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Pants News

Jerusalemites show a leg for worldwide 'No Pants' ride

Jerusalem - Tram passengers in Jerusalem stripped down to their underwear Sunday for the worldwide annual "No Pants Subway Ride", drawing embarrassed smiles and dumbfounded stares from fellow travellers.

Smart pants will tell you when you need to go to the toilet

There are smartphones, smartwatches and now there are smart pants, which tell you ahead of time when you will need to go to the bathroom.

Taco Bell fires employee after being caught with hand down pants

Sandusky - Taco Bell sacked an employee after a photo of them went viral on social media. The employee was shown with his hand down the back of his pants.

Introducing jeans that can also charge your iPhone

Imagine slipping on a pair of jeans, sliding your iPhone in one of the pockets...and the phone is being charged as you go about your day. Welcome to the innovation behind the #Hello line of Joe's Jeans.

Ed Sheeran once 'sharted' on stage

Pop singer Ed Sheeran said that he once 'sharted' during a live performance. 'Shart' is when a person goes to fart but ends up pooping themselves.

Skinny jeans cut blood supply to woman's legs, hospitalizes her

Adelaide - A woman collapsed and was forced to crawl from an Adelaide park after her skinny jeans cut off the circulation in her legs.

Apple fans' tight pants are bending the iPhone 6 Plus

Apple's larger screen for the iPhone 6 models has come at the cost of rigidity, according to reports of users who have purchased the new flagship device and are noting the phone has bent while being carried in pant pockets.

Legs bared around the world for annual 'No Pants' commute

New York - Bare legs and briefs filled train cars from Sydney to New York Sunday as passengers traveled trouserless -- provoking laughs and perplexed looks -- for the 13th annual "No Pants Subway Ride.

Legs bared for annual No Pants commute

Sydney - Trains and trams in cities around the world were awash with bare legs and briefs on Sunday as pranksters travelled trouserless for the 13th annual "No Pants Subway Ride".

Robbery suspect's getaway foiled by his baggy pants

A robber who was running away from a Florida church was caught by police after his baggy pants started to slip off of him.

Lululemon recalls yoga pants for being too revealing

Lululemon has decided to pull its popular black yoga pants from store shelves after it found that the material used to make the pants was revealing too much of its loyal customers.

Men, if you love your testicles you'll ditch the tight jeans

The fashion trend for tight jeans on men seems to be taking its toll, everything from low sperm counts to twisted testicles... and that's gonna hurt.

Rat invades woman's pants in NYC subway

A woman in New York City ended up being traumatized on the train she was riding on because she was attacked by a rat. The MTA said that subway cars, tracks and platforms are often cleaned of debris that could potentially attract rats.

Subway riders to drop pants as part of worldwide event

Train riders in major cities across the world plan on taking part in the annual event called No Pants Subway Ride on Sunday.

Saggy pants rule brings in money for Georgia city

Albany - Fining those wearing trousers that hang too low has brought in almost $4,000, in less than a year, for one city in Georgia.

Romanian caught with his pants down during alleged burglary

In Almancil, Portugal, a Romanian man became trapped in a window during an alleged burglary attempt. The man was literally caught with his pants down.

Malaysian Police Bar Trousers On Girls Saying It May Make For Tomboys

Ladies in pants in Malaysia are a security threat according to the police. The mainly National Fatwa Council has issued a ruling that females wearing trousers in un-Islamic. The ruling cited that girls in pants risk becoming sexually active "tomboys."

Stop! Those Pants Don't Fit In Florida!

It appears that the infamous "fashion police" had taken a step too far as a teenager in Florida was jailed for wearing baggy trousers which showed his underwear. The ruling has been described as "unconstitutional" by a local judge

$54-Million Lost Pants Lawsuit Back to Court Again

The $54 million “lost pants” case is back again. A three-judge appellate court panel in D.C. agreed to hear an appeal of the case that was previously defeated.

Indonesian Masseuse's are told to lock up their pants

Massage parlors throughout the town of Batu on the island of Java in Indonesia are asking female masseuses to padlock their skirts and pants.

iPod Sets Man's Pants On Fire

The new iPod Nano is hot. But one Douglasville man said his old Nano got even hotter, hot enough to burst into flames. Williams said the burn hole from the pocket of his pants marks the spot of his 15 seconds of flame.

Pants found on street with $41,000 check

It was embarrassing enough that Mark Stahnke woke up in a neighbor's yard without his pants. Then he remembered the cashier's check for $41,093, in them. The check was for his son.

Damages claim by judge against dry cleaner now $64 million. It was $65 million.

The saga of the multi million dollar pants continues unabated. Nice to see someone in the legal profession keeping a sense of perspective. With all the relative trivia waiting for years for hearings, this will probably come a relief to all.

Customer Sues for $65 million over Pants

A Judge sues a dry cleaner for $65 Million dollars for a pair of lost pants.

Newborn ends up in Pa. woman's pant leg

A woman gave birth to a boy outside a western Pennsylvania hospital, a delivery that happened so quickly that the infant wound up in the woman's pants.

Wardrobe Malfunction Leads to Suspect's Arrest

16-yr-old robbery suspect, who'd previously eluded police, was caught when his baggy pants fell down.

Cricket Captain Caught With Pants Down

Just to add a little levity to your evening ....

Man's Cell Phone Apparently Sets Him Ablaze

A cell phone apparently ignited in a man's pocket and started a fire that burned his hotel room and caused severe burns over half his body...

Pants found in woods could belong to Kim

Searchers scouring a rugged canyon Tuesday found a pair of pants matching the description of those worn by a missing man who struck out for help after his family's car got stuck in the snow.

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