pike Road - An angry 8-year-old Alabama resident sent a letter to Mitt Romney for his comments about cuts to PBS and in particular, Big Bird, telling the candidate: "You find something else to cut off!"

At debate, Romney loves 'Big Bird', puts him out a job anyway

Denver - Wednesday night's presidential debate sparked anger online when Mitt Romney said if elected president he would give beloved "Sesame Street" character, Big Bird, the pink slip.

Controversial 9/11 film soars to #1 on PBS, breaks local records Special

A daring new documentary that uses scientific analysis to challenge the official 9/11 story became the most popular film on PBS during the week of the 9/11 anniversary, which followed its record-breaking broadcast on Colorado Public Television (CPT12).

PBS documentary explores the life of the enigmatic Johnny Carson Special

Producer Peter Jones was granted unprecedented access to the Carson archives and offers viewers a candid yet reverent look at the iconic talk show host's life.

Op-Ed: The old vs. the new — AP’s NewsRight vs. Google and Twitter

Sydney - AP, like News Corp press and some others, have been bitching about news aggregators for years. They’re seen as “stealing” news and undermining the bottom line of these previously exclusive sources. There’s a few things wrong with this position.

PBS Newshour website hacked

In response to a Frontline documentary on Wikileaks, a hacker group hacked into the PBS Newshour website, posting a fake story as well as posting information for staffers, the network, and password info for stations on its Twitter account.

PBS poll on Sarah Palin countred by AFA's poll on Barack Obama

The Public Broadcasting Service [PBS] has been running a poll asking whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as the vice-president. The American Family Association [AFA] has now set up a poll to counter the PBS poll.

Its A Sad Day In The Neighborhood As 'Mr. Rogers' Says Farewell To Many PBS Stations

After forty years of helping children with real-life issues, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" is being taken off air by PBS and local programmers to make way for new shows.

Secretary Rumsfeld Interview With Jim Lehrer, PBS ''Newsmaker''

JIM LEHRER: Now our newsmaker interview with the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Secretary, welcome. DEFENSE SECRETARY DONALD RUMSFELD: Thank you. MR. LEHRER: The president's budget is being called a war budget. What would you ...
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Charles Dickens novel  Great Expectations  has been adapted to the screen more than once. Each versi...
Charles Dickens novel "Great Expectations" has been adapted to the screen more than once. Each version has its own style and approach in telling the complex story with its cast of characters that Dickens wrote when he was 48 years old.
PBS KIDS Plug & Play
PBS KIDS Plug & Play
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out climbed to #1 at PBS on the anniversary of the Septembe...
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out climbed to #1 at PBS on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
The Charlie Rose interview with Sr. Rosemary was broadcast on PBS on May 7  2014. It also can be see...
The Charlie Rose interview with Sr. Rosemary was broadcast on PBS on May 7, 2014. It also can be seen on the Charlie Rose web site archives, as pictured here.
In 1981-82  a PBS TV series charmed and intrigued many  it was Evelyn Waugh s  Brideshead Revisited....
In 1981-82, a PBS TV series charmed and intrigued many, it was Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited." This production was just before Merchant and Ivory films and yes way before "Downtown Abby."
In her interview with Charlie Rose which aired on PBS stations on May 7  Sr. Rosemary said that the ...
In her interview with Charlie Rose which aired on PBS stations on May 7, Sr. Rosemary said that the media should keep talking about the pervasive global problem of human trafficking. And, she said not to "sugar-coat evil." Human trafficking is an evil against humanity.
From this real photo  it is obvious the skies were overcast and foggy.
From this real photo, it is obvious the skies were overcast and foggy.
Andrew Roszak/Twitter
Miles O Brien  PBS
Miles O'Brien, PBS
MacNeil Lehrer Productions
Johnny Carson  the host of The Tonight Show
Johnny Carson, the host of The Tonight Show"

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