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Pacific White Sided Dolphins News

Bloodshed continues as more dolphin pods are killed in the Cove

Taiji - There have been several days of bloodshed in Taiji's infamous Cove as Risso's, striped and Pacific white-sided dolphins were driven in and slaughtered. Warning: Graphic images.

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Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Pacific White Sided Dolphins Image

Yours truly  Jenna  interacts with Betty  a Pacific white-sided dolphin at SeaWorld San Antonio on A...
Yours truly, Jenna, interacts with Betty, a Pacific white-sided dolphin at SeaWorld San Antonio on August 11th, 2010 during an "Adventure Camp" program at the park. SeaWorld San Antonio's Adventure Camp programs are aimed at students who have a strong interest in seeking animal-related careers and include several interactions and hands-on experiences with marine animals such as dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, penguins, and sting rays. For college students, these programs are offered in March
 Trainers  vets along with killers in dive suits  were seen  medicating an ill White-Sided dolphin  ...
"Trainers, vets along with killers in dive suits" were seen "medicating an ill White-Sided dolphin," Cove Guardians said. After "hours treating the dolphin ... it eventually died." Two other Pacific dolphins were held back, "to prevent them from going near their dying family member," they added.
Courtesy SSCS Cove Guardians

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