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Inside the Stormy striptease aggravating Trump

Philadelphia - It's late and the strip-club crowd is braying. Except the sexy firefighter who sashays out to wild applause is no ordinary stripper.

Stormy Daniels taunts fake Trump as lawyer presses media blitz

Washington - Porn actress Stormy Daniels took aim at Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live with comedy as her lawyer pressed forward Sunday with a straight-faced media offensive against the president.

Stormy Daniels taunts fake Trump on comedy show SNL

Washington - Stormy Daniels, the real one, took on Donald Trump, depicted by Alec Baldwin, on comedy show Saturday Night Live and taunted him saying the only way for the furor over their alleged tryst to vanish was for him to resign.

Reports on Brexit divorce bill deal are 'rumours': Barnier

Berlin - The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Wednesday dismissed as "rumours" reports of a deal between London and Brussels on Britain's exit bill.

Britain, EU agree on Brexit divorce bill: reports

London - British and European negotiators have reached a deal for Britain to pay tens of billions of euros to leave the European Union, according to media reports Tuesday.

Q&A with Plooto CEO Hamed Abbasi Special

Small and medium business (SMBs) are driving real change across North America. But financial institutions can appear rigid in their behaviour to these creators of change.

'I'll pay with Google': Pay with your voice with new Google app

Google has announced a limited trial of a new mobile payments app that lets you pay for something in a store with nothing more than your voice. The system requires your phone to be present but doesn’t force you to pick it up.

Apple Pay launches into a saturated Chinese market

Apple Pay is now available in China, bringing the mobile payment service to millions of new users. Apple has partnered with several Chinese banks and retailers and expects China to become Apple Pay's most successful market.

Google announces plans to expand Android Pay into apps

An update to Android Pay today adds support for using the system to buy things from within apps. Google says it is the "next step" in developing Android Pay, now accepted in over 1 million locations across the U.S.

Snapchat introduces paid lenses, retweets annoyed and happy users

Snapchat has launched a store that lets users pay to get more Lenses to use in the app, animated filters that can be applied to snaps. In a unique move, the company has surprised unhappy users by retweeting their annoyance alongside positive responses.

MasterCard 'Selfie Pay' will let you blink to make purchases

Credit card provider MasterCard has announced it has begun rolling out a new biometric authentication technology previously known as Selfie Pay. It will allow card holders to complete transactions by scanning their face or providing a fingerprint.

Google could launch Android Pay this Wednesday

Google seems to be preparing its new Android Pay service for launch on Wednesday. It will allow owners of compatible Android phones to make payments for things in shops with just a simple tap of their device in a very similar model to that of Apple Pay.

Greece repays 3.4 bn euros to European Central Bank: Source

Atenas - Greece has repaid 3.4 billion euros ($3.79 billion) due to the European Central Bank Thursday, a source close to the Greek government said after the launch of a massive new reforms-for-bailout deal.

Hackers could go on a easy spending spree with contactless cards

The UK's Which? consumer research group has found that contactless payment cards can be easily hacked using homemade technology. The card details can be stolen and then used to pay for goods online without further verification.

Apple patent looks in your bank account to target advertising

Apple has filed a patent for technology that would hook directly into the contents of your bank account to make advertising even more targeted than it is today. It would mean Apple would only display adverts for products that you can afford.

Apple gives free month of iCloud to Greeks who can't pay renewal

Apple has granted Greek iCloud subscribers a free month of usage after the financial crisis in the country meant that Apple would have been unable to take payment for the subscription service and users would have lost their stored data.

MasterCard wants to replace passwords with selfies and speech

Card provider MasterCard has begun a trial of a new technology that could see its customers verifying purchases with a quick selfie as opposed to a password. The aim is to make something "cool" that is quicker and easier than a password.

IMF says it expects Greece will make June 30 payment

Washington - The International Monetary Fund said Thursday that it expects Greece will make a 1.5 billion euro ($1.7 billion) debt payment scheduled for June 30, as Athens continues to negotiate with creditors.

Contactless payments to be accepted in 'every' EU store by 2020

Mastercard's head of emerging payment products has said that contactless payments with cards and phones will be accepted at every store in the UK and Europe before 2020, sparking a debate on whether this will actually be possible.

Here's what's new in Android M, coming later this year

As expected, Google revealed a new version of its Android mobile operating system at its IO developers conference yesterday. A very early preview, some of Android M's features include a new app launcher, built-in fingerprint support and more battery life.

Greece says it is paying 750 mn euros due Tuesday to IMF

Atenas - Greece has begun the transfer of 750 million euros ($836 million) to the International Monetary Fund one day before the payment is due, the finance ministry said on Monday.

Early issues with Apple Pay are putting off users, says study

A study has revealed that early issues with Apple Pay are causing many earlier patriots to neglect regular use of the service. 47% of users have experienced issues in stores advertised as Apple Pay friendly.

The Bitcoin blockchain could be spreading malware across the web

A new report has suggested that the core of Bitcoin could be used by hackers to deliver harmful, dangerous malware to unsuspecting users of the cryptocurrency network if malicious files were uploaded instead of transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Mobile rewards platform Freecharge raises $80m in funding

Mobile transactions firm Freecharge has raised $80 million from new investors to help fuel its growth. The company enables users to get free rewards such as food or entertainment by simply paying phone bills through its mobile app.

Comedy club charges 'per laugh'

Barcelona - A comedy club in Barcelona has decided to charge customers per laugh. This is achieved through an experiment that uses facial-recognition technology. The technology tracks how much clients enjoyed the show by counting their laughter rate.

Swedish city introduces payment by hand scanning

Stockholm - Hand scanning has become an alternative payment method for people in a city in southern Sweden, researchers at Lund University said Monday.

MasterCard, Visa form group to enhance payment security

Credit card companies MasterCard Inc and Visa Inc said they had formed a new cross-industry group to enhance payment system security across networks. The move follows several data breaches at U.S.

Mastercard, Visa form cross-industry group for payment security

Credit card companies MasterCard Inc <MA.N> and Visa Inc <V.N> said they had formed a new cross-industry group to enhance payment system security across networks.

The push for mobile point-of-sale unites industry giants

The poise and promise of mobile payments continue to drive new partnerships across the vast commercial landscape of the United States.

Bitcoin can be used to pay tuition at The University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia, located in Cyprus, announced that it would allow students to pay tuition fees with Bitcoin, the first accredited university to do so.
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