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Op-Ed: Space Force to boldly go where Star Trek has gone before

The Pentagon's new US Space Force is not Star Trek's Starfleet Command, but their logos bear a striking similarity. In the voyage to the final frontier, This has spawned a wave of ridicule directed toward President Trump.

Loyal OneDrive users disbanding as unlimited storage ends

Microsoft has changed several of its OneDrive plans in major ways, reducing free allowances from 15GB to 5GB and ending unlimited storage because some people dared to take it at its word. Thousands of vocal and outraged users have already complained.

Pub customers 'appalled' as Christmas tree goes up in July

Milton Keynes - A British bar and restaurant has sparked outrage from customers after putting up a Christmas tree over five months before the big day. The pub was apparently using it as a "training exercise" for staff but drinkers weren't happy.

Outrage at bullfighter's pit bull attack photos on Facebook

A top Portuguese bullfighter, João Moura Jr, has incurred the wrath of animal rights groups in Europe, by posting a series of shocking photographs on his Facebook page showing pit bulls attacking a calf.

Op-Ed: Immanuel Jakobovits v OutRage! twenty years on

London - Twenty years ago today, the 'Jewish Chronicle' newspaper reported an halachic pronouncement by the Chief Rabbi Emeritus that caused outrage.

Op-Ed: The Indian protests an example of positive outrage

The story of a 23-year-old woman gang-raped by six men on a moving bus, attacked with an iron rod, and thrown out of the bus in New Delhi, India (and the lack of proper official response to her case) has outraged the Indian society.

Günter Grass tries to quell outrage over poem criticizing Israel

The Washington Post reports that German Nobel laureate, Günter Grass, is attempting to set the record straight on a poem that sharply criticizes Israel. Grass maintains he was attacking the government's current policies, and not Israel as a whole.

Gay campaigners join fight to help straight pair get civil union

A gay campaigning group in the UK has joined the fight to get civil partnerships for straight couples. At the moment, they are available only to gay ones.

Sir Ian McKellen: 'Peter Tatchell is my hero'

London - In a new video, the Shakesperean and Hollywood actor, Sir Ian McKellen, has spoken of his strong support for Peter Tatchell, the UK-based Australian-born human-rights campaigner.

Pakistani lynch mob killing boys in public sparks outrage (video)

A video of two young brothers being beaten by a lynch mob in Pakistan has outraged the country and provoked police to arrest several suspects. The boys were beaten to death for apparently taking part in an armed robbery.

Founding father of gay rights in the UK dies

One of the founding fathers of the fight for gay equality in Britain, Antony Grey, has died. He was 82. He had been suffering from leukaemia for some years and died in King Edward VII Hospital in London.

Gay Malawians’ defiant prison declaration of love

Two men on trial on charges of homosexuality in Malawi, Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, have issued a defiant message from their prison cell, affirming their love for each other and thanking their supporters in Malawi and worldwide.

London protest planned over Pope’s alleged child-abuse cover-up

Protesters in London accuse Pope Benedict XVI of covering up child sex abuse by Catholic clergy and will demand his resignation on Sunday.

Amnesty urged to ‘adopt’ Malawi gay couple

Human-rights advocates are calling for a same-sex couple in Malawi to be adopted as prisoners of conscience by Amnesty International, after they were arrested for holding a traditional engagement ceremony.

Black population in U.S. upset over use of word 'negro' in census

Many American blacks were outraged when they opened their 2010 Census booklets and found the term “Negro” as one of their race options.

Pakistan Forces Global Blackout Sunday For YouTube

YouTube pointed the virtual finger at Pakistan as the country attempted to block complete access to the media sharing website on Sunday. The blame has been put squarely on Pakistan's' shoulders as the site nearly "blacked out" on a world scale

Outrage As Pygmies Put In Zoo

A group of 20 Pygmy musicians performing at an annual festival in Brazzaville, were given a tent and temporarily put up in a zoo by Congolese officials, prompting a protest from a human rights group.

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Protestors demonstrated in support of the couple in London recently
Protestors demonstrated in support of the couple in London recently
Picture: Brett Lock, OutRage!

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