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Paedophile News

Polish court orders compensation for 1980s victim of paedophile priest

Warsaw - Paedophile acts by a Catholic priest in the 1980s were like "torture", a Polish court has said, as it lifted the statute of limitation and ordered compensation to the victim -- an unprecedented decision in Poland.

Paedophile agrees to be sent back to Britain from Hong Kong

Hong Kong - A convicted paedophile and former competitive ice skater who used the sport to groom young girls has agreed to return to Britain after he was arrested in Hong Kong on an extradition request.

Prosthetic leg mistaken for pedophile in local swimming pool

Tonbridge - Staff evacuated a class of children from a swimming pool over concerns that a pedophile had been seen in the changing rooms. The pedophile was in fact an artificial leg.

Review: ‘The Paedophile MP...’ Special

Rochdale - Rochdale is a town that has become famous for all the wrong reasons: the birthplace of both Gracie Fields and Lee Rigby, and, it seems, a hub for paedophilia.

Moroccan royal pardon of Spanish pedophile 'a mistake'

Rabat - Convicted two years ago of sexually abusing 11 children aged between three and 15 and handed a 30-year sentence, Daniel Galván Viña has apparently been "mistakenly" pardoned by the King of Morocco.

Lord McAlpine drops defamation claims against some Tweeter users

Lord McAlpine, former Conservative Party Treasurer, has dropped defamation charges against Twitter users with less than 500 followers who associated his name with allegations of paedophilia. Instead he will focus on legal action against Sally Bercow.

Britain's most dangerous paedophile gaoled for life

If you thought Jimmy Savile was bad, you haven't heard of Red Saunders. Hopefully you will never hear of him again. Yesterday, he was handed down a life sentence at the Central Criminal Court.

Britain's most wanted paedophile arrested and back behind bars

London - After weeks of hearing about Jimmy Savile's covered-up child molestation scandals, at least one notorious and violent child sex offender, known as the Pied Piper of Paedophiles, has been arrested after 15 years on the run.

Paedophile Michael Jackson gaoled for life

Wolverhampton - Last November, a paedophile with the unfortunate name of Michael Jackson kidnapped a young boy. Today, he got his just deserts.

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP slams BBC for paedophile cover up

Salford - Speaking in Salford recently, Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, was highly critical of the BBC for allegedly covering up the issue of child grooming gangs; an issue he was the first to publicly highlight back in 2004, if not earlier.

Jimmy Savile's nephew issues statement

Roger Foster, the nephew of Jimmy Savile, has released a statement, expressing the Savile family's hurt at the recent firestorm of allegations and their compassion for the victims.

MP suggests paedophile ring at the heart of UK government

London - Yesterday, Tom Watson MP asked the British Prime Minister about a possible paedophile ring that may have had connections to parliament and even 10 Downing Street.

English Defence League (EDL) Keighley demo

Keighley - The EDL will hold a Regional Demo in Keighley, West Yorkshire; 12 miles from Bradford, on Saturday, 4 August, to highlight politically correct inaction against child sex grooming gangs.

Unthinkable crimes UK: The baby raper and the baby killer

What kind of man could even think about raping a four month old baby? How about a senior prison officer? Now John Maber has gone back to his place of work, this time as an inmate.

Liverpool Crown Court: Sentences handed down to paedophile gang

Liverpool - The ringleader of the Rochdale Muslim child grooming gang has been sentenced to 19 years. Others involved have received sentences ranging from between four and twelve years.

Nine Muslim men found guilty of child sex offences in Rochdale

Rochdale - Muslim, paedophile, child grooming gang is finally brought to justice as police incompetence is highlighted and allegations of a politically correct cover up are made.

Protests at Liverpool Crown Court against alleged paedophile gang

Liverpool - Certain groups, including the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP) organised separate protests outside Liverpool Crown Court on Monday 6 February 2012.

Paedophile deported from the UK to Pakistan

A 50-year-old convicted sex offender has been deported to Pakistan, after originally winning the right to stay in the UK on his release from prison.

Paedophile undergoes surgical castration to gain prison release

Baton Rouge - Convicted child molester Francis Phillip Tullier, 78, underwent surgical castration as part of a plea bargain agreement, which included 27 years in prison. Tullier plead guilty to sexually molesting multiple young girls between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

Paedophile doctor jailed for at least 4 years

Edinburgh - The High Court in Edinburgh sentenced a doctor who tried to entice two young girls into his car because he was interested in having sex with them to at least four years in prison.

Paedophile dies following attack in prison cell

Grendon - A man serving a life sentence for raping a child was attacked in his prison cell in England on Sunday afternoon and died in hospital later that day.

Letter shows Ratzinger put church before removing abusing priest

The future Pope Benedict XVI put the good of the Catholic Church before pleas to defrock a California priest with a history of child molestation, according to a 1985 letter bearing his signature, it has just emerged.

UK child protection campaigner Sara Payne in critical condition

The UK child protection campaigner, Sara Payne, is fighting for her life in a London hospital after suffering complications brought on by a previous brain surgery.

Wife poses as school girl online, catches husband soliciting sex

A 69-year-old Welshman was caught chatting online with his 61-years-old wife who he believed was a schoolgirl ready to have sex with him.

Detectives trailing convicted paedophile in Madeleine case

Former ex Scots Guardsman and convicted paedophile, Raymond Hewlett, has been named as a vital link in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Thai police file new charges against Canadian paedophile suspect

Thai police filed two more charges of child abuse Wednesday against a suspected Canadian paedophile arrested last week after an international manhunt prompted by child pornography on the internet.

Police Put Most Wanted Paedophile Behind Bars

It has been the story of the year in the crackdown on world child abuse and at last, the twisted face from a Myspace page has shown an even more twisted man - the Canadian schoolteacher is caught.

Cops Trace Web Pedophile To Thailand

A pedophile who posted scrambled images of himself sexually abusing young children in the Internet is identified to be an English language teacher in South Korea. The public identified him after Interpol unscrambled the images.

British Actor Chris Langham Tells Court He Looked At Child Pornography As Therapy

British award-winning actor, Chris Langham has denied charges of accessing child pornography and eight allegations of sexual assault. He told the court, he did not want to be labelled as a paedophile.

The UK Won't Get A Megan's Law Says Government

The UK government falls down on the popularity list once more as plans for a system open to the public for information on convicted paedophiles has been scrapped, meaning the UK version of 'Megan's Law,' won't now take place
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Former rock s tar and now convicted paedophile Ian Watkins who received a 35 year sentence at Cardif...
Former rock s tar and now convicted paedophile Ian Watkins who received a 35 year sentence at Cardiff Crown Court
South Wales Police
A screengrab of Graham Ovenden outside Truro Crown Court on June 4  2013 at which time he told a rep...
A screengrab of Graham Ovenden outside Truro Crown Court on June 4, 2013 at which time he told a reporter that he was "probably about twenty times more intelligent that most people". Depravity and arrogance.
Screengrab / BBC
James Stuart Hall  is British former radio and television presenter. Pleaded guilty in April 2013 to...
James Stuart Hall, is British former radio and television presenter. Pleaded guilty in April 2013 to having indecently assaulted 13 girls, aged between 9 and 17 years old, between 1967 and 1986. Hall was sentenced to 30 months in prison. — Wikipedia
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